New “EVENTS” playlist available now!

Hello Warriors,

Season II: Shadow & Might contains a lot of new content to enjoy on the battlefield including new maps!
As such, we are pleased to give you guaranteed access to try our brand new maps on the new EVENTS playlist for the weekend!
The EVENTS playlist is now configured to make you play Dominion on all variations of FORGE and TEMPLE GARDEN!

This is running alongside the “Massive Takedown” Event Order and playing on the EVENTS playlist will also count towards you contribution to the Event Order objective!


  • Matches played in the EVENTS playlist does not generate war assets.
  • The EVENTS playlist will be active until May 22nd at 2:30 PM (EDT).

How to access the EVENTS playlist:

Go to the Multiplayer World Map and access the “EVENTS” playlist located on your Faction’s Stronghold.

You can plan either in PvP or PvAI.

See you on the battlefields!
The For Honor Team