Aggressors – Units Infographics Part II

Today we are releasing our second batch of infographics depicting the units of Aggressors: Ancient Rome!

This time it’s the turn of the real protagonists of the era: the Romans, as well as a mighty empire which was Rome’s most dangerous antagonist for centuries, the Persians.

We are also showcasing the civilian support units as well as the ships you can build in the game. 


We’ll be back this Friday for our usual Aggressors’ Friday with a new Dev diary.

You can click on the infographics to zoom them.


Armored Brigade Dev Diary #1 – Artificial Intelligence

The Armored Brigade artificial intelligence (AI) is fully dynamic, which means that it can handle any scenario within the game parameters, without a need for any scripting from the scenario designer. This approach has been the basic foundation of the game. I’ve always found the procedurally generated game content fascinating, and that can be seen in the design philosophy of Armored Brigade.

In Armored Brigade, there’s an undefined number of maps, units, environmental conditions, and so on. The system must build a readable representation, process the input and then produce output that creates a credible impression of intelligence that behaves in a realistic, unpredictable and challenging manner. That’s quite a challenge indeed. A “chess AI”, where you have a finite number of possible states, is out of the question. 

Even if warfare of this era can be considered symmetric, the highly lethal long range weapon systems and the great variety of units in the game can make the battles very erratic. 
The general rule is “if you can see it, you can kill it”. There are no “front lines”, and in the game it’s common that a unit can hit another unit from the other side of the map. 




Aggressors – Check the units infographics

Friday is Aggressors day, and today we have something special to show you.


It’s the first part of a units infographics, showing the special units coming with Aggressors: Ancient Rome. This time we’ll focus on three culture groups: Barbarians, Greeks and Carthaginians.

Enjoy and let us know if you have any question or comment! You can click on the infographics to zoom them.