“Spelunker Party!” Now Available! 15 Facts About Spelunker!



Have you tried the new “Spelunker Party!” game yet? I’ve been waiting for this game to make its way over from Japan because it’s the kind of game that you can jump into with a bunch of friends!

In celebration for the release of “Spelunker Party!”,  we wanted to give you a special note from creator Tim Matrtin, as well as give you some insight from the Tozai team! Talk about an exciting team! 



How many of the 15 fun facts below do you know? I tried to make a list for you, but didn’t have access to the rich backstory about this franchise.

1.     “Spelunker” is a common English word for a person whose hobby is to explore caves.

2.     The game Spelunker is an historical game originally born in the United States in 1983. It was created by Tim Martin and was initially released for Atari 8-bit computers. 

3.   The original inspiration for the game was brought about by Tim Martin’s ongoing fascination with exploring abandoned silver mines near Magdalena, New Mexico around 1980.

4.      Spelunker is one of the first home computer games to utilize an extensive, massively animated and highly detailed, real-time scrolling graphic playfield, made possible by Atari’s unique hardware architecture. Nothing like it at the time.

5.     Spelunker has been especially popular in Japan, with its unique positioning as “The weakest action hero in the history of video games”. Indeed, the character is fragile enough to die by falling from his own height, or by touching bat guano. Known as a very challenging game, Spelunker champions share a badge of honor like no other!

6.     A previous version, Spelunker HD, was released for PS3 in 2009 and was awarded the PlayStation Store Top Sales Award in Japan for its unique game play by combining an online experience with the classic game design.

7.     Spelunker Party! is the latest edition of the Spelunker series. You can play co-op multiplayer with up to 4 players both offline and online. In multiplayer, players can help each other by reviving wounded buddies, or by paving a hidden path for your friends. Players can also earn extra bonus scores and gold by exploring together.

8.     Spelunker Party! brings the Spelunker series back to the Nintendo Platform after 30 years since Spelunker 2  was released for NES, and back to the PC platform after 31 years since Spelunker was released for the MSX.

9.     There are four main characters in Spelunker Party: Spelunker, Dark Spelunker, Spelunkette and Spelunkette’s sister. Dark Spelunker and Spelunkette’s sister will be selectable as the story moves forward.

10.  There are hundreds of hairstyles, costumes and items that you can equip. By using these items, the character will change visually and will obtain special abilities such as fire protection or increased energy.

11.  Pets are your adorable, but reliable partners that you can take on your adventure. There are a myriad of pets such as dogs, cats, parrots and even faeries! Each pet has a powerful ability which helps you during your expansive exploration.

12.  The cave is full of dangerous traps, animals and insects, ancient warriors and even ghosts. Yet Spelunker and his friends can only jump, set bombs, flash flares and use portable fans to overcome all these obstacles!

13.  There are over 100 stages in Spelunker Party. Some of the later stages are extremely difficult but should be able to be overcome by equipping the items you’ll find along the way in the cave, or by cooperating with your friends.

14.  Spelunker Party! was developed by Tozai Games, with the original creator, Tim Martin, and successive creators, Scott Tsumura and Takuya Banno. 

15.  Upon the kick-off of the “Spelunker Party!” development project, Square Enix and Tozai Games Dev teams traveled to the famous abandoned mines in Shimane, Japan to learn and experience first-hand the unseen secrets of the underground world. Many of the scenes in “Spelunker Party!” were inspired by this trip!



So there you have it! I now am curious to visit Magdalena, New Mexico or Shimane, Japan to get into the history of Spelunker! Let us know about your experiences with “Spelunker Party!”. We hope to get the competition down at the Square Enix offices soon. For those who enjoy coopertive game play, you have that option too! Want to see if it’s the game for you? Download the demo from the Nintendo E-Shop! If you want to play on the PC, you can purchase it here from our Square Enix Online Store or find it on STEAM!

Have a great weekend!


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Releasing episode one previously was a momentous day for us. We let our game, into which that our entire team has spent countless hours pouring our love and dedication, out into the world… We were fully aware of the privilege we were granted to work on such an amazing franchise and the responsibility to do the first game justice was great. To then see the overwhelmingly positive reaction from you, the fans, to our game was incredible and we spent much of that release day excitedly shouting to one another across our studio whenever new reviews popped up or discussion spread across the Life is Strange communities.

The next day we put our heads back down again and got straight back to work on episode two to ensure that it could stand up to the first episode.

We hope that you will agree that it does and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it all and in particular THAT scene… 😉

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