If you have a news feed you would like to see syndicated on our system please submit your company to for consideration. Submissions should include the following:

  • Name of your company
  • Website or social pages (Facebook, Tumblr, Steam, etc)
  • If you have sites for each game please specify those sites too
  • Sites must have some news updates present for indexing

Please keep in mind this wire is only for gaming and technology related news, submission of your feed does not guarantee admission into BAM. NewsWire although we’ll do our best in evaluations. Companies that casually push pieces vaguely related to gaming, tech and hardware are likely to be rejected as the majority of the feed data will fail to meet our general criteria.

*If you run a PR or publishing firm for smaller devs or indie devs please inquire about having information indexed here or on our other site BAM. Indiewire. We hope to have the most complete index available for readers and authors using our services and welcome the diversity.

**If your feed no longer updates this may be a technical error from updates to  your site, it’s likely we’ve deactivated your site from our crawl and may revisit indexing later. Sites under this situation have already gone under review for repair and if no viable option is available we move along. Sending an email to open the lines of communication is your best bet to restore your place if it’s been at least 90 days and your situation has changed.