UFO A Go-Go: Meet the Aliens

No party is complete without the greatest guests in the Galaxy. While playing UFO A Go-Go you will be inviting Aliens to your party to gain the points you need to win. Each Alien comes with a different quirk or custom that you have to follow to keep them at your party. If someone catches you not following their rules, that Alien will go join the other player’s party instead.


UFO A Go-Go: Meet the Aliens UFO A Go-Go: Meet the Aliens


These rules vary, some are physical rules, some vocal or verbal. As they pile on top of each other, they become harder to abide by and often result in hilarious combinations.


Plus there are VIP Invitations that offer up mini challenges to compete for a raise in point value. Promoting an Alien to VIP status may be the quickest way to a winning party.


We wanted to create a mini narrative within the game using recurring characters in the card artwork. The artist, Mike Shanks, has drawn up some wonderfully adorable Aliens. Bright colors and funny situations bring the cards to life, so enjoyment comes from not just the game play but the art as well.


Take a look at some drafts of card art. What Aliens are your favorite? What rules are you excited to see your friends try to follow? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter by using #UFOAGoGo!