Digi-Destined! While hackers struggle to control the Digital…

Digi-Destined! While hackers struggle to control the Digital World, Nokia Shiramine has risen to protect the Digimon who are being used as tools. Dive into the epic story of Nokia’s team “Rebellion”, as it works to spread justice for Digimon suffering like Agumon and Gabumon – two Digimon who were banished from the digital world! Meanwhile, get to know Chitose Imai and his brave partner Digimon Ankylomon, who is both the vice leader of the hacker team Hudie and the leader of information warfare.

Plus, assert your dominance in Territory Battle Quest by using your team of hackers to mark territories with your signature emblems. During this time, your team’s Relationship Level can grow as you interact with them, which can lead to unlocking new items and story elements!

Digimonstory Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory is coming to PS4 and PS VITA early 2018.