The winners of the 2019 Winter #ue4jam are…

It may be cold in parts of the world, but the participants of the 2019 Winter #ue4jam were on fire. The Unreal community created many great titles amongst their 120 submissions and our team spent the week following the jam playing and scoring them. It’s a tough job, but nothing that the Unreal Engine community team can’t handle!

The announcement of the theme, “all’s fair in love and war,” kicked off the five-day event. In the days that followed, games emerged where players had to fight their partner to stay in bed, rescue princesses, and joust for all the love and glory. There were also cats; and cats with knifes; and cats in tanks. All these games go to show that there is no shortage of creativity and talent in our community.

And we all agree that cats equal love and, occasionally, war.

Play your way through all the games on the official Winter #ue4jam page.

And the 2019 Winter #ue4jam winners are:


Awesome Cats – Cats Love Tanks

Fresh Lemonade – Bachelor Brawl

Quantum Ape – One More Second

Special Category Winners

Friends and Foes: SquashyKnight – For The Queen!

The Tiny Award: Nocturnal Arts – Demolition Debby

Something, Something Reality: UrbanWolf – Lupin’s Baking Brawl

Congratulations, everyone!

We would like to extend our thanks to our generous sponsors for providing helpful resources and fun prizes to our jammers: Intel Software, Falcon Northwest, SideFX, DXRacer, Soundly, Assembla, GameTextures, and

See us play through the winning games.

Thank you again, jammers! Keep an eye on @UnrealEngine for ongoing Unreal Engine updates and information about the next #ue4jam in May, where we’ll be mixing things up.

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