First look at the CAM Powered CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi!

It took us a while but we’re finally happy to announce that the CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi is now available for pre-order!

Officially unveiled at Computex 2016, the CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi is the first non-NZXT product that integrates with our CAM PC monitoring software. And just like the NZXT hardware you know and love, CAM allows you to take full control of the CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi’s many lighting options. So whether you want a full-blown RGB laser show or a subtle hue (get it?!) glowing out of your computers, you can now do it with an amazing air cooler!

Take a look at our recent Facebook Live video and see it in action:

Pre-order the CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi!

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Introducing BLD – The Simplest Way to Get a Gaming PC

NZXT today launches BLD, the easiest way to get into PC gaming and play the games you want to play enjoying guaranteed gaming performance.

BLD (pronounced “Build”) allows users who don’t have the time necessary to build a gaming-ready DIY PC. By leveraging over 10 million and counting analyzed gaming hours, BLD’s unique recommendation engine accurately predicts a system’s gaming performance so you can spend less time researching, troubleshooting and setting up. Start by choosing the games you want to play, at the performance settings you desire, then set a budget, and BLD will design the gaming PC best suited for your needs so you will have more time playing the games you love.

“BLD features a brand new approach for those who want a DIY PC to play the PC games the way they without having to invest a lot of time. Because we’re PC gaming enthusiasts ourselves, we know what fellow gamers need out of their systems and our recommendation engine built upon millions of gaming sessions makes this easy. Simply tell us the games you want to play and we will do the rest,” says Johnny Hou, founder, and CEO of NZXT. “We’re proud to be the first to offer the ultimate advantage over the rigid prebuilt configurations of the past, all at price points that make sense. At NZXT, we’re gamers who don’t like to compromise on quality and customization, so we don’t want our customers to either.”

How BLD Works:

  • Choose up to 3 games from a selection of the most popular PC games on the market.
  • Specify your desired budget range.
  • BLD’s unique recommendation engine provides benchmark data for the performance you can expect from your build.
  • Customize and upgrade your build, from various NZXT case options and RGB lighting setups, to finalize your build for the perfect DIY feel.
  • Complete your order and sit back and relax while your custom PC is built within 48 business hours and then shipped.

BLD’s Unique Recommendation Engine:

  • Predicts FPS (frames per second) within 10% accuracy to guarantee gaming performance of each custom BLD PC for the games chosen by the user.
  • FPS prediction is calculated from over 10 million, and counting analyzed gaming hours.

BLD’s Peace of Mind Services:
NZXT has more than 12 years of experience developing award-winning, high-quality PC components. Every custom BLD gaming PC features:

  • Components made from industry-leading companies with the highest standard of quality.
  • Assembly by highly-trained builders, delivering meticulously crafted gaming PCs.
  • BLD PC built within 2 business days and then shipped.
  • Expert Live Chat feature for real-time help and troubleshooting.
  • Free and easy returns for any systems that do not meet the BLD engine FPS performance guarantee of within 10%.
  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty

Learn more about BLD at

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Photo Recap: Rocket League Championship Series 3 Finals

NZXT has been a proud supporter of the Rocket League Championship Series since Season 1. It’s truly been an honor to provide the world’s best Rocket League players with the equipment they need to compete at the highest level of gameplay. Whether it’s by building high-spec stage PCs, lending out free-play stations for fans,  or simply watching the action from the sidelines – we’re always excited to attend an RLCS event!

This RLCS event was bigger than ever as 10 teams competed over 3 days for a chance to win their part of a $150,000 prize pool. There were plenty of highlights inside the Wiltern Theater but in the end, it was Northern Gaming that prevailed and took home the coveted RLCS trophy and bragging rights until Season 4.

And with nearly 200,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch this past weekend, it’s pretty safe to say Season 4 will be even crazier!

Here’s a look at the action from the RLCS Season 3 Finals:

All photographs provided by the courtesy of R

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Introducing the S340 Elite Hyper Beast

NZXT is excited to announce the S340 Elite Hyper Beast Limited Edition, a monstrous psychedelic evolution of the popular S340 Elite mid-tower. Following up on last year’s highly sought after H440 Hyper Beast, NZXT and graphic artist Brock Hofer have again joined forces to deliver a case crafted for the dedicated CS:GO player. This new chassis features the breathtaking Hyper Beast weapon skin found on CS:GO’s infamous AWP sniper rifle.

Like the H440 Hyper Beast, this rare S340 Elite will be produced in a one-time production of 1,337 units, each with a uniquely numbered limited edition metal badge.

“From the overall excitement surrounding last year’s H440 Hyper Beast, we knew we had to collaborate with Brock Hofer again to deliver something even wilder, ” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO. “We love CS:GO and share the same passion that the community has when it comes to showcasing their prized possessions with the coolest artwork. The S340 Elite Hyper Beast is an extension of this and truly allows the dedicated CS:GO fan to turn one of the game’s most popular weapons skins into a one-of-a-kind build.”

S340 Elite Hyper Beast main features:

  • Limited Edition S340 Elite with Hyper Beast Design
  • Special gradient colored cable management bar
  • Red LED on Power button
  • 4mm tempered-glass side-panel
  • Black VR cable management puck
  • Front VR accessibility
  • Interior cable management clamps
  • Additional SSD tray

A Unique Creation

Working closely with Brock Hofer, the graphic artist creating the Hyper Beast art used on CS:GO skins, NZXT has brought the beast to the physical world. This exceptional S340 Elite version has a one-time production of 1,337 units, each with a unique numbered, limited-edition metal badge.

Monstrous Window

The S340 Elite’s 4mm thick tempered glass panel makes building in NZXT’s popular mid-tower chassis even more rewarding. Crisp in clarity, the new tempered glass panel enhances the award-winning all-steel construction design of the S340 by highlighting all builds with uncompromised beauty.

Enhanced with Virtual Reality Gaming

Getting VR up and running with the S340 Elite is a snap with the HDMI and USB-port connectivity readily available from the top panel. The innovative magnetic cable management puck allows users to wind up VR and audio headset cables with ease, or split the puck apart for longer cable coverage.

The Cleanest Mid-Tower Interior

The S340 features an open interior design with a steel cable management bar that splits the front intake from the rest of the case. A new clamping system has been added behind the cable management bar and along the rear, enabling users to achieve a clean and hassle-free build with minimal efforts.

No Corner Left Untouched

Fully-filtered intakes, steel-plated audio jacks, captive thumb screws, and cable management solutions are just a few of the design features that keeps every build looking sleek inside a compact chassis.

Water Cooling Ready

There’s no sacrificing performance with this small mid-tower case that boasts full compatibility with NZXT’s entire line of Kraken Series liquid coolers.

MSRP Pricing:
S340 Elite Hyper Beast – $199.99 / 199,90 €

USA / EU – Late May

Please visit to find a store in your region.

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Unlock the True Power of Your GPU with the NZXT Kraken G12

NZXT announces today the Kraken G12 kit, allowing users to use their liquid AIOs to better cool their GPUs.

Lower temperatures at lower noise improve both gaming performance and experience. By mounting an AIO, like the NZXT Kraken Series, users can significantly lower their GPU’s temperatures compared to its stock cooling, increase overclocking performance, and reduce noise output for an improved gaming experience. An update to the previous Kraken G10, the Kraken G12 allows for easier installation and wider compatibility with more than 30 popular liquid AIOs on the market.

“Being able to play the latest games at the highest settings, without sacrificing performance is something all gamers want. While aftermarket graphic cards have improved lately, most stock cooling systems still can’t reach the performance level of liquid cooling. That’s why we decided to design the updated Kraken G12 to be easier to install and support the latest liquid AIOs” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder, and CEO.

Kraken G12 main features:

  • 40% better cooling over stock GPU coolers
  • New redesigned bracket for easier installation
  • Compatible with more than 30 liquid AIOs on the market
  • Cooling: 92mm dedicated fan for both memory and VRM, compatible with aftermarket VRM heatsinks
  • Support for both reference and non-reference AMD & NVIDIA designs graphic cards

Improving GPU cooling is easy

Users can quickly mount any Kraken Series liquid cooler onto their graphics cards with the Kraken G12 mounting kit. It delivers a 40% increase in cooling capacity over stock cooling, allowing for higher GPU clock speed and increased frame rates with reduced noise.
The installation process is easier compared to the previous Kraken G10 thanks to a newly designed bracket.

Wide compatibility

The Kraken G12 supports both reference and non-reference design AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, for more than 30 liquid AIOs, including aftermarket VRM heatsinks.

Active cooling for VRM

The Kraken G12 comes with a 92mm fan, providing active cooling for the VRM and memory on the graphics card.

MSRP Pricing:

$29.99 USD
Mid to late April

Please visit for more information.

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Airflow Enhanced with Aer F

Continuing to deliver increased performance for PC gamers and builders everywhere, NZXT today announces the newest member of its Aer family of fans with Aer F.

Designed to maximize airflow, Aer F is engineered to move air efficiently, letting even the most powerful systems breath with ease. Featuring the same chamfered intake and exhaust and winglet-designed fan blades found in Aer P radiator fans, Aer F delivers powerful airflow with reduced drag, minimizing resistance and vibration. Like its Aer family counterparts, Aer F is made with long-lasting fluid dynamic bearings further enhancing their durability and cooling performance.

Pushing PC gaming to its limits is very important to us at NZXT,” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO. “Whether you are overclocking the latest processors or running two Geforce GTX 1080 Ti graphic cards in SLI, products like Aer F are designed to maximize performance without being intrusive. Having a PC running cool and quiet makes for a deeper more immersive gaming experience.

Aer F main features:

● PWM fan designed for better airflow and near-silent performance.

● Winglet constructed fan blades minimize drag, improving overall cooling. 

● Patented fluid dynamic bearings (FDB) deliver long-lasting operation. (60,000 hours / 6 years)

● Sleeved cables for easy and clean cable management. 

● Replaceable color trim choices give builders the flexibility to customize their builds (sold separately)

Silence and Cooling Optimized

With sleeved cables, vibration dampeners, chamfered-intake and exhaust, and winglet designed fan blades on the impeller; Aer F is designed and engineered from top-to-bottom to make sure gamers get the best cooling performance without compromising their gaming experience.

Built to Last 

Patented fluid dynamic bearings, made from copper, gives Aer F the durability to perform for six years, staying relevant well beyond your next graphics card.

Color Your Way

Aer Trims, compatible with Aer F and Aer P, are available in Red, White, and Blue, enabling builders to color-coordinate their builds, their way. Aer Trims are sold separately.

MSRP Pricing:

Aer F120 (Single Pack) – $17.99 USD

Aer F120 (Twin Pack) – $29.99 USD

Aer F140 (Single Pack) – $19.99 USD

Aer F140 (Twin Pack) – $32.99 USD

Aer Trims 120mm (Available in Red, White, and Blue) – $5.99 for two trims

Aer Trims 140mm (Available in Red, White, and Blue) – $5.99 for two trims


USAPre Order Now at

EU – Early April

ROW –Late March

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