Worlds merge in War Plant Online update 3

When you have conquered the globe, where else is there to go in Gameloft’s multiplayer strategy game, War Planet Online? The answer is simple, take on fresh challenges in a completely new world. Along with this World Merge, update 3 also brings daily challenges and new Renegade factions to challenge your forces. All of these offer rewards to help you maximize your military might. Read on to discover more.

Worlds collide

If you are a General who has brought peace to your war-torn world, then we have something for you. First, a big well done, that is no small feat! But, more importantly, we want to reignite your sense of discovery by delivering you a new challenge.

To achieve this, a World Merge is coming. This collision is going to draw in the bravest Generals, and have them battle to establish control over new territories. Only the strongest can prevail.

Before the Merge, members of peaceful Worlds receive a simple survey. Then, prior to the fusion the results of this are announced, letting these players know which new world will welcome their bases.

After this, all Generals from the merging worlds are teleported to their new World with an activated three day peace shield to protect them while they prepare for the coming war.

Transported players will receive rewards. All players are going to get one Elite Teleport, three Faction Teleports, a Player Name Change, and 10,000 Medals. An additional 10,000 Medals and extra Resources are also being gifted to players whose faction controlled a continental hub.

Further challenge

Worlds merge in War Plant Online update 3

Daily Missions are set to reward dedicated players, providing they are able to complete the required tasks. You can access these from the new in-base HUD, allowing for faster navigation.

Each day there are fresh missions that range from constructing buildings to conducting research. Completing these provides you with points to meet four increasingly high reward thresholds.

The Prototype Corps are also attacking your forces in update 3. These Renegades boast vicious war vehicles that strike fear into their foes. Defeat them to obtain seasonal rewards and materials to craft exclusive equipment.

Worlds merge in War Plant Online update 3

To prepare for the World Merge in our multiplayer strategy game, download War Planet Online and its third update for free, right now. And remember to follow the game on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to keep up with all the latest Intel.

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