Version 4.0 – Global Conflict and Hero Prestige Update



Conquer the World in the Massive Global Conflict Mode!

  • Join players to battle for control of and hold territories in every corner of the globe!

  • The more areas your team controls, the higher your team’s score, and the more Heroes you have, the more territories you can claim.

  • Watch your Heroes engage in epic 3D battles as they conquer and hold enemy zones!

    • The stronger your Heroes, the greater the buff they give to your GC Base. Level and Prestige your Heroes to watch them annihilate enemy attackers!

  • Participating in GC earns Cryptokeys to spend in the Black Market

    • Spend Cryptokeys to earn exclusive items including Wildcards, Prestige Skins, Calling Cards, and more!


Prestige Mode comes to Heroes!

  • Prestige your Heroes to make them even more powerful!

    • Play Global Conflict to earn Prestige XP for your Heroes!

    • Each Prestige Level unlocks new Wildcard slots.

    • Wildcards are unique and offer special bonuses to your Heroes. Equip them to increase your Hero’s stats and even power up your Killstreaks!

    • Prestiging also unlocks epic Prestige Skins that improve Heroes stats!


New and Improved Inventory and Mail System!

  • Revamped the usability of the Inventory to make item selection easier and quicker.

  • Added an all new Mail System to receive news, announcements, and gifts.


4.0 Upgrade Gift

  • Enjoy a gift pack in your Inventory of a Wildcard and a Prestige Tokens!


Other Improvements

  • Improved Alliance War Matchmaking

    • Decreased gap in Alliance War Strength by increasing search time and decreasing required battle power difference.

  • Improved textures and visuals.

  • Various bug fixes and optimizations




Please note that the feedback thread and our Facebook Group are the best spots to give feedback that the community and Activision will see.

If you are having bug or crash issues with the update, please check the Known Issues List, the Forums, and Facebook Page for information on large scale crashes.

If you do not see the issue being discussed, please submit a support ticket here:


Thanks for playing Commanders!

– COD Heroes Team