Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Review Round-up!

Hi everyone!


The wait is over – Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is finally out on Playstation 4! 


In Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age you’ll be able to experience Final Fantasy XII like never before with enhanced high-definition graphics and the Zodiac Job System, allowing players to pick two of 12 jobs per character in a progression system which was first introduced in Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac System (which only released in Japan)


It also features a remastered soundtrack, 7.1-surround sound, a high-speed mode, an auto-save feature, faster loading times as well as a new Trial Mode!

So what do the critics think of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age? Click the links below to read each review!

“The definitive version of Final Fantasy XII” 

“an ideal definitive edition”

“will give new players a chance to experience the magic for the first time and fans of the original something enticing to return for”

RPG Site9/10
“the definitive version of a truly brilliant game”

Push Square9/10
“Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is a near perfect reworking of a PS2 masterpiece”

“a triumphant and memorable return to Ivalice”

“A must buy”

“a stellar JRPG”

“the definitive version of a classic”

And as it’s out now you can buy Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age via the official site here!