New to Kingdom Come: Deliverance or Need Help? Check These Amazing Fan-Made Guides!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Kingdom Come: Deliverance community. For those who are new to the game, I’m sure you have figured out by now that Henry has a lot to learn and he needs your help! These guides are a fantastic way to learn the ropes of KCD and to learn things that maybe you’ve overlooked in the game. Enjoy!!!

User – Hieronymous Alloy
Tips, Tricks, and Strategies: a KCD "Hint Book"
Check this out for a very thorough strategy guide. The tips, tricks, and strategies come from the user as well as other posters from multiple websites. The spoilers are covered up, so this is a very safe place to get you started!
User – Larcath
How to Fight – Advanced Fighting / Combat Guide
"In this video, you will learn how to fight and all relevant game mechanics around combat."
User – FwuffyBear
Blocks, Perfect Blocks, Ripostes, and MASTER STRIKES explained!
"A guide to the defensive mechanics of Kingdom Come: Deliverance."
User – [CFC-CO] DeltaNutmeg
Every Potion Recipe With Indexer
"Pictures of every single potion recipe in the game. Stop using the awkward book animation to find your potion!"
User – Dan958
How to Brew Saviour Schnapps (save potion)
"Guide on how to brew Saviour Schnapps (save potion)"
User – Ary
Full Achievement guide (Vanilla & DLC-Walkthrough) + Herbs, Hunting and overall Tips
This is a fantastic achievement guide that comes with some great pointers!