Front Defense: Heroes Gets Major Update

Greetings Soldiers!

Since Fantahorn Studio’s early access launch of Front Defense: Heroes in December, the team has constantly been fine-tuning the experience based on your feedback. Today, the WW2 multiplayer game released a robust update, adding new maps, features, and weapons to the arsenal. See below for a full list of the updates and make sure to recruit a friend as you head into battle to test out the new features!


New Map:

  • The new map “Beach Invasion” features a heavily fortified beach landing. The map will support both Team Deathmatch and Attack/Defend game modes.



Game Settings:

  • Customized Skins
    • Players can now change the look of their in-game soldier with five new skins for both the Axis and the Allies.

Front Defense: Heroes Gets Major Update


  • Games will no longer close after the host leaves as a new host will now be designated after the original host leaves the game.


  • Smoke grenades and bayonets have been added to the armory.

Front Defense: Heroes Gets Major Update

Balance Changes:

  • Safety pin has been removed from the German grenade and replaced with a historically accurate string pull of the m24 grenade.

Front Defense: Heroes Gets Major Update

  • Players can now hear the collision sounds of grenades or bayonets when they hit the ground or houses.



Eager to test out the new update? Join the Front Defense: Heroes Discord channel to find other soldiers to play with at any time. Fantahorn will also be hosting a “Play with the Devs” hour on June 14th at 8pm PST for those looking for a real challenge!


Make sure to keep checking back here for more information on Front Defense: Heroes as the game nears full launch. Front Defense: Heroes can be downloaded on Viveport and Steam.


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