VOD to VIP Week 2 Winners!

Another week is in the books for VOD to VIP! We had more great submissions to go through for Week 2, and are happy to announce our winners!

First, our runners up — who will receive some great Twitch swag — are:

3rd Place: embopp!

2nd Place: Theferrell!

And now our Grand Prize Winner who will get two tickets to TwitchCon 2017 and an invite to a special VIP mixer is chriscrucial having submitted this video roundup!

Week 3 has just ended and we are doing our entry reviews now, but if you just missed out on sending in your submissions, Week 4 is now live! Make sure to upload your VODs today and submit them here for your chance to win!

This contest will run weekly through September 6th, so there’s still plenty of time to create and submit your VODs for a chance to win tickets to TwitchCon!

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