Infinite Minigolf Launches on July 25th!

We are happy to announce that Infinite Minigolf will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam, including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift compatibility.

We took a little extra time to make the game as best we can, and we have worked hard on a feature that we can tell you about today, Infinite Minigolf will have cross platform user created content!

This means you will be able to share your carefully built courses with anyone who is playing, regardless of platform. If you’ve made a cool hole on the Nintendo Switch, someone on Steam will be able to play it and vice versa! We wanted to give no limits to your creativity, we hope it was worth the wait!

Thank you for staying with us through this period, and big shout out to our Steam early access users for helping us polish Infinite Minigolf!

Jump into the truly infinite experience with the plethora of courses already created and design your own fun and wacky levels to give other players a run for their pars!

With an easy to use course creator and the intuitive hole browser you can always make or find the perfect course, especially since every hole created by the community is shared across all platforms!

So try out your swinging arm in the variety of unique themes, customize your character or compete against friends in multiplayer tournaments up to 8 players online or locally in this never ending, beautiful minigolf experience!

Available for Pre-Order on Playstation and Xbox One!

Infinite Minigolf Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One

Content: Infinite Minigolf
Check pre-order price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region

Game Description: You may pre-download this game, but it will not be playable until release date (07/25/2017 – 5:00 AM).

Create and play on an unlimited amount of minigolf courses in Infinite Minigolf, a never ending minigolf experience from the experts at Zen Studios! Take part in competitive tournaments and challenges, unlock and utilize powerups, and experience unique gameplay, amazing graphics, and more wrapped up in the coolest minigolf game available. Infinite Minigolf crafts an astounding minigolf experience with accurate physics, dazzling graphics and detailed environments, each one with a distinct visual theme and gameplay features.

Xbox One Pre-Order FAQ

CastleStorm VR is Crashing it’s Way to PlayStation VR on August 1!

Hey everyone we’ve got some news to share!

It is our great pleasure to announce that CastleStorm, the wacky action-strategy-rpg hybrid will be coming to PSVR on August 1st!

We are huge fans of VR games so it seemed like a no-brainer to pair up the fun of CastleStorm with the possibilities of PSVR, providing a unique, more in-depth perspective to the mayhem!

You like a story driven experience? We got you! Play through exciting and funny campaigns commanding heroes and defeating villains in a beautiful and quirky medieval fantasy world. Use your Ballista to vanquish enemies with loads of projectiles like gassy sheep, statues, arrows and many more! Get in the action up close and personal by commanding your heroes yourself.  

More on the strategic side? Build up your castle to be indestructible, unlock rooms with special powers and abilities and place them strategically in the Castle Builder!

You can put your designs to the test right away in 1v1 multiplayer and battle other players constructions!

Be the best builder, brawler, archer, warrior, strategist, hero in the realm and celebrate the glorious return of CastleStorm to Playstation with CastleStorm for PSVR!

Pinball FX3 is the BIGGEST, most COMMUNITY focused pinball game ever created.

We’ve got some very big news! I am so excited to announce the Pinball FX3 will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Win10 and Steam this summer!!

Pinball FX and Zen Pinball have been serving players for years and years, and the time has come to go next-level and take a major step forward in the pinball evolution. Pinball FX3 will now be the Zen supported pinball platform on all console and PC platforms.

Pinball FX3 is a massive game packed full of new features designed to turn pinball into a true community experience. Built around multiplayer-matchups, user-generated tournaments and league play, Pinball FX3 is now so much more than just leaderboard rankings – it elevates the competitive pinball spirit that has thrived since the early days of pinball more than a century ago.

Not so hot with the flippers? We have heard from so many people that they feel lost when trying to play pinball, not really understanding the game or objectives. We have thought about you along the development process and have designed deep single-player modes that will help you become a better pinball player!

Now, to answer the question burning in all of your minds: can you take your Pinball FX2 / Zen Pinball 2 tables to Pinball FX3? YES, you can! Zen Studios is 100% committed to keeping the community intact and providing you with one of the best values in gaming. We are happy to announce that you will be able to import the majority of your Pinball FX2 purchases to Pinball FX3 for FREE (more details on this coming at a later date)! We’re giving you all of the new features and upgrades at no cost – and there are a TON of them, giving you reasons to never stop playing your tables. We like to think that Pinball FX3 is an endless ocean of replayability!

There are a ton of other details to share with you, and we will post more details as we lead up to launch. Keep an eye on our social media feeds or for news and updates, including confirmed table roster, info on what we have done to make your pinball tables more beautiful (yes, harnessing extra gfx power) and of course, news about BRAND NEW content releasing with Pinball FX3. We will have brand new day 1 content based on some amazing properties from a brand new partner!

THANK YOU all for many, many years of support. The game keeps going because you keep playing and supporting us. Pinball FX3 is a new beginning and we look forward to awesome days ahead!

Mel Kirk
Zen Studios
VP, Publishing

Happy Star Wars Day!

All Star Wars Pinball tables are on sale for a limited time on the following platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation3, PS Vita, Steam, Win 10, Amazon, iOS, and Android.

For a limited time, Star Wars Pinball is FREE to download on iOS and Google Play! Get the Star Wars™ Pinball: Episode V table for free when you download.

Don’t miss this chance to add to your pinball collection and May the Fourth Be with You!”

Infinite Minigolf Coming to Consoles this Spring

Infinite Minigolf Coming this Spring on PS4, PSVR, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Currently available on Steam Early Access – Vive Support Coming at Launch

Infinite Minigolf has been available on Steam Early Access for a few months, and we know many of you have been waiting for console news, so today we are excited to confirm that Infinite Minigolf is coming PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this spring! The game will get Vive VR support on Steam at launch, day in date with the console launch.

Zen would like to send a big THANK YOU, to everyone who played Planet Minigolf. An even BIGGER thank you goes out to all the players who took time to send us feedback and ideas over the years, and more recently on Steam Early Access, which has helped to make an ever better Minigolf game.

Infinite Minigolf is a game designed to never end. How can a game never end? Well, for starters, we are giving you easy to use tools that allow you to create and share unlimited courses.

We heard your feedback regarding the original course editor and have made significant upgrades. The toolset in Infinite Minigolf is easier to use, intuitive and you have a LOT more options. Stylized tiles, beautifully crafted objects that affect gameplay and allow you to play tricks on players are all included here. Also – a way to find the best courses! Planet Minigolf players probably remember the massive shared library, over 80,000 (!!!!) holes. The challenge was finding the best or newest or wackiest or…yeah, we get it. The hole browser feature will help you find what you are looking for, no problem!

Next, take all these user created courses and apply a fun multiplayer and tournament system so you can all play together. Multiplayer is a huge focus in Infinite Minigolf, and we are supporting 8-player matchups, as well as tons of tournaments and competition.

There are a bunch of other great new features, unlockables, power-ups and Minigolf stuff to talk about, and we have not even gone in depth about VR, but sadly our time here is short. You will be able to find out more about these as we lead up to launch by keeping an eye on our blog and social feeds.

At the end of the day, Zen has set out to provide you with unlimited fun with the craftmanship and quality that you have all come to expect from our games. We hope you are excited for Infinite Minigolf, and will be able to share our release date and pricing info soon.