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Is it a drone? Is it a plane? It’s neither, but it could probably power both.

Together with our friends and partners at Corsair, and the PC case-modding wizards at Mnpctech, we have created a one of a kind Homefront: The Revolution Resistance Case Mod PC.

Inspired by KPA military hardware, manufactured by North Korea’s world dominating APEX Corporation (NASDAQ:APEX), and repurposed by the Resistance, this monster rig will power anything you’ll throw at it. And it will look good doing it.

Best of all? It can be yours.

Visit http://www.corsair.com/homefront to enter the contest, which you can enter from anywhere in the world!

Check out how Mnpctech built it here.


The Hardware:
Intel Core i5 6600K 3.5 GHz Skylake
GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 ITX Motherboard
GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 980 Ti Xtreme Gaming WINDFORCE Edition
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 (16GB)
Corsair XT Neutron SSD (240GB)
Corsair H100i CPU Cooler
Corsair RM 750W ATX PSU, Modular

The Human Interface:
Corsair K70 RGB keyboard
Corsair M65 Pro mouse
Corsair VOID Surround headset
MM300 Compact mouse mat


Tech Tuesday | Buyer’s Guide – Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard

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Welcome to Tech Tuesday – a new column here on the GMG/Playfire blog where we take a look at a new bit of gaming hardware or awesome accessory.

I’m not sure I can ever go back to membrane keyboards. There’s something about the satisfying action, the characteristic clacking, and the unparalleled performance of a decent mechanical keyboard that just makes everything – games, work, arranging classical music, whatever – so much better.

Mechanical keyboards and backlit models are nothing new, of course, but few have attempted to bring the very best of both worlds together. Well, say hello to the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard – a piece of kit that mixes the durability and functionality of the old K70 with a disco ball.

It’s so very awesome.

Tech Tuesday | Buyer's Guide – Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard

The K70 RGB mirrors its non-RGB predecessor in many ways. Corsair’s original K70 was a wonderful piece of kit, and at first glance, this model seems to be its equal in every way. Both models utilise the same chassis and brushed aluminium faceplate, the same keycaps and 10-key number pad, and neither offer up the option of those programmable macro keys to be found on the K90 or new K95 RGB. Basically, if you prefer your macros to be keyboard-based rather than on a mouse like the Razer Naga or R.A.T. MMO TE, go for the larger model.

The K70 RGB boasts the same multimedia buttons as its older sibling, and Corsair have kept the volume roller, which is much more preferable to the usual two-button setup. Also retained from the older model are the illumination level and gaming mode buttons, with the latter locking up Windows shortcuts like Alt-Tab, meaning you can avoid frantic button-mashing accidents during intense gameplay.

Tech Tuesday | Buyer's Guide – Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard

The K70 RGB model we obtained came bearing Cherry MX Red switches, and I absolutely adore the smooth rapidity of these, though you can opt for greater resistance with Brown or Blue switches as the K70 comes in three Cherry setups. It’s up to you, really, it all depends what you’re looking for, though I lean towards the Reds more day-to-day use, and found that my typing speed and accuracy went up when I made the jump from membrane keyboards.

It’s not quite all a bed of roses, mind. The key removal tool that used to be bundled in with the older K70 is now gone, along with the spare set of contoured WASD and 1-6 keys. Corsair suggest that statistics indicated they wouldn’t be missed much, but I’m never one for scaling back on features and extras just for the sake of it. Removing keys is a little more fiddly without the tool, and although the customisable lighting array now allows you to illuminate individual keys in different colours, having a spare “gamer” set was always a nice option to have. Somewhat annoyingly too, it seems that the USB pass-through that came with the older K70 is a thing of the past,

Mind you, the juice is all being used up by the RGB bit of this new model, and it’s sort of easy to see why. The standard K70 had a fairly hideous red backlight, and indeed when I plugged in the RGB for the first time, that old familiar burning glow was the first thing to greet me. You have to download Corsair’s convoluted software suite to customise the lighting array. When you do, though, you’ll unlock vast swathes of disco possibility. There are 16.8 million colours to play with, for each individual key, and you can draw up plans for individual games and other software.

Don’t imagine for a second, though, that setting up a 70s party in your office will be an easy ride. The Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) is a bit of a mess, if only because there’s so much choice yet such little guidance. That being said, if you don’t fancy touching the manual tools, there are loads of profiles uploaded by others to Corsair’s forums that’ll have your desktop twinkling better than the Northern Lights in no time.

Tech Tuesday | Buyer's Guide – Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard

The K70 RGB is a stunning piece of kit, every bit as capable as the older version, and now with a seriously impressive lighting array. The Cherry MX switches are brilliant, they really are, and it makes the K70 RGB a joy to use, help along by Corsair’s characteristically excellent build quality.

Also… disco keyboard. Nuff said.

Click here to buy the Corsair K70 RGB >>

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