Update 1.110 – Encounters and mining

Salutations captains!

With the end of the week coming, we bring you some fixes and some changes so you’ll enjoy the weekend even more!
Most of the work in this patch was focused on bug fixes and polishing, but we’ve made some improvements too. We’ve changed the mining aspect of the game so it’s more rewarding and fun to do. We’ve increased the base amount of Ore yielded when mining asteroids, the Miner perks give a considerably larger boost, and some asteroid fields, depending on the asteroid composition, will yield even Materials and Gas!
Secondly, we’ve also improved the Anomaly Scan and Distress Call Encounter Quests so they’re more fun and rewarding. The new Encounter Quests are expanded upon so there’s more incentive to finish them, and the resources and experience gain is scaled better so there’s better incentive to take on quests even in late-game.

Detailed changelog is here:

-Added an icon that appears when switching between camera modes
-The Carrier Redux Mod is now compatible
-Fixed a bug where Antialiasing wasn’t saving properly
-Expanded the Anomaly Scan Encounter Quest to yield higher rewards
-The Garage can now store up to 25 ships
-Added Next tier descriptions to upgradeable structures on the Starchart
-FIxed a bug concerning the hailing of Warmasters
-Fixed a bug where some lists in Personal Log and Drydock would not display properly
-Rounded down the Prices of Deadly ships in the Shipyard
-Fixed a bug where T-Drive charges would disappear when loading a game
-Fixed a bug where Fighters weren’t attacking Platforms
-Fixed a bug with AI controlled ships and the attacking of Platforms
-Fixed a bug concerning displaying info when comparing ships in the Shipyard
-Fixed a bug concerning hints when comparing ships in the Garage
-Rewards for mining Asteroids have been reworked:
* the base amount of resources gathered by mining asteroids is increased
* the amount of resources gathered by mining asteroids depends on the size of the asteroid
* depending on the asteroid type, you receive different amounts of resources (yes that means that you can get Gas and Materials while mining Asteroids, not just Ore)
* some asteroids give only Ore, while some give combination of resources
* the amount of resources you acquire from asteroids also depends on the rarity of that asteroid type (the more unique the asteroid in an asteroid field, the better reward)
SCAN ANOMALIES Encounter Quest
– while scanning multiple variants of anomalies you get greater rewards and additional reputation if mission is finished in territory that is NOT Concord owned
– quests can now be successfully completed every time
– quest now yields different rewards (TDrive & materials)

* Mining I -> requires lvl 4, but now Increases the amount of resources gained by mining asteroids by 125% (not just Ore)
* Mining II -> requires lvl 10, but now Increases the amount of resources gained by mining asteroids by 300% (not just Ore)

* This change will be be compatible with **Worthwhile_Resource_Gathering mod, but if you want to test new changes here, you’ll have to disable the mod (otherwise mod will override these specific changes)

We want to hear what you have to say about these changes
* Do you like it? Do you hate it?

Enjoy and have a great gaming weekend!