Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Combat Tips with Cristina Nava

The turn-based combat of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is full of strategic opportunities to take out the enemy Rabbids in a variety of creative ways. In our E3 interview with associate producer Cristina Nava, she broke down the three phases of combat and talked about some of the moves, abilities, and super effects that players can use to get the best of their foes. From draining enemy health and restoring your own to bouncing an enemy clear off the map, there are a lot of tools available for our heroes.

But there are also some formidable enemies to contend with. Watch the video below for a look at what happens when a white Rabbid and a Piranha Plant get mixed up together by the mysterious force that’s wreaking havoc throughout the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is coming out on August 29th for the Nintendo Switch. For more on this exciting team-up, check out the UbiBlog’s coverage below.

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