History Lesson: A Look Back at the ‘Gundam Vs’ Series

Hi guys! Brett from AnimEVO here on behalf of Bandai Namco. With all the excitement surrounding Gundam Versus for the PS4, we wanted to let people know about the history behind this franchise. A breathtaking game in and of its own, much of the excitement with Gundam Versus’ upcoming US release revolves around its role as the newest in a long running arcade franchise dating back to 2001. So, let’s take a brief look at the history of the Gundam VS series.

Gundam Versus

Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon

Developed by Capcom and published by Bandai, Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon was first released in arcades in 2001, and established many mechanics that would define the VS series, such as 2-on-2 gameplay, a cost system, and the boost gauge. Federation vs Zeon Deluxe (DX) would soon follow, along with a PS2 console port both in Japan as well as in the US.

Gundam Versus

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Zeta Gundam

While the sequel, Mobile Suit Gundam: AEUG vs Titans (2003) would eventually receive a console port for Japan and the US in the form of Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Zeta Gundam in 2005, it would be the last Western release for many years, forcing fans of the series to import each game in order to keep up.

Gundam Versus

Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS

Arcade and PS2 console releases continued for 5 years with additions such as Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Rengou vs ZAFT, and Gundam vs Gundam, slowly refining and innovating mechanics leading up to Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS for arcades in 2010.

Extreme VS pushed the game forward from a competitive angle, introducing monthly balance patches and Live Replay monitors. It quickly rose to be one of the most popular arcades games at the time.

Gundam Versus Gundam Versus Gundam Versus
Download full-res Download full-res Download full-res

When PS3 launched in 2011, it introduced competitive online play for the first time with a ranking system and player lobbies. While still inaccessible outside of importing, this release would introduce access to that core competitive experience, and alongside its popularity in Japan, brought an influx of new players to the West.

If the first era for Gundam VS fans in the US was a fringe group regulated to those PS2 imports, Extreme VS ushered in a second era introducing competitive play at the forefront. With it’s newfound audience, the first push for a tournament scene was created, which attracted players from other competitive games.

Gundam Versus

Gundam Versus

The English release of Gundam Versus marks the first major localization in over a decade, and with improved online play, new mechanics, and veteran players armed with resources, the series is more ready than ever to open the flood gates to new players. So what are you waiting for? Jump in and pilot your favorite mobile suit against your rivals and friends! Plus, if you preorder now you’ll get access to the exclusive preorder bonus Hot Scramble mobile suit + two additional mobile suits that will be featured as DLC down the road.

Gundam Versus Pre-order Bonuses

Bandai also has provided fans with a digital preorder bonus, which includes an exclusive theme of the awesome four key art vote pieces + the mobile suits mentioned above.

Gundam Versus Pre-order - Digital Bonuses

As we approach the US release, one can’t help but be excited for what will surely become a new era for Gundam in the West. Check out this exclusive character trailer for mobile suits in the Victory series and we’ll see you online when Gundam Versus launches September 29th!

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Launches Today on PlayStation 4

Hey PlayStation Nation! Everyone here at Capcom is proud to let our fans know that Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is now available on PS4! With 30 fan-favorite characters, a variety of single-player and multiplayer modes, and gameplay allowing you to flex your creativity, the next chapter of our action-packed series is finally here.

Offline Modes

  • Story — you’ll be put at the center of a fierce battle as heroes from both universes come together to stop Ultron Sigma, the combined form of two robotic villains.
  • Arcade — recreates the classic arcade experience. Keep winning to move forward and confront the final boss in an epic showdown of skills.
  • Mission — do various tutorial missions, or try your hand at advanced character-specific challenges and combos.
  • Training — set up a training area with various parameters and hone your skills to improve your fighting abilities.
  • Vs. Player 2 — go head-to-head against another player locally.
  • Vs. CPU — play solo against an AI-controlled opponent.
  • Collection — the Dr. Light Database contains numerous unlockable items, including cut scenes from the story mode, character/stage information, concept artwork, and character/stage audio tracks.

Online Modes

  • Ranked Match — battle other players online to advance in the rankings.
  • Casual Match — battle other players online without the results affecting the rankings.
  • Beginners League — a special league fought between players of Rank 14 or lower.
  • Lobby — search for or create a lobby where up to 8 players can engage in simultaneous player-vs-player matches.
  • Rankings — view the rankings of players from all over the world.
  • Replay Settings — configure replay settings and view replays.

Also, we have some exclusive content just for PlayStation 4 players! By picking up Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite on PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to get the exclusive Major Carol Danvers costume to fly into the battle with, just as series newcomer Captain Marvel did in her past. When accomplished Air Force pilot Carol Danvers was caught in the explosion of an alien device, she was imbued with superhuman powers. As an Avenger, she used her gifts to protect the planet. Now she is a member of the resistance, joining in the fight against Ultron Sigma — the ultimate threat in this newly-formed universe.

Captain Marvel’s moveset focuses on her super strength and energy projection powers. Due to her fighting prowess in the air, you’ll want to pair her with characters who have good ground control or trap options. With 29 other characters and more to come, we can’t wait to see who you pick as her teammate!

In addition to the plethora of available teams, you’ll also make your choice of which of the six Infinity Stones you’d like to harness in battle: Power, Time, Space, Reality, Mind, or Soul. Each Stone comes with its own unique powers which can alter the battle entirely. It’s up to you to discover which Stone works best for your team and your specific playstyle.

The Standard Edition of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is available both physically and digitally for $59.99. The Deluxe Edition is available for $89.99 and includes the main game, along with six DLC characters releasing in 2017, including Sigma and Black Panther.

The epic clash has begun. Join the battle now!

VR Spy Game “I Expect You To Die” Gets Relaxing New Level

Agent, you’ve been hard at work saving the world, and you really deserve a vacation. So we’re going to to give you one. On October 24, you will be able to download a new update to I Expect You To Die (IEYTD) entitled First Class. New and existing players will travel in a first class train cabin on an all-expenses-paid vacation across India. What do I mean by “all-expenses-paid?” The level is free, of course! Sit back, relax, and… well, try not to die.

I Expect You To Die: First Class

The response to IEYTD has been overwhelmingly positive. We have seen many excellent reviews of the game, but some reviewers mention how four levels doesn’t feel like enough content. We understand this issue is the game’s biggest weakness, and frankly, we feel like it’s a good problem to have. In the end, however, we knew we had to address it. In mid-April 2017, we started by putting together a small group, some from the original team and some new members, and we set out to make a new level. Narrowing down our ideas from the initial brainstorms took some time. We wanted to find a setting that felt new and exciting, and allowed us to experiment with some interactions we didn’t get to try the first time around. Fast forward through four months and countless playtests and here we are, squashing the final bugs and getting builds ready for certification.

The team is super excited to share this new level with you, but, you know the game — we can’t share too much without spoiling things. Just know that there’s nothing more relaxing than the click-clack of a train as it rolls lazily through the majestic mountains of Northern India. Enjoy a soothing beverage or a local delicacy as you read the morning paper. We believe trains are the best place to meet new friends and catch up with old ones.

As a developer, I always want to create the best experience for the player. With an escape-the-room game, a well-designed experience comes from countless tweaks to the tools and puzzles presented to the player. Too easy and it’s no fun; too hard and it’s no fun. Walking that line is almost as treacherous as the scenarios in the game, so you’ll have to let me know how we did. Your videos, blogs, vlogs, and social media posts are awesome to see, so keep them coming!

I also wanted to say how flattered we all are by the kind words players had to say about the theme song to the game. We loved making it. And maybe, while you’re enjoying your vacation, you’ll find some new music to listen to. Enjoy your trip, Agents. You’ve earned it.

Monster Hunter: World – Welcome to Astera

Monster Hunter: World brings you into a rich and intricate set of living, breathing ecosystems, and to prepare you for the wildest dangers of this new world, we introduce a robust home base of operations to supply your every need. Enter: Astera.

Astera, the beating heart of the Research Commission, has everything a hunter needs:

Guild representatives: these are your points of contact for every quest in the game. They’ll give you all the details on every quest, including any special instructions and potential hazards.

Blacksmiths: as you take down foe after foe, you can bring raw materials, such as scales, claws, bones and minerals, to the blacksmiths and they’ll forge new weapons and armor to prepare you for the next hunt.

Shopkeepers: in addition to picking the right weapon and armor set for the job, you’ll also need healing potions, traps and ammo. Talk to these folks on your way out to the field to replenish your toolset.

Cantina: this is arguably the most important spot in Astera. As every good hunter knows, you should never hunt on an empty stomach, so head on over to the cantina and get a delicious meal before every quest to boost your stats!

Research team: we wouldn’t be a “Research Commission” without one, and these fellows play a key role in Monster Hunter: World. As you saw in our latest trailer above, you have a pretty important job ahead of you, and you’ll be working alongside Astera researchers to get it done.

What big operation is this? What monster are we ultimately tracking? We can’t wait to show you more and start unravelling these mysteries, so make sure you follow Monster Hunter on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss any news.

In the meantime, you can pre-order your copy of the game starting today and secure your very own “Origin Set” Armor and Fair Wind Charm, which will not only give you bonus attack, defense and gathering skills, but will also make you look like the very first wave of hunters, harking all the way back to the original PS2 Hunter armor design.

Visual Novel Murder Mystery CHAOS;CHILD Comes to PS4, PS Vita Oct. 24

We’re very excited to finally reveal that Chaos;Child, the acclaimed visual novel from MAGES and 5pb, will be coming to North America on October 24, 2017 for PS4 and PS Vita.

We’ve also prepared a brand new trailer to show you what the world of Chaos;Child is all about.

The New Generation Madness is sweeping Tokyo

Part of the Science Adventure Series that spawned the wildly successful visual novel, STEINS;GATE, the haunting and grisly mystery tale of Chaos;Child tells the story of Takuru Miyashiro. After losing his parents in a tragic accident during an earthquake years ago, he’s now living with a foster family and trying to make his way through school. When a series of bizarre deaths take place in Shibuya, Takuru notices that the dates of the incidents match up with a series of murders that happened shortly before the fateful earthquake that changed his life years earlier.

Using this information, he deduces the date of the next murder, goes to a potential murder scene and becomes a witness to a horrendous act of violence. Determined to get to the bottom of the New Generation Murders, Takuru, along with his classmates from the Newspaper club, becomes involved in a mysterious series of events that will put them all in mortal danger and irrevocably change Takuru’s life once again…

Chaos Child

Chaos ChildChaos Child

Are you deluded?

Chaos;Child introduces a brand new delusion system that allows the player to choose how the main character perceives the various situations that he encounters. Takuru sometimes struggles to tell the difference between reality and his imagination, because of this you will be faced with three choices – keep Takuru grounded in reality, experience a positive delusion or a negative delusion.

Staying grounded in reality will have you experiencing the events as they actually unfold with no added ‘colour’, so to speak. Picking a positive delusion will allow Takuru to see a daydream that will often be comical or even sexual in nature. Takuru is a teenage boy after all! Picking a negative delusion on the other hand, will force Takuru to experience strange and often terrible nightmares with horrifying and gory results.

The player’s choice in how to experience the game will alter how Takuru views the world, his fears, who he likes and who he trusts. This will ultimately change how the ending of the game plays out.

The different endings in Chaos;Child focus on members of the supporting cast depending on who Takuru has bonded with throughout the game. They can vary from down to earth alternatives to the main narrative to crazy shenanigans that completely alter the outcome of the story.

With multiple endings and a variety of ways events in the game can play out, Chaos;Child is a meaty visual novel experience that can keep players busy for 50-plus hours.

Creating The Mouth-crafted Sound of Burly Men at Sea

I’m one half of the composing and sound designing duo at Plied Sound LLC in Chicago. Matt Joynt and I created the score and sound design for the folktale adventure Burly Men at Sea, out tomorrow on PS4 and PS Vita.

Burly Men at Sea

When the team at Brain&Brain called and asked us to do the sound design for the game, they pitched us the crazy idea of doing the sound effects entirely with our voices; like a couple kids playing pirates in their back yard, or Michael Winslow in Police Academy. Matt and I chuckled and shook our heads silently to each other while confidently telling Brain&Brain that we’d be willing to try it.

The next day we found ourselves in the studio, barking, squawking, gurgling, and spitting our way through levels. We quickly realized that not only was this weirdness working, but this was the best time we’d ever had in the studio. The world of Burly Men at Sea was coming alive, more immersive and more whimsical with every “PBBBBTH!” and “THWAAANG!” It worked so well, we even decided to work vocal sounds into the music, giving each mythical creature its own organic sound that illuminates its character.

Burly Men at Sea

So, as you play through the game, every sound you hear besides the music, is entirely made by our mouths (technically there were occasional flicks of cheeks or smacks with hands), and a few basic audio effects (reverb, delay, pitch shifting). As you play through, make sure to notice a couple of our favorite sounds: Matt is a coffee connoisseur and completely nailed the espresso machine sound. Also the whale epiglottis opening and closing sounds are probably more realistic than they need to be.

Burly Men at Sea

We’re so excited for people to play Burly Men at Sea! Come for the adventure and stay for the shenanigans!

Burly Men at Sea’s soundtrack is also available tomorrow on PSN, both standalone and bundled with the game. To hear more about Plied Sound’s work on the game, check out their interview with NPR’s Music Respawn! show.