Venture into The Vault and hoard loot!

Hello, hello, hello! It’s Monday which means we have a new pitch live on the Square Enix Collective feedback platform. Want to have your say and give the developers feedback? 

Soul Reaper is a not-so-serious rogue-lite RPG that fuses your skills, loot collecting abilities and monster catching mechanics all together into one smart package. You’ll be venturing into the vault and trying to stay alive as long as possible – sounds easy, right? Well not all is what it seems inside of The Vault…

You are tasked with taking control of Soul Reaper, a power-hungry skeleton whose thirst for souls leads him into a mysterious cave. This cave is called The Vault and it’s full to the brim with souls, however getting to the souls is proving to be much trickier than expected. Soul Reaper will be faced with many enemies protecting these souls, whether it be a wasp armed with a gun (always buzzing around), sharks breathing fire (like a fish out of water), or knife wielding squirrels (they’re going pea-nuts…I’m sorry) – you’ll be faced with many quirky and funny enemies. 

In this rogue-lite, dying isn’t the end. You’ll hang onto your loot and souls which means when you come back you can with a bite and avenge yourself in the ‘afterlife’ state. 

Want to learn more about this game? Head on over to their pitch page now and cast your vote!