Celebrate Pride with BioWare


Inclusivity and diversity are important in the games we make here at BioWare, which is why events like Pride are important to us.

Edmonton Pride Parade

Last weekend, BioWare was grateful to be able to march alongside the LGBTQ+ community in the Edmonton Pride Parade. The shirts we made for this event garnered a lot of attention and many of you have inquired on how or where to purchase them. So here’s a high resolution version so you can make your own shirts (or posters, stickers, anything!).

Click on the image below to download the printable version, and wear with Pride!

APEX: Don’t Go Looking for Trouble


Comrads. Friends. Brothers in Arms. Kandros here.

Our time in Heleus has been intense and filled with conflict both internal and external, expected and unexpected.

First, let me say: As some of you know, when I joined the Initiative and left for Andromeda, I never intended to lead a military life. However, the life that I’ve created here in Heleus, this life as Director of the Militia is more challenging and rewarding than anything I could have imagined. And it’s because of all of you and your dedication and expertise. I’m lucky to lead a group of soldiers like you. Sure, you’re a rag-tag militia called into duty when you’d probably rather be settling Andromeda–but no commander of a dedicated army could ask for better.

Now, the mission… the kett. Those assholes. I’m sorry to say that I have to send you out to take on those soulless, ugly, bone-faced, motherless, ignorant bastards once more. In all my life, I’ve never encountered an enemy more dispicable than the kett and their genocide disguised as reproduction.

Firebase Aqua, recently recaptured from the Roekaar has been taken by the kett. Hideous grey cowards. Walking filth. We need you to get in there and do as much damage as you can—sabotage, take down their numbers, mess their shit up.

You can do it. Have fun. Show those stupid, pompous bastards what good ol’ evolution can do. Show them that integrity and decency is powerful and that it can kick ass.

It’s an honor to serve with you. Kandros out.

APEX: Chasing Roekaar Intelligence

URGENT: Highly sensitive and timely information.

Forwarded to Nexus Command by Angaran Resistance:

Resistance Intelligence InterceptParties: BetweenUnknown Combatant at Firebase Aqua and Roekaar Command on Voeld

Begin translation:

[UNKNOWN ROEKAAR] Commander, we’re under imminent attack but our hackers have discoveredexciting, unexpected intel.

[COMMANDER OJAEG] Go ahead. This channel is secure.

[UNKNOWN ROEKAAR] We’ve discovered a systemic weakness in the Milky Way enemy’s shield tech that our scientists can exploit.

[COMMANDER OJAEG] Incredible news. We can bring our enemies down, all at once. Transmit the intel to the outpost on Voeld. Once we figured out exactly how we want to deliver our ‘code bomb’, we can send instructions out to all of our bases.

[UNKNOWN ROEKAAR] Beginning transmission now.

[COMMANDER OJAEG] You’ve just saved the lives of many of your Roekaar brothers and sisters. Such heroics won’t go unrewarded.

Transmission ended

Commander Kandros, Evfrahas asked me to pass the above correspondence to you at once. He urges you that this intel can’t be allowed to be disseminated from that base on Voeld. It would be disastrous, deadly, to both the Initiative and Resistance causes.

Good Luck to you and your troops.

APEX Mission: Roekaar Occupation

APEX, Kandros here. We’re tracking a development at an angara facility codename Firebase Aqua that’s been taken by a Roekaar cell. We need to get in there and take it back. Evfra de Tershav, leader of the Angaran Resistance, has asked to address you directly.

Soldiers, this is Evfra de Tershav – Let’s talk about the Roekaar.

The Roekaar are angara, but I assure you they are our mutual enemy. They must be confronted and eliminated. I hate the Roekaar, and I want to tell you why:

Among my mothers, I had a favorite (most angara do but won’t admit it). I loved my mother Joevett because she was unshakeable and passionate in her beliefs, but she showed more kindness and empathy than anyone I knew. She taught me that empathy was not weakness, but strength.

She was also our family’s storyteller. She loved to recount the forgotten stories of Voeld before the Scourge: its massive cities, its technology, its life. Once, she built an instrument from a description in an ancient poem—it looked wrong and played no music. One day, she brought all the siblings and cousins to a mountain so we could throw it over the edge and blast it with shotguns. Laughter was important then.

Not long after, the kett took my family. “Scooped them up”, as we say. My mother Joevett wasn’t there that day, so she wasn’t taken—but she was changed forever. You see, the Roekaar prey on survivors like her. A cell recruited her to fight the kett—then the “Milky Way intruders”, and finally… her own people.
I came face-to-face with her on the battlefield recently. Resistance vs. Roekaar. My favorite mother looked at me with the kindness and empathy that I remembered… then she shot me. I don’t know what happened to her after that, but at that moment I vowed to fight the Roekaar until Heleus is rid of their hatred and lies. The kind of evil that makes a mother shoot her own son.
The kett took my family, but the Roekaar took my heart. We must end them.

Evfra out.

Patch 1.08 Combat Balance Updates

We’re continuing to improve weapon and power balance based on player feedback and our own tests.

In particular, we’ve addressed weapon bloom and accuracy. We’ve halved the maximum reticle size for automatic weapons and decreased the speed at which it reaches maximum size. We’ve improved accuracy for these weapons across the board.

Melee balance has also been addressed. We wanted melee builds to be viable for some kits at all difficulty levels, and to reduce reliance on the Juggernaut Shield. We’ve buffed base damage of nearly all melee attacks and introduced more passive bonuses to skill trees. We’ve reduced the melee bonus on the Juggernaut Shield to make it less of a required factor for these builds.

We’re addressing issues with teleporting enemies and reducing unfair sync kills. We paid particular attention to the Fiend, reducing its speed and preventing sprinting once it gets within 10 meters of a target. We’ve prevented enemies from sync attacking for two seconds after they jump up to a different level.

We’ve also made improvements to our pack offerings. For those of you looking to round out your roster, we introduced the Reserves Pack, a premium pack focused on characters. And if what you’re hoping for is that gun you’ve been missing, there’s now the Arsenal Pack. To speed up your refreshes between rounds, we’ve added a Jumbo Supply pack that contains five times as many consumables as a regular supply pack. Finally, you’ll now be able to purchase a Mod Pack from the item store, which contains a random weapon mod.

You can find a full list of the notes below. For notes in other languages, please check here.

  • Omni-blade
    • Increased base damage from 275 to 400
  • Cryo Gauntlet
    • Increased base damage from 200 to 400
  • Asari Sword
    • Increased base damage from 400 to 740
  • Krogan Hammer
    • Increased base damage from 400 to 650
    • Increased radius from 1m to 2m
  • Krogan Headbutt
    • Increased base damage from 330 to 740
  • Salarian Infiltrator
    • Offensive Tech Rank 6: Technical Synergy upgrade will now trigger for all three powers, not just Energy Drain.
  • Energy Drain
    • Decreased Rank 6 Shields Restored bonus from 30% to 25%
  • Cryo Beam
    • Now grants 25% assist score instead of support score
  • Shockwave
    • Increased damage from 245 to 350
  • Overload
    • Increased the chaining damage when fully-charged from 100 to 300.
    • Rank 6: Maximum Charge now grants +30% to all Overload damage, not just chain damage.
  • Damage from Frag Grenade now bypasses enemy shield gates.
  • Damage from Sticky Grenade now bypasses enemy shield gates.
  • Damage from Trip Mine now bypasses enemy shield gates.
  • Increased the Tech Combo base damage from 225 to 257 on Bronze, from 350 to 400 on Silver, and from 432 to 494 on Gold. The damage over time was not affected.
  • Throw now does standard combo detonation damage (previous damage was -25%)
  • Accuracy improved for automatic weapons
  • Reduced maximum reticle size and speed of reticle bloom for automatic weapons
Assault Rifles 
  • Sweeper (changes made May 19 in server-side update)
    • Increased damage from 64–77 to 96–115
    • reduced recoil
    • changed hit reaction to a short interrupt
  • Cyclone (changes made May 19 in server-side update)
    • Increased damage from 37–47 to 59–74
  • Avenger S
    • Damage increased from 55–66 to 66–79
  • Charger S
    • Damage increased from 47–56 to 57–68
  • Viper S
    • Damage increased from 460–552 to 610–732
Pistols / SMGs
  • Talon
    • Damage increased from 76–91 to 84–101
    • Force decreased from 50 to 35
    • Weight increased from 28 to 30
Sniper Rifles
  • Vanquisher
    • Weight increased from 45 to 55
  • Widow
    • Weight decreased from 65 to 50
  • Indra
    • Removed large camera shake on the Indra’s first shot
  • Incisor
    • Reduced Incisor’s recoil per shot
  • Fiends, Hydra, Adhi, and Ascendants now wait at least two seconds to initiate a sync attack after jumping up from a lower level
  • Bronze enemies now do 5% more damage with all attacks
  • Silver enemies now do 10% more damage with all attacks
  • Gold enemies now do 10% more damage with all attacks
  • Decreased enemy shield gate duration from 0.25 seconds to 0.1 second
  • [SP] Increased enemy shield gate amount by 50%
  • [MP] Increased enemy shield gate amount on Bronze/Silver/Gold from 330/640/950 to 495/1152/1995
  • [MP] Enemies in cover take less time to attack targets that are in the open
  • Increased the distance enemies are willing to travel to execute a downed player from 9 meters to 12 meters
  • Reduced distance from which downed player can be executed
  • Slowed the wind-up for the Fiend and Ascendant’s sync attack by 20%
  • [MP] Fiend no longer sprints when within 10 meters of target, and will decelerate to base speed
  • Increased Assembler weapon damage by 10%.
  • Changed Assembler firing pattern from 4–8 shots per salvo to 4–9.
  • Damage spike at the end of the Destroyer damage field now ignores player’s health gate.
  • Observers now have a short charge-up time before attacking.
  • Converted the Pariah’s armor bar evenly into health and shields
  • Hydra’s sync attack wind-up is 20% faster and kills the target if successful

Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.08 Notes

Along with continued improvements to Mass Effect: Andromeda, the upcoming patch 1.08 also addresses feedback we received from the community.

Improved Character Creator

We’ve expanded the options available in the character creator, giving you greater control over your Ryder’s appearance. Two new heads were added, one male and one female, as well as a new complexion option and a greater range of available skin tones. We also unlocked all hairstyles for both sexes, and added a new bald option.

For players wanting to adjust their look mid-game, we added the ability to change your character’s appearance onboard the Tempest.

And for fans of Alec Ryder’s iconic appearance, you can now choose to keep the default Alec, rather than having his appearance be based on your custom Ryder.

Expanded Male Romance Options for Scott Ryder

Scott Ryder can now pursue Jaal as a romance option. There are several important reasons for this change:

Scott Ryder did not have a same-sex squadmate available as a romance option, nor could the achievement for completing three romances be achieved with only male same-sex partners. And as the angara have expressed their fluidity in how they perceive gender, it seemed only natural that Scott could have a relationship with Jaal.

However, we understand that a character’s orientation is an important part of what makes them feel real. The relationships with your crew are some of the most loved and cherished parts of our games, so we wanted to make sure we got it right. We consulted with members of the LGBTQ community, both externally and within our own studios. After carefully considering all feedback, we decided this was an important change to make, and one that made sense for Jaal, Scott, and the angara.

Our writing, editing, and animation teams worked together to ensure this change made sense for Jaal’s character, and the result is a relationship we hope feels as fulfilling and memorable for Scott as it does for Sara.

You can find a full list of changes and improvements in the patch notes below. For notes in other languages, click here.

Single player
  • Ryder’s appearance can now be changed onboard the Tempest
  • Expanded the range of options available in the character creator
  • Jaal can now be romanced by Scott Ryder
  • Dialogue for Hainly Abrams was adjusted to change the flow of personal information she discusses with Ryder.
  • Fixed issue with Nomad upgrades Shield Crafting quest
  • Nexus level and cryo pod points are retroactively granted
  • Vendors now carry weapon mods for Level 60-71 players
  • Vendors now sell weapon augmentations for automatic fire, burst fire, and single-shot fire
  • Improved clarity of descriptions for augmentations
  • Plasma Charge system now works properly for shotguns
  • Beam Emitter augmentation now causes guns to fire a constant beam with scaling damage based on the weapon’s damage per second
  • [PC] Added experimental support for Dolby Vision™ technology
  • Stealth Grid challenge now increments properly
  • Fiend no longer sprints when within 10 meters of target, and will decelerate to base speed
  • Enabled movement correction during Fiend attacks to reduce incidence of players seeing Fiends attacking in the wrong direction
  • Improved movement prediction for some enemies in tight spaces to reduce appearance of teleportation
  • Fixed issue that prevented melee attacks if the revive icon was near center screen
  • Fixed issue where ammo pick-up audio incorrectly played
  • Fixed issue where Backlash could malfunction while moving
  • Using Stealth and Recon Visor together no longer increases duration of invisibility for Turian Agent
  • Fixed issue where weight reduction modifications wouldn’t reduce weight
  • The Revive Pack Transmitter now displays the revive radius in the loadout screen
  • Equipping the Cobra RPG now interrupts reloading
  • Player turns to Adhi when getting synced to avoid teleportation issue
  • Fixed issue where enemies would occasionally enter T-pose when hit
  • Improved visual and audio cues for player ready status in Multiplayer lobbies
  • Added “Lights” option to customization options