Zombie Night Terror gets free update and is now 50% off for a week

Goodbyyyye, moonmen.

Zombie Night Terror, the chaotic action/strategy where you guide your undead horde towards global contamination, has just received a huge free update – Moonwalkers. If you want to try it first-hand, now is your chance: the game is 50% off for a whole week!

The undead are best known for their peculiar appetites and bad personal hygiene, but that doesn’t mean they lack ambition. In fact, recent developments have caused them to board a space rocket and infiltrate a moonbase run by a cult that was hoping to save humanity’s brains from becoming lunch. This free update chronicles the fierce battle that ensues and brings:

– 10 new levels (some in low gravity conditions)
– 6 new enemies for your space-faring zombies
– New traps
– Plenty of fixes and improvements on the main campaign

Don’t leave your loyal zombies without guidance. Get up there and help them out!
If you’ve already snatched the Deluxe Edition upgrade, expect to find 5 new tracks waiting for you there.

The 50% discount will last until May 22, 15:00 PM UTC.