Chapter XI sends Damian back to Transylvania

Damian’s adventure continues in Iron Blade. Expanding the story still further, the fifth update to Gameloft’s medieval action game adds Chapter XI to the Templar’s quest against the demons. Bringing with it a new villain, enemies, and even an ally – it is an expansion that set to truly test our hero’s resolve.

Arch-demon, Samael

Corvin Castle thought it was freed from the bonds of darkness and evil when Damian vanquished the Vampire Lord, Gerhard. Sadly this was not the case. A new greater menace has emerged to fill the vacuum left, the arch-demon Samael.

Samael was the one who granted Gerhard his “immortality” (I guess he didn’t account for Damian). Now the arch-demon has possessed the body of his felled underling, twisting the cadaver into something monstrous.

This arch-demon is infesting the countryside with his demonic minions. As they pour from the castle, and the sky darkens at their presence, you must once again return to Transylvania to vanquish Samael’s minions and send him back to Hell.

New friends

Fortunately, one of Flora’s trusted spies is on hand to guide Damian through these dark lands.

Chapter XI sends Damian back to Transylvania

Casandra stayed in Corvin to watch over the lands after the death of Gerhard, and has been struggling to contain this new threat since its emergence. But the relentless swarms have proven too great, and so she reached out for aid to fight it back.

Previously one of Flora’s assassins, Casandra is a cold, calculated killer who has been relentless in her battle against the demonic forces. The fact she has now found it necessary to call for help simply shows how bad the situation has become.

More treasures

The fifth update to this medieval action game adds new rewards for you to enjoy. The Alliance Chest is chief among these. Fighting under your Alliance’s name in a time-limited event gives you the opportunity to gain access to this loot stuffed gift.

Chapter XI sends Damian back to Transylvania

You can increase the tier of your Alliance Chest over the three days. To do this you must successfully finish an attack and complete as many attacks and defenses as possible during the event. Then login within 24 hours of the event’s end to claim your rewards.

Update 5 also includes the Abolisher and Shadowstalker armor sets for you to earn, UI and UX improvements, and two daily dungeons where you can farm Gold and XP to help you level-up more rapidly. If all that isn’t enough, players can also enjoy an increased level-cap (100-110), a larger inventory (200-300), and a new control scheme.

Chapter XI sends Damian back to Transylvania

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