Crytek Bring Robinson: The Journey to HTC Vive

Today Crytek announced that VR sci fi adventure Robinson: The Journey is coming to HTC Vive. Powered by CRYENGINE, Crytek’s first release for Vive will be available for download from Steam for USD 39.99 / EUR 39.99.

Hunt: Showdown developers discuss level design in latest dev diary

The lay of the land, when you are on it, living within it, feels inevitable. But many hands have molded that ineluctable chaos of buildings and trees, equipment and mud, fences and waterways.

CRYENGINE-powered Kingdom Come: Deliverance Named Best PC Game at gamescom

Kingdom Come: Deliverance developed by Warhorse Studios and powered by CRYENGINE took home the prestigious gamescom Best PC Game award last week.

First Hunt: Showdown Dev Diary released

Though our Hunters would have known little about the technology of moving pictures—motion picture cameras were first invented in 1890, if the historians can be believed—let us stay, for a time, in the year 2017…

Major New CRYENGINE Update Adds Vulkan API Support, Substance Materials, and Entity Components

Today CRYENGINE update 5.4 opened up preview access to its suite of major new features that will help developers achieve their vision more easily and make the ever-evolving engine even more accessible.

Crytek to reveal details about Hunt: Showdown at E3

From June 13-15, Crytek will be showing off a new first-person shooter in Los Angeles.