Weekly Sale Vol. 16: Up to 75% off Technobabylon, Shardlight, Quest for Infamy, Primordia, and more!

Can’t have those modern classics missing from your inventory.

Remember the glory days of adventure gaming? When every pixel on the screen was a potential joke, a solution to a puzzle, or somebody’s face? Their position as cutting edge pieces of software may have been compromised over the years, but their charm has hardly worn off. Not when they have steadfast champions like Wadjet Eye and Infamous Quests on their side.
Our Weekly Sale Vol. 16 begins as a grand celebration of their offerings, which are brimming with point & click goodness adorned with stunning pixel art.

A mysterious science project has gone horribly wrong. Four people will get pulled into the ensuing maelstrom of murder and deception, trying to figure out the long-reaching effects of Resonance. Use your memories to solve puzzles, swap control between the characters, and always keep on your toes: treachery could be lurking much closer than you anticipated.

So you want to be famous? Then choose between a rogue, a brigand, or a sorcerer, follow the branching storyline and ace your cheeky Quest for Infamy any way you see fit. But beware: here there be monsters and plenty of scoundrels that might not be as good-natured as you.

As always, there’s more – including Primordia, Gemini Rue, Shardlight, The Blackwell series, and plenty of others!

The Weekly Sale Vol. 16 will last until May 22, 4:00 PM UTC.