The Digitization of Sports

Intel technology is changing sports and the fan experience. Innovations in data and analytic tools take sports performance to new heights, while virtual reality and augmented experiences bring the action closer than it’s ever been.

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Intel’s 360 replay technology offers a glimpse of Tom Brady’s mo

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Intel Shooting Star drone fleet lights up the sky behind Lady Ga

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Tom Brady Ad

Superbowl Halftime

» Download “2017 CES: Intel News Conference Present VR Experiences (Highlights)”
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360 Replay Technology

Intel 360 Replay Pilot Describes Production in Houston (B-roll)

» Download video: “Intel 360 Replay Pilot Describes Production in Houston (B-roll)”
» Download video: “Intel 360 Replay Technology Production Room in Houston (B-roll)”
» Download video: “Intel Leaders Describe the Challenges and Benefits of 360 Replay (B-roll)”
» Download video: “Intel 360 Replay: James Carwana and Jeff Hopper Describe the Technology (B-roll)”
» Download video: “Intel 360 Replay’s ‘Be the Player’ Gives You a Player’s Point of View”
» Download video: “Intel’s Steve Fund Describes the Marketing Plan for Intel 360 Replay Technology (B-roll)”


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