The Skyrim VR Launch Guide: Controls, Settings, and More

We have been so thrilled to see the excitement and reception from the community around the launch of Skyrim on PlayStation VR.

From the first time we tried virtual reality, we immediately dreamt about how our worlds would feel on this amazing technology. We couldn’t wait for you to experience The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — in its entirety — in VR. Once you step inside the world of Skyrim and take in the breathtaking scale and scope of the world and creatures, you’ll see why we’re so excited.

In VR, you’re finally there. The scale feels real. The approach wasn’t a nerfed-down experience, but the whole game. From battling ancient dragons to exploring the towering rugged mountains, to crafting weapons and armor, even building homes and interacting with the many memorable characters you encounter in the world, it’s all in VR. And while Skyrim is a game so many of us know, it feels new again.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Finding the perfect balance between player comfort and immersion was one of our biggest goals for Skyrim VR. To accomplish that, we’ve given you a suite of options and settings that can be adjusted to whatever you prefer including different movement methods like direct movement, optional FOV filters, and more. Simply go into the game’s main menu and go to settings, then VR, to adjust as you like.

Ways to Play

We wanted to provide a few tips for those jumping into Skyrim VR on how you can make it customizable to your play style and comfort.

  • Skyrim VR can be played with either the PlayStation Move controllers or with the DualShock 4.
  • The game includes both teleportation and direct movement options and various settings to cater to your comfort level. The game will default to Teleportation movement but simply go into main menu > gameplay settings > VR > movement and switch to your preferred option.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

There are other settings as well in the VR menu that can be adjusted to whatever you prefer, including comfort options, dominant hand selection, and more.

  • Move Controllers: Free movement happens when pressing the Move button (the large button on the Left Motion Controller) and pointing in a direction. Turning is the right Motion Controller X or O buttons.
  • DualShock 4: The DualShock will work just like it does in the original PS4 version with one exception — camera movement isn’t allowed with the right stick, instead it’s done via the VR headset and the right stick controls turning.

Your First Steps Through Skyrim

Watch our new PlayStation VR demonstration video above featuring Skyrim VR Lead Producer Andrew Scharf and Bethesda Assistant Director Matt Grandstaff showcasing how to prepare for the award-winning game’s move to PlayStation VR.

We’ve also reimagined a number of gameplay systems for VR. Of course, there’s our updates to combat. Melee and ranged combat like firing a bow and arrow, using sword and shield to bash your enemies, feel even more real thanks to motion controls.

With the Move controllers, you can now attack multiple targets simultaneously using spells. Each hand has 360 degree full range of motion, and can operate independently of the other hand – a first for Skyrim. The skills and map menus are also now a 360 degree experience. You can be in the center of the heavens with these constellations orbiting around you as you level up or get a true bird’s eye view of the Skyrim map and fast travel to your favorite locations.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Huge thanks to all our developers, external partners, the great people at PlayStation, and you for the support and praise.

We’re incredibly excited that Skyrim VR will be one of the first open-world games for virtual reality. It’s the first time that anything like this has been done and we can’t wait to hear about your new adventures in Skyrim VR.

Now get out there and play with the PlayStation VR Skyrim VR bundle!

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 11/21/2017

Saving your love, your kingdom, and your world are all important tasks. But don’t forget fishing! Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV comes to PS VR on November 21.

Join Noctis and his loyal band of companions in a revitalized fishing system found in the original Final Fantasy XV. Fish in a variety of gorgeous locations and hone your skills as you prepare for an encounter with a menacing terror that lurks beneath the waters.

For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

The Drop

New Releases: Week of November 21, 2017
Axiom Verge
PS4, PS Vita — Retail

Axiom Verge

In Axiom Verge , you play as Trace, a scientist who awakens in an alien world after a lab explosion. A voice calls to Trace telepathically for help, his only clue to the strange world in which he finds himself.

Battle of the Bulge
PS4 — Digital (Out 11/22)

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge is a fast-paced, turn-based WW2 strategy game where precise movement and detailed planning make the difference between a vain attempt and a brave operation.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV
PS VR — Digital

Monster of the Deep

The acclaimed fishing feature of Final Fantasy XV has been revamped and revitalized for PS VR. Join Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, Gladio, and other familiar faces in a picturesque virtual reality backdrop en route to a thrilling encounter with the menace that lurks in the depths.

Planet of the Apes: Lost Frontier
PS4 — Digital

Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier is a narrative adventure game of conquest, betrayal, and survival. When the fates of a tribe of apes and a band of human survivors intertwine, two worlds collide as their precarious existence hangs in the balance.

Rec Room
PS VR — Digital

Rec Rom

Rec Room is a vibrant and growing virtual community where you play with friends from all around the world! Create your avatar then head to the Rec Center for endless fun and games!

PlayStation Music Logo

  • Green Day – Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band
  • PnB Rock – Catch These Vibes
  • Diggin in the Carts: Rare Japanese Video Game Music

PlayStation Video Logo

  • American Assassin
  • Despicable Me 3
  • Home Again

PlayStation Vue Logo

  • Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns- November 20 at 8/7c (Disney XD)
  • Inside the NFL- November 21 at 9/8c (Showtime)
  • The Profit- November 21 at 10/9c (CNBC)

The information above is subject to change without notice.

Black Friday Comes Early for PS Plus Members!

The Holiday season is upon us! Here at Playstation Store we’re making it easy to avoid the crowds and retain your sanity by bringing Black Friday discounts directly to you. No lines, no pushing and shoving, just pure gaming bliss from the comfort of the only place where shopping in your pajamas is actually acceptable.

Even better, Black Friday Early Access starts now for PS Plus members with savings up to 40 percent on titles like Call of Duty: WWII – Digital Deluxe, Destiny 2, NBA2K18, FIFA 18, Madden NFL 18 and more!

Head on over to Playstation Store through the weekend, the full lineup is listed below. Sleep in, but don’t hibernate, early access ends November 21 at 8 a.m. PT.

And don’t forget to check back on Tuesday, when our Black Friday Sale opens to the public with even more titles.


Platform Title Original Price PS Plus Price
PS4 DESTINY 2 $41.99 $38.99
PS4 DESTINY 2 – DIGITAL DELUXE $99.99 $74.99
PS4 FIFA 18 $59.99 $35.99
PS4 FIFA 18 ICON EDITION $99.99 $59.99
PS4 FIFA 18 RONALDO EDITION $79.99 $47.99
PS4 MADDEN NFL 18 $59.99 $30.00
PS4 NBA 2K18 $59.99 $41.99
PS4 NBA 2K18 LEGEND EDITION $99.99 $59.99
PS4 NBA 2K18 LEGEND EDITION GOLD $149.99 $119.99
PS4 NHL 18 $59.99 $30.00
PS4 NHL 18 – DELUXE EDITION $79.99 $40.00
PS4 NHL 18 – SUPER DELUXE EDITION $99.99 $50.00
PS4 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 $59.99 $30.00
PS4 PROJECT CARS 2 $59.99 $41.99
PS4 WWE 2K18 $59.99 $35.99

Note: All pricing is for U.S. only and subject to change.

Celebrating 10 Years of Uncharted

This Sunday, November 19, marks the 10th anniversary of the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune launch in North America. At the time, we knew it was the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the studio’s history, but never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that it would be the first step in an adventure that would span five games across two console generations during the last decade. We’re truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to build the world of Uncharted and tell unbelievable stories with Nate, Elena, Sully, Sam, Chloe, Nadine, and the rest of the cast; all while you, our biggest fans, were along for the ride.

We’re commemorating the Uncharted 10th Anniversary with a month long celebration, beginning Sunday and culminating at PlayStation Experience 2017.

Join us as we take a look back with a new video above that revisits some of the most beloved moments from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune through Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

We’ve also teamed up with PlayStation to create and release a new Uncharted 10th Anniversary PS4 system theme and profile avatar, which will be available for free for 48 hours — from Sunday, November 19 at 8:00 AM Pacific until 8:00 AM Pacific, Tuesday, November 21. During this period, other select Uncharted PS4 system themes and avatars will also be free. Visit the PlayStation Store and look for an “Uncharted 10th Anniversary Bundle.” Don’t miss it.

For our multiplayer fans, from today until December 19, we’re giving away an Uncharted 10th Anniversary character skin bundle in Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy multiplayer, which includes some classic skins for Nate, Elena, and Sully. We’re also hosting a 50% off sale on all Uncharted Point and Relic items until December 19.

We’ll wrap up the Uncharted 10th Anniversary celebrations at PlayStation Experience with event activities, including a special retrospective panel featuring members of the cast of Uncharted and a show floor puzzle room experience set in a life-sized recreation of Nate’s Attic.

We’ll also have new Uncharted 10th Anniversary merchandise available at the PlayStation Gear Store booth. Be sure to tune-in for the panel on Saturday, December 9 at 5:00 PM Pacific on and follow Naughty Dog and PlayStation social channels all weekend long to see updates from the event.

On behalf of everyone at the studio, thank you for 10 incredible years of Uncharted.

PlayStation Experience 2017: More Than 80 Exhibitors Confirmed

We’re less than a month away from PlayStation Experience and it’s finally time to reveal some of the developers and publishers who will be joining us on the show floor.

Below is a near-final list of the exhibitors who are set to grace the halls of PlayStation Experience this year in Anaheim, California on December 9 and 10. As with all things, this list is subject to change — plus, we don’t want to give everything away just yet!

In addition to tons of playable PS4 and PS VR games on the show floor, we’ll also be showcasing an array of immersive, interactive displays that will blend the world of game and reality — perfect fodder for your Instagram or Twitter feed!

As the show approaches we’ll be sharing information on our panel lineup, programming, and more. Don’t miss your chance to join us in Anaheim on December 9 and 10 — get your tickets here.

Show Hours

Saturday, December 9

10:00am to 10:00pm

Sunday, December 10

10:00am to 6:00pm

  • 11 bit studios
  • Ackk Studios
  • Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Adult Swim Games
  • Aksys Games
  • AOne Games
  • Aquiris
  • Arcade Distillery
  • Arika CO.,LTD.
  • Armor Games Studios
  • Artifact 5
  • Ask an Enemy Studios
  • Atlus/Sega
  • Batterystaple Games and Fire Hose Games
  • Bend Studio
  • Bit Kid, Inc.
  • Blue Mammoth Games
  • Bungie & Activision
  • Capcom
  • Cleaversoft
  • Cococucumber
  • Crows Crows Crows
  • Dan & Gary Games
  • Dangen Entertainment
  • Deep Silver
  • Devolver Digital
  • Double Fine Productions
  • Drinkbox Studios
  • Electronic Arts
  • En Masse Entertainment / Bluehole, Inc.
  • Endnight Games
  • Epic Games
  • Finji + Infinite Fall
  • Firesprite
  • Friend & Foe AB
  • Grab Games
  • Grip Digital
  • Highwire Games
  • Hopoo Games, LLC
  • Household Games
  • Humble Bundle
  • iam8bit
  • Iggymob
  • Impulse Gear
  • Insomniac Games
  • ISVR
  • Japan Studio
  • Lienzo
  • Limited Run Games
  • London Studio
  • Mad Mimic
  • Media Molecule
  • Mommy’s Best Games
  • MunkyFun
  • Muse Games
  • NapNok Games
  • Naughty Dog
  • nDreams
  • Neowiz
  • Paranoid Productions
  • Playdius
  • Playism
  • Polyarc
  • Polyphony Digital
  • Quantic Dream
  • Rebellion
  • RocketPunch Games
  • Samurai Punk
  • San Diego Studio
  • Santa Monica Studio
  • Sirlin Games
  • Spooky Squid Games
  • Starbreeze
  • Studio Surgical Scalpels
  • Sunsoft
  • Supermassive Games
  • Survios
  • Team Meat
  • The Voxel Agents
  • Toadman Interactive
  • Tribetoy
  • Trion Worlds
  • Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Ultizero Games
  • USC Games
  • Versus Evil LLC
  • White Lotus Interactive
  • Wish Studios
  • Zoink Games

But wait — there’s more. We’ll have more than 100 playable titles this year and here are some of the ones we’re most excited for. List is subject to change.

  • 20XX
  • A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher
  • Aegis Defenders
  • At Sundown
  • Boundary
  • Brawlhalla
  • Call of Duty: WWII
  • Chasm
  • Children of Morta
  • Code :Hardcore
  • Crossing Souls
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package
  • Deadbolt
  • Destiny 2 – Expansion I: Curse of Osiris
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • DJ Max Respect
  • Dragon’s Crown Pro
  • EarthNight
  • Fantasy Strike
  • Far Cry 5
  • fault milestone one
  • Fight Knight
  • Fighting EX Layer
  • Flipping Death
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Frantics
  • Gang Beasts
  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • Guacamelee! 2
  • Guns of Icarus Alliance: PS4 Edition
  • Hidden Agenda
  • Horizon Chase Turbo
  • Hover
  • Iconoclasts
  • Immortal: Unchained
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Knights and Bikes
  • Knowledge Is Power
  • Lost Soul Aside (PSX 2017 Special Version)
  • Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
  • MLB The Show 17
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Moonlighter
  • Mothergunship
  • Mulaka
  • Night in the Woods
  • No Heroes Here
  • Omen of Sorrow
  • Pig Eat Ball
  • Pinstripe
  • Riverbond
  • Russian Subway Dogs
  • School Girl/Zombie Hunter
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Shape of the World
  • SkullPirates
  • Sonic Forces
  • Sonic Mania
  • Strange Brigade
  • Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
  • Super Daryl Deluxe
  • Super Meat Boy Forever
  • Tera
  • That’s You!
  • The Adventure Pals
  • The Cat and the Coup
  • The Church in the Darkness
  • The Forest
  • The Gardens Between
  • The Night Journey
  • The Swords of Ditto
  • Tokyo Xanadu EX+
  • Tower 57
  • Trove
  • Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  • Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[ST]
  • Vane
  • Walden, a game
  • War Theatre
  • Way of the Passive Fist
  • World End Economica
  • Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
  • YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

PlayStation VR

  • Anamorphine
  • Bow to Blood
  • Bravo Team
  • Dark Eclipse
  • Farpoint
  • Golem
  • Gungrave
  • Knockout League
  • League of War: VR Arena
  • Medusa and Man
  • Moss
  • Resident Evil 7 biohazard
  • Shooty Fruity
  • Sprint Vector
  • The American Dream
  • The Inpatient
  • The Persistence
  • X Animal
  • Xing: The Land Beyond

The Secrets to Localizing Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

Imagine the following scenario:

You are tasked with translating an epic, 50-hour adventure from one language to another — including visual cues and UI elements — with a massive story, while maintaining cultural relevance, jokes, and idioms for your new audience. All without compromising the intent, message, and drama of any given scene. This was essentially our task for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, and we wanted to share some of the hurdles (And joys!) of this process.

No Single Challenge

I wouldn’t classify any of Yakuza 6 as having a “single tough challenge” so much as having lots of little challenges that needed to be recognized early on, many of which stem from the fact that we very intentionally leave the Yakuza series in its native Japanese. For example: when baby Haruto is upset, as Kiryu, it’s your job to console him. The hints he gives you about how to do that are delivered via voice in the middle of a baby-comforting mini-game where the UI takes up the subtitle space, so we had to be creative about ensuring those hints were subtitled and displayed somewhere else on screen without conflicting with the UI.

Another huge challenge for us was the “Bar Conversation” minigame, in which Kiryu engages with a lively group of regulars at a bar and has to select from multiple dialog options to keep the conversation flowing naturally. We did a straight translation and edit on our first pass, but in this case, the unstructured nature of English makes canned responses like “Wow” “Oh really?” and “You don’t say!” all perfectly viable responses to any topic of conversation, while in Japanese, you would know exactly which one of those would carry the conversation forward. We ended up going back through this text to clarify which options were wrong, and as a result, due to the localization, this minigame will have a different feel in English than perhaps it did in Japanese.

The Balance Between Comedy and Drama

The developers and script writers have found this balance for us, and it’s really up to the localization team to ensure we maintain it in a way that Western players can appreciate.

While the main story’s dramatic twists and turns usually lean toward the serious side of things, the next moment you might find yourself rocking out at a karaoke bar or jumping off a fishing boat and punching a shark. I think our localization team really gets the dev team’s adult-oriented humor, and the substories in Yakuza 6 have some great social commentary about technology and the way people use it (or fail to use it) that’s universal around the world.

There’s one substory called, “Like, Comment, Subscribe” that has a little fun with the concept of social media influencers, and another finds Kiryu installing a digital “personal assistant” onto his phone, with hilarious results.

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more of these behind-the-scene tidbits, we do a weekly stream across our channels (we we will be making some special announcements you won’t see elsewhere), which you can find out more about on Facebook or following us on Twitter at @YakuzaGame.

Or if you need to catch up on the series, I highly recommend: 1.) you visit our Yakuza Experience site (featuring character maps, timelines, and a whole comic series dedicated to filling in the backstory between Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 6). And 2.) just today, we released a video you can watch on our channels that will help newcomers better understand the relationship between Kiryu and Haruka. It’s also a great refresher for those who might not have played the games for a while.

Special Surprise!

Before signing off, I’ve been given the honor of revealing our cover art for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life! As Kiryu’s journey comes full circle, we wanted a throwback to the original Yakuza cover here, but with the additions of Haruka and Haruto, who are now the driving forces in Kiryu’s life. We hope you like it!

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life – Essence of Art Edition

One more thing: For those of you wondering about the winners of our art contest, it has been a delightful challenge selecting the winners. We asked, ”How far will you go for family” and have seen some incredible submissions we can’t wait to show them off as part of our (very) limited Launch Edition.

As part of our first run, everyone who purchases the Launch Edition will receive a 24-page artbook, filled with art celebrating Yakuza fandom. We will begin contacting winners soon and will reveal the winning pieces through launch, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see this awesome art.