PlayStation Blogcast 324: Shiny and New

This week, Devil May Cry 5 has taken over Kristen and Tim’s lives, while Sid can’t stop dropping back into Apex Legends. The gang also celebrates PS Blog’s swanky new design and the selection of new songs just added to Beat Saber. Enjoy the show!

Days Gone: Final Hands-on Report

I’ve been counting the days until I could dig deeper into the post-apocalyptic world of Days Gone (note: it’s been 288 days). I talked Bend Studio into setting me loose in an updated build of the PS4 survival-action game due out on PS4 April 26. My hands-on time proved there’s more (much, much more) here than meets the eye.

Editors’ Choice 2018: Why God of War is One of 2018’s Best Games

God of War defies hyperbole. Almost every effusive thing you may have heard about Santa Monica Studio’s hit is borne out through gameplay. It’s a study in contrasts. It’s brutal, but sensitive; fast, but methodical; huge and sprawling, but intimate and focused; loud, but quiet.

2018 Playlist – The Year’s Best Game Trailers

Game makers create trailers to do many things — inform, entertain, tease, and much more. These stylistically diverse snapshots of creative game universes are not only fun, in-the-moment videos used to learn more about upcoming games, they’re also a great way to reflect on the most memorable announcements, reveal, and launch trailers of the year.

This past year was a stunner — not just in terms of huge launches like God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 — but tons of other games, too. We got a closer look at the mysterious Death Stranding, a tantalizing taste of Cyberpunk 2077, and updates on a plethora of enticing independently produced titles. Feast your eyes on some of our favorite trailers and videos of 2018, and let us know your top picks in the comments!

Remaking Fan Favorites: How Devs Resurrected Crash, MediEvil, Resident Evil 2, and Spyro for PS4

Since the launch of PS4 and PS4 Pro, several legendary franchises have been reborn for PS4, with rebuilt graphics and refined gameplay. But it takes a lot of hard work and technical know-how to reimagine these games for a PS4 generation.