Vodcast brings the Twitch community experience to uploads

Twitch is at its best when communities watch together. This is true for live video, and now, it will be true for uploaded videos as well.

Say hello to Vodcast, the latest new feature on Twitch. With it, creators can host a live viewing event and play their past videos right along with their viewers. All the functionality of Twitch Chat is available in Vodcast, meaning you can enjoy past content — an amazing match, or maybe an embarrassing play — with the company of other Twitch fans.

Vodcast is part of our continued goal to create an engaging video experience on Twitch, and it benefits everyone. Creators can use Vodcast to build their communities around amazing content, past and present. And viewers can relive old moments in a new, exciting context. It’s an entirely new way to enjoy uploaded content, without sacrificing the community interaction that makes Twitch unique.

I’m a creator. How do I use Vodcast?

From your dashboard, select the “Live” tab. Look to the far right and you’ll see a box labeled “Vodcast.” Use it to add videos to your queue.

After you add your videos, you’ll be able to start your Vodcast at the press of a button. Reminder: you won’t be able to add more videos to your list once it starts playing. However, you can manually override the order and play any video in your queue. You can also end the broadcast or go offline at any time.

Vodcast is rolling out today. Try it out and let us know what you think on User Voice or via the #uploads-discussion channel on the Twitch Desktop App server! We’re always looking for ways to create the most fun and engaging video experience possible, and your feedback is a huge part of that.

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