Next Week on Xbox: New Games for January 8 – 14

Welcome to Next Week on Xbox where we bring you the latest details on upcoming games coming soon to Xbox One! This coming week we’re looking forward to the atmospheric platformer Albert & Otto: The Adventure Begins, the Warhammer 40K turn-based strategy game Space Hulk: Ascension, and the high-flying World War II air combat game Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China all arriving on Xbox One in the coming days. Read on below for more details on these awesome games!

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2017 in statistical review

IMHO learning from past endeavours is pretty much what life is all about, so what happened to positech games in 2017? Steam revenue: DOWN 18% Total Game revenue:  UP 3.95% Income from democracy 3 (incl DLC): DOWN 20% Expenditure (game dev, marketing, everything): UP 61% Investment income: UP 95% Share of total games revenue from […]