Build Your Way to Victory in Robocraft Infinity on Xbox One

Hello, Insiders! We are very excited to tell you about Robocraft Infinity, an awesome game that is coming to Xbox One very soon. In fact, Freejam and the Xbox Insider Program are teaming up to host an open beta this weekend for all Xbox Insiders! We met with Andy Griffiths, Communications Manager for Freejam Ltd., and asked him about Robocraft Infinity and Freejam. Independent Studios are very popular this day and age, and it’s so cool to see awesome games come from them! How long has Freejam been a studio, and can you give us a little backstory? Indie studios…

Explore the Real-time Pipeline Behind Fortnite’s Trailer

Imagine crafting an animated short that you can adjust and modify in real-time without having to tediously pre-render it out with each adjustment. Most cinematic game trailers are locked-in with linear production pipelines, but with Fortnite, the team at Epic Games created a high-quality animated short that runs right in Unreal Engine, which allowed for real-time navigation and full interaction during the production process.

For Fortnite’s cinematic trailer, artists leveraged Unreal Engine’s real-time volumetric rendering tools to create seamless special effects that integrated perfectly with the action.

Our latest whitepaper offers a look deep behind the scenes of how the Fortnite trailer was made in Unreal Engine and how real-time production techniques using real-time pipelines can make a tremendous difference in your creative workflow.

Download the whitepaper – Developing a Real-time Pipeline for a Faster Workflow

Unpacking real-time production concepts, sharing techniques used in making the Fortnite trailer, and delivering additional technical tips for developing a real-time pipeline with Unreal Engine, Developing a Real-time Pipeline for a Faster Workflow is packed with insights to help take you production pipeline to the next level.

You’ll Learn About:

  • Developing a real-time pipeline for a faster workflow
  • How the Fortnite trailer was created with real-time rendering
  • The benefits of real-time and virtual production
  • How to overcome the problems of a linear pipeline using real-time
  • Important considerations for real-time production
  • Tips to enhance and improve your workflows with Unreal Engine
  • And much more!

Unlock the your full creative potential with the power of real-time production – Download our whitepaper today!

NBA Australia

Ronnie 2K tells NBA Australia who the best NBA 2K player is in the NBA. Would he have made the cut of 250 for the NBA 2K LEAGUE? #NBA2KLeague #NBA #NBA2K18 Ben Simmons let Ronnie know exactly what he thought of his #NBA2K18 rating…

Co-Op Horror Coming to Xbox One in 2019 with The Blackout Club

Hey Xbox fans! We’re excited to announce our next game, The Blackout Club, will be coming to Xbox One! The Blackout Club is a brand new co-operative horror experience, something that unites up to four players against an ever-changing and horrifying evil, set within a small modern town. We think it’s going to add a terrifying twist to your friends’ gaming sessions and will find a new home in your regular rotation. The Blackout Club tells the story of a group of teenagers who band together after learning they’ve all been waking up in strange places with no recollection of…

Fatal Flash Kickstarter and Demo

Akupara Games has partnered with Single “A” Productions to launch the Kickstarter campaign for their game Fatal Flash, a 2D brawler that features awesome pixel art and highly customizable character and gameplay options.     Along with the launch of the Kickstarter, there is a demo available so you can get a taste of the […]