Journey through a retro-futuristic world!

Uprise is an action-adventure game that takes place in a retro-futuristic world.

Flying cars, floating cities and domestic robots are just a few examples of the wonders of this world. Although this has never existed in reality the developers have decided to bring some of these inventions to life by making them a part of Uprise’s universe. In the game you play as a robot in the city of Endeavor, who after being identified with a defect, is expelled. Waking up you find yourself in a mysterious world which has been abandoned, trying to find your way back home you come face-to-face with many dangers along the way. 


The developers have also created a handy list of key features that are in the game:

✔ The game is build-up of tones of beautiful environments to discover

✔ There are many hidden items and locations for you to find

✔ You’ll be on a path to discover the history of this abandoned land

✔ Enemies are all different and styled to look pretty cool and futuristic

✔ You can control enemies to solve puzzles and find hidden objects

✔ You are equipped with a teleport gun which can also help you unlock some mysteries 

A stand out feature of the game is the art style, the developers have called the style of this game ‘retrofuturism’, which is something that was popular among magazines in the 60s, this style was also heavily inspired by the Art Deco movement, that explains all the symmetrical patterns and lines throughout the game. The key is to make the game feel like the past but also like it’s taken a huge jump into the future, what do you think? 

If this sounds like a game you’d be interested in then please do head on over to the Uprise pitch page and cast your vote!