Socialize with Akupara

Social Media is our best friend at Akupara Games. It’s not only a great way for us to get information out to you, but an even better way for you to get in touch with us! We’ve heard about support issues, game ideas, seen fan art, and had really great chats with devs and fans on our social media channels.



Don’t want to miss all of the fun? Here’s all of the places you can connect with us and what you’ll get on each platform.


Facebook – You’ll hear big company announcements and updates, links to major sales, and Holiday posts of course.


Twitter – A great place for all announcements and updates (big and small), all sales, Holiday posts, game memes, and user shoutouts. Have an issue or idea you want to talk to us about? Twitter is the best channel for that.


Instagram – Concept and Game art, Videos or gifs for upcoming games and events, Game trailers. Have some fan art? Send it to us and you might see it featured here!


Twitch – Company streams at least twice a month, broadcasts of streamers playing our games, giveaways, and other live events.


Discord – Live communication with the team. In-game meetups and playthroughs with members of Akupara Games and our fans.


Newsletter – Press releases and formal updates curated for media and influencers in addition to our fans.


YouTube – Game trailers and gameplay footage. If you remember seeing a great video on another channel but can’t find that post, the video is probably here.


Subscribe to one, or subscribe to them all. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us and let us know what you want to see more of in your social feeds!