Grand Strategy Comes to PS4 in Stellaris, Pre-Orders Start Today

For those new to the genre, Grand Strategy Games put players in control of an empire over hundreds of in-game years, and allow them control over a large array of interconnected systems: military, economic, political, diplomatic, technological, and many more. Grand Strategy on consoles has never been done before and we wanted it to be done properly.

『キャサリン・フルボディ』体験版配信中! 「SEKAI NO OWARI」とのコラボ曲を使った最新PVも要チェック!

2月14日発売『キャサリン・フルボディ』の無料体験版が配信中。序盤の2日間をダイジェストで楽しもう! 「SEKAI NO OWARI」が手がけたイメージソング「Re:set」を使用した最新PVはクールなラップと悪夢的な歌詞が印象的で疾走感抜……

【PS VR】クラフトスキルを磨いて刑務所を脱出せよ。本日配信『Prison Boss VR』の魅力を開発者が解説!

【PS VR】『Prison Boss VR(プリズンボス VR)』本日配信! 多彩な禁制品をクラフト&トレードして、刑務所内のボスの座を目指そう。コンセプトから「ボスモード」をはじめとする改良ポイントまで、その魅力を開発スタッフ自ら解説!…

撮影秘話満載!『Hikaru Utada Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018 – “光” & “誓い” – VR』イベントレポート

【PS VR】『Hikaru Utada Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018 – “光” & “誓い” – VR』のリリースを記念して、開発スタッフによるトークイベントを開催。撮影秘話が次々に明かされたイベントの模…

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for January 22, 2019

Party like it’s 1998! Unfortunately, in this case it’s Leon S. Kennedy’s welcome party to the Raccoon City Police Department, and it was canceled on account of zombies. The long-awaited Resident Evil 2 remake shambles onto PS4 next weekend, set in the late ’90s just like the original PlayStation release.

Capcom announced the Resident Evil 2 remake way back in 2015, sparking years of anticipation with horror fans. The new take on the survival horror classic swaps the fixed camera angles of the original with a modern, over-the-shoulder camera evocative of the beloved Resident Evil 4. Now that the game is finally here… are you truly prepared to return to Raccoon City?

Catch up on the rest of next week’s releases coming to PlayStation below!

PlayStation’s Most Wanted: 9 Releases to Watch for in Early 2019

If you thought 2018 was a great year for games, hooo boy! We’re just days into 2019, and it’s starting with a bang. From the zombie-infested police station of Resident Evil 2 to ancient Japanese villages teeming with lethal swordsmen in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice — these are some of our most-anticipated games of Q1 2019 (January through March).