Community Spotlight — Cities: Skylines

Trains, planes, and automobiles are just so passé. That’s why the upcoming Mass Transit DLC for Cities: Skylines is so exciting! Ferries, blimps, monorails, and cable cars will soon be available for commuters to take to their destinations. With how excitingly complex transit is about to become, we’re bringing you a special feature starting tomorrow of some of our favorite Cities: Skylines streamers: Biffa2001, CleaveTV, BurkeBlack, and more!

Will they cause massive traffic jams, or hit that transit sweet spot in their cities? Will the new hub buildings make an appearance in their cities? Will Chirper be given a new hat? Tune in to their streams to find out!

To see who’s streaming and when, click here. While you’re at it, make sure to check out their channels and give them a follow!

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