Update 1.200 – Summer dosage of fixes

Hello captains!

Summer is at its peak, but we’ve been very active in monitoring your responses and feedback in recent weeks. Based on them, we’ve prepared next update that will bring base game to version 1.200.
Update contains many fixes and improvements that will upgrade your playing experience and remove some of the reported issues.

Detailed list of changes is here:

– Added a CLOSE button on the Starchart
– Holding Backspace on the keyboard will now delete characters over time.
– Missiles will now permanently loose their target once it becomes cloaked. This is to offset the shortened cloaking times.
– Fixed an error (tied to the Prologue) appearing for Freelance missions when taking too many of them.
– Fixed a potential memory corruption issue related to T-Drive and the Jobs Board. Will require modders to update their WorldReadyForUse.sal
– Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t be able to click "Continue" after a certain scene with Emmerix
– Fixed some issues with fleet formations.
– Fixed several problems which caused lights on ships to keep glowing even when cloaked.
– Fixed additional problems with labels displaying commas within negative 3 digit numbers
– Fixed an exploit that allowed players to convert credits into materials by scuttling Warmasters.
– Fixed a bug where equipment wouldn’t be properly added to designated slots upon being purchased.
– Fixed an "overlapping panels" issue when contacting ambassadors over a paused starchart
– Fixed an issue where Material and Gas yields wouldn’t match between the Starchart and the information popup panel on the HUD
– Fixed a bug where overflowing damage from certain skills such as Expose and Cloak wouldn’t transfer over from the shield to the hull.
– Fixed several bugs on Warmaster quests.
– Fixed a bug that caused the weapon range of heavy weapons to be displayed improperly.
– Fixed: Giving the go-to command towards allied or neutral fleets now actually works
– Fixed an issue where under certain window configurations "alt-tabing" caused the game window to freeze.
– Fixed a bug that caused cooldown numbers on equipment to be incorrectly colored.
– Numerous scripting fixes.

Notice: The Excalibur mod remains flagged as incompatible until further notice.

As always, thank you for all feedback, responses and ideas!
Let us know how you like these latest changes!

Enjoy your game and safe travels from LGM team!