Meet the Team: Richard Suchit

Influencer Relations

DnD Class: Druid

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokemon Go Team: Avoided this like the plague!

Empire or Rebellion: Rebellion

Turtle: Raphael (My first Halloween costume)



When did you first get started in games and how?

I came home from school one day and there it was. A Sega Genesis complete with controllers, Sports Talk Baseball and that started it all! I would spend hours playing the game with the different teams until I had another game to play. Over the weekend my dad would take me to the mall and I would spend the day in the arcade – all the games appealed to me so we wouldn’t get home until later in the evening and I’d be passed out in the car. I was introduced to Twitch by a friend who casually streamed himself – it would later develop into a full-time job and having the opportunity to play a variety of games for an audience of people 6 days a week!


What has been your favorite project to work on?

It had to be with Team17 for their Worms: WMD game mode launch. It was a Twitch special with a few of my good friends facing off in a 3v3 tournament! There were so many moments where we laughed so much we had to wipe tears from our eyes. It was a fun project and a wonderful memory!


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Definitely, from the people I’m around. This would be people I work with or see on a daily basis and my fellow broadcasters on Twitch. They keep my mind running with thoughts, ideas and keep me enthusiastic about work and life.


What is your favorite video game or series?

Mega Man. Hands down! I loved everything about that series and it was the only one I followed as new releases came out to the date! Had to make Dr. Light proud.


What is your favorite tabletop game?

Balderdash! It’s awesome to hear what other people would come up with and get a good chuckle out of it!


If Akupara could partner with any person, who would you want to work with?

Tom Fulp from Team Behemoth! I would be delighted to just be in the same call/room as him to hear his creative process and ideas. I’d love that!


What is your proudest accomplishment with Akupara?

I’d say overall, my proudest accomplishment in Akupara is to be able to work with a bright team that is very dedicated to helping companies achieve their goals. People helping people. I have had the pleasure to participate in meetings and calls with our team and I’m amazed every time to hear the dedication and ingenuity being poured into every project. The feeling of accomplishment always follows!