TwitchCon 2017: Tickets are on sale now

The long wait is finally over, it’s time to get those TwitchCon tickets! Read on for all the details. is your home base

TwitchCon 2017 is shaping up to be the biggest and best TwitchCon yet. From more exciting and relevant sessions and workshops, to live stage shows, to incredible esports showdowns, it will truly be a weekend you can’t miss. And to help you keep track of everything that we have in store, our new and improved awaits. As more details get announced over the spring and summer, that’s the first place they’ll show up. So keep checking back for updates!

Great, but what about tickets?

This year we’re offering both 3-day and single-day passes. Oh, and if you buy a 3-day or Saturday badge, you’ll also get access to the TwitchCon Party going down on Saturday night. Pretty cool, right? Right.

As always, the early bird gets the best deal, so head over to to grab your 3-day pass at the early bird price before supply runs out. Here’s the full slate of options:

Ticket Type Early Bird Regular On-site

3-Day Pass + Party
Early Bird: $159, Regular: $179, On-site:$199

Friday only
Regular: $89, On-site: $109

Saturday only + Party
Regular: $109, On-site: $129

Sunday only
Regular: $89, On-site: $109

The return of the TwitchCon Talent Show

We’re still fine-tuning the TwitchCon event schedule, but we’re happy to announce the return of a fan favorite from last year.

Yep, the TwitchCon Talent Show is back. Last year’s inaugural show was a tremendous showcase for the Twitch community, and we want this year’s to be even better. So, get those dancing/singing/magic/comedy/basket weaving shoes on and show the world what you can do. We’ve done away with categorical restrictions this year and the showcase is open for anyone who has regularly streamed to creative on Twitch. Chosen performers will take the stage at TwitchCon and will also receive a badge for admission to the show and a stipend for the trip. Not too shabby! For all the details on how to participate slide on over to our submissions portal, right here.

Friendly reminder

Don’t forget, TwitchCon 2017 is going down at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA on October 20–22.

Stay tuned to, the Twitch Blog, and the official TwitchCon twitter feed for more TwitchCon news as it drops.

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