Show Us Your Riffs in the #MST3Kappa Contest

Think you can hang with crew on the Satellite of Love? Show off your ‘riffing’ skills with our #MST3Kappa contest from today through July 7th. You could be one of five streamers featured on Twitch Weekly and promoted on our social channels just for doing what you do best — cracking jokes on Twitch. Here’s how!

  1. Co-stream the video below (you can capture it directly from /twitchpresents) of selected Twitch moments on your channel and add your best commentary, jokes and MST3K-style ‘riffs’ over it. Please ensure that your content adheres to our community guidelines.
  2. Save the video on your channel and ensure that you have #MST3Kappa in the title.
  3. Then, submit your entry by sharing the link to your video on social with #MST3Kappa in your tweet or post.

Please make sure to review the full rules and regulations before participating.

The top 5 videos, as voted on by a panel of the biggest MSTies on our staff, will be revealed on the July 14th edition of Twitch Weekly. Good luck, and watch out for snakes!

Before we play our way out with MST3K love theme, we got to give some major props to EXBC, JugTaeJune, StronkGamer, pooflower, Calebhart42, MOONMOON_OW, Vargskelethor, AdmiralBahroo and TwitchShow for letting us use their clips in a way that would make Dr. Clayton Forrester proud.

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