Overthrow your enemies by leading a formation of drones to victory!

It’s Monday which means we have a new pitch on Collective for you to vote on. Kwarn Armada Tactics (K.A.T) is a real-time tactical combat game (RTS) that puts you at the head of an armada of drones.

Your mission is to deploy drones skilfully into formation to break enemy lines, trying to surprise the enemy where possible and counter the attacks thrown at you. You’ll have the chance to unleash special powers to attempt to overthrow the battle and win. 

K.A.T aims to test your tactical skills, make sure you’re keeping an eye on the game at all times as you’ll also have to be prepare for an enemy barrage, so get working on your reflexes. The gameplay is built upon its use of unit formation with 27 different units to choose from, this gives you the chance to mix and match to make the most powerful group of frontline drones possible. 

To add even more depth into the game you can also fully customise your units with equipment you’ll pick up in battle.

If you want to find out more you can head on over to their pitch page now and leave the developers some feedback.