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The o7 Show is an EVE talk show produced and hosted by EVE developers and aired from CCP headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland. It shines a spotlight on EVE's development and the amazing things EVE players do in and around space every day.

Alliance Tournament XV: Teams and Rules

Hello thinking and tinkering Capsuleers

With team signups now closed, we can announce the teams that will be participating in Alliance Tournament XV from July 29 to August 20. The following 15 teams are returning from Alliance Tournament XIV:

  • 404 Alliance Not Found
  • A Band Apart.
  • Dream Fleet
  • Exodus.
  • Fraternity.
  • Mercenary Coalition
  • Northern Coalition.
  • Paisti Syndicate
  • Pandemic Legion
  • Phoebe Freeport Republic
  • The Tuskers Co.
  • Villore Accords

The following teams made successful bids in the Secret Auction. As only 15 teams from Alliance Tournament XIV used their option to return to Alliance Tournament XV, a 17th auction spot was offered.



Brave Collective




The Bastard Cartel


Hard Knocks Citizens




Out of Sight.




The Clown Car


Quebec United Legions (with La Divison Bleue)


We want your ISK




Intrepid Crossing


United Federation of Conifers


The Initiative.


The Bastion


skill urself


Band of Backstabbers



Finally, the remaining 56 teams will take part in the feeder rounds on June 10th and 11th in an attempt to enter the tournament proper. They are:

  • An Alliance Has No Name
  • Army of New Eden
  • Asteria Concord.
  • Badfellas Inc.
  • Best Intentions.
  • Blades of Grass (with Demonic Wheat Pineapple)
  • Bright Side of Death
  • Brotherhood of Spacers
  • Brothers in Arms Alliance
  • ChaosTheory.
  • Circle-Of-Two
  • Digital Vendetta
  • End of Life
  • Fidelas Constans
  • Ghost Legion.
  • Good at this Game
  • Goonswarm Federation
  • Heirs of Nothing (with I Aim To Misbehave)
  • Hole Control
  • Iron Armada
  • It Must Be Jelly Cause Jam Don't Shake
  • Legio Astartes Arcanum
  • LowSechnaya Sholupen
  • Men with Fancy Hats
  • MOIST.
  • No Handlebars.
  • Of Sound Mind
  • Pen Is Out
  • Project.Mayhem.
  • R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N
  • RAZOR Alliance
  • Red Alliance
  • Rejection of Sovereignty
  • Requiem Eternal
  • Rote Kapelle (with Rote Works)
  • Red vs Blue
  • Salt Farmers
  • senseless intentions
  • Shadow Cartel
  • Sleeping Dragons
  • Snuffed Out
  • Solar Fleet
  • Solyaris Chtonium
  • Spaceship Bebop
  • Spectre Fleet Alliance
  • Templis CALSF
  • Test Alliance Please Ignore
  • The Explicit Alliance
  • The Society For Unethical Treatment Of Sleepers
  • The-Culture
  • Wormhole Society

Training in the Thunderdome

As with last year, we will be opening Thunderdome to teams practicing for Alliance Tournament. If your team wish to gain access to Thunderdome, please have one of your team captains send an email from the email address registered to their account to with the following information:

  • Who is requesting access (please give alliance and your character name to make verification easier)
  • A list of character IDs (preferred) or character names for characters you would like to have access to the server OR
  • A list of corporation IDs (preferred) or corporation names within your alliance that you would like to have access to the server OR
  • A statement that you would like your entire alliance to have access to the server
  • A list of character IDs (preferred) or character names for characters you wish to have access to the tournament tools (maximum 10)

Whichever of the option you choose for giving an access list, the total number of characters must not exceed 500, and all characters must be in your alliance.

Teams should note that passwords are being pulled from Singularity, so if your current password does not work you should try an older one.

While we try to ensure that Thunderdome is available for practice at all times, Thunderdome may be unavailable at certain times, and may also play host to other events in the leadup to the tournament. Please check the EVE Alliance Tournament Discussion forum for updates on expected interruptions to Thunderdome.

Rules and Regulations

The full rules for Alliance Tournament XV can be now found on the community website at this link, but here’s a quick summary:

  • This tournament is sponsored by the Serpentis Corporation and Serpentis ships have a reduced point cost
  • Point costs have been adjusted for several ship groups
  • In the matches during the final two weekends of the tournament each team will have 3 ship bans instead of the previous 2
  • Tech Two mobile combat drones are allowed
  • Strategic Cruisers are not allowed to fit remote repair modules
  • Capacitor transmitter modules are once again allowed with a maximum of one per ship
  • Rules regarding collusion and “B teams” have been clarified and strengthened
  • Account bans have been added as an explicitly available penalty in the rules
  • The flagship deadline is much earlier than normal at June 13

Please remember that rules may be updated at any time and will be announced on twitter by @EVETournament with the full details being provided in the EVE Alliance Tournament Discussion forum.

Feeding the Beast

For those teams that are participating in the feeder rounds, the structure will be as follows:

  • Round 1: 56 teams, with the 28 teams that win progressing to the Alliance Tournament
  • Round 2: 28 teams, with the 14 teams that lose being eliminated
  • Round 3: 14 teams, with the 6 teams that lose being eliminated (2 teams will receive a bye)
  • Round 4: 8 teams, with the 4 teams that win progressing to the Alliance Tournament

The round of 56 will be completed on June 10, with all remaining matches being played out on June 11. The byes in round 3 will be awarded to the two remaining teams with the highest average points difference across their previous matches.

Seeding for the feeder tournament will be randomized, and will be announced at the end of the week.

Bracket Seeding

This year, we will be using a similar method as used in AT XIV to seed the brackets for the main tournament:

  • Teams will be seeded into a standard 64 team double elimination bracket
  • Any teams that competed in Alliance Tournament XIV will be ordered based on their overall position last year. Teams eliminated in the same round will be ranked within that round based on the average points difference across their matches in AT XIV.
  • Teams that did not compete in AT XIV will be randomly seeded in the remaining positions through a second draw.


While team signups have closed, we’re still accepting applications for commentators until 2017-05-28 23:59, so make sure you send in your application before then. Check out the earlier announcement for more details.

We hope that you’re just as excited as we are for the tournament this year. If you have any remaining questions or requests for clarifications regarding rules, please post in the EVE Alliance Tournament Discussion forum.

And as always: The best ship, is Championship.

On behalf of the Tournament Team

-CCP Logibro

Service and Website Disruptions May 24

@CCP_Redcape wrote:

Hello pilots,

We are currently experiencing an issue with our services that may cause problems logging in, or cause disconnection from EVE: Valkyrie services.

We are working to resolve the issue and bring our services back online as fast as possible, and we hope to have it rectified soon.

Remember that you can always follow @Valkyrie_Status on twitter in order to keep up to date on sever status and potential issues for both PC and PlayStation users.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We’ll keep you updated right here.

CCP Redcape

Posts: 1

Participants: 1

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New Eden Store: “Hostile Takeover” SKIN for Guristas ships

Enjoy our first ever set of ship SKINs for your Gurista ships. The Hostile Takeover SKIN is now available in the New Eden Store!

Continue reading New Eden Store: “Hostile Takeover” SKIN for Guristas ships

Remaining PLEX From Aurum Conversion Delivered During Today’s Downtime

We are happy to announce that all pilots who had aurum balances outstanding from the PLEX changes have now had their converted PLEX balances delivered as of downtime May 23rd.

In order to protect the market and value of PLEX during the transition, all pilots who had less than 1000 Aurum in their wallets did not have this converted to PLEX when the changes were deployed on May 9th, and were notified that they would receive their aurum balance in PLEX three months after the deployment of the PLEX changes.

After careful consideration and close monitoring of the market, we have decided to reimburse these PLEX earlier.

Today's daily downtime was extended slightly in order to allow for a reimbursement script to be run, and all pilots should now have their outstanding PLEX balances reimbursed.


Mass test on Singularity on Tuesday, May 23rd

Join our next mass test on Tuesday May 23rd, and help continue testing our latest PvE content, the Blood Raider Shipyards and it's interaction with Time Dilation.

We invite you to join our next mass test on the test server Singularity this Tuesday, May 23rd, at 17:00 EVE time (=UTC). We are going to continue testing the NPC combat, Blood Raider shipyards, and the server performance, especially around Time Dilation

Detailed info about this mass test 
General info about the test server Singularity

Background info on new NPC combat (video)
Blood Raider shipyards (video)

All participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints (available only on the test server Singularity). Please note that numbers, art assets, and other game properties on the test servers are not final and may change before they are released to Tranquility.