Crack the Code, Win EVERY Bundle!

 We’ve been hacked… again! Perhaps some of you code crackers reading this have helped us out in the past! We were barely half way through our cappuccino when we realized our dilemma.

Crack the Code, Win EVERY Bundle!

This time, the hacker’s complaining that there are too many bundles to choose from. We’ve tried to explain that it’s not our fault because we have indie devs to support. Still, the hacker isn’t having it and left this code [above] on our mainframe.

Code Crackers, we need you…

Code crackers, if you help us crack this we promise:

  • You’ll win EVERY live bundle on IndieGala [1 winner Crack the Code, Win EVERY Bundle!]
  • You can choose ANY bundle you want from IndieGala [99 winners]

Also, please keep in mind the rules:

  • Submit your answers using the form below. Only answers submitted through the form down below will be considered.
  • Use the same email you use for your IndieGala account. If you don’t have an IndieGala account, you can create one now.
  • We can accept only 1 submission per account holder so please submit only once.
  • Select the bundle you’d like to win. If you’re the grand prize Crack the Code, Win EVERY Bundle! winner, you’ll automatically receive all bundles in your account.
  • Please be patient as it may take up to 1 week to add the free bundles to your accounts.

Even though we can’t promise to slow down the rate of bundles, we hope this will appease the hacker. Crack the Code, Win EVERY Bundle!

Hurry, we have ONLY 24 HOURS!

The hacker says he’ll hire the world’s greatest assassin to take us out unless we prove ourselves worthy and crack the code within 24 hours. We tried to humor him with the week’s funniest indie games — but we still just have about 24 hours. So the deadline for your submissions is Thursday 26th, 4:00pm CET.

P.S. Perhaps you’d like to help us get that bounty off our heads too. Agent 47 is for hire at the lowest price in history right now!

Crack the Code, Win EVERY Bundle!

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