Kick-starting Season 2 with 4 Melee Packs for everyone!

For Honor, Season II: Shadow & Might contains all-new gear stats balancing and even a new “epic” rarity (orange color)! We’re excited to bring those changes, and we strive to ensure it will help the game continue to evolve in a positive direction. We’re rolling out gear-changing additions to make For Honor a new, even better experience for everyone:

  • Reducing the gap between high & low level gears.
  • Rebalancing of builds & stats.
  • Optimizing the visualization of stats values.
  • Introducing a new epic rarity!

More details in our article >>

To kick-start and enjoy this new system, all For Honor players will receive 4 Melee Packs by May 15th.

1 Melee Pack includes 1 crate and 3 days champion status, so you’ll get a total of 4 crates and 12 days champion status!

Those packs are not limited in time. Since we have granted it to your player profile, they will be activated as soon as you log-in into the game.