Green Man Gaming’s 7th Birthday Sale Day 7

It’s Green Man Gaming’s 7th birthday! So to celebrate we thought we would put on a sale of epic proportions! We are going to be selling some huge titles with crazy discounts over a 7 day period, each day will have something different so make sure you have your eyes glued to Green Man Gaming […]

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Datacenter Maintenance – 5/2/17 @ 4am EDT

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow, May 2, we will be performing maintenance on our datacenters beginning at 4am EDT. This will affect the following megaservers:

  • PC/Mac EU
  • Xbox NA
  • Xbox EU
  • PS4 NA
  • PS4 EU

We expect this maintenance to take approximately 6 hours, and will let you know as soon as it’s complete.

The Elder Scrolls Online Weekend | Humble StoreThe Elder…

The Elder Scrolls Online Weekend | Humble Store

The Elder Scrolls Online Weekend has arrived in the Humble Store! Save up to 67% and experience the world of Tamriel on your own, or together with friends, guild mates, and thousands of other players. 

Extended Maintenance on PC – 4/24/17

Hi everyone,

As you’ve noticed, maintenance for PC NA and EU has gone longer than usual today. We ran into an issue during maintenance, which will take some time to resolve. We’re currently looking at completing maintenance around 3pm EDT. This will not affect the maintenance scheduled for the PTS, which will also have a new incremental patch today.

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll provide updates in this thread as we’re able.

Dishonored Weekend | Humble StoreWill you fight your way…

Dishonored Weekend | Humble Store

Will you fight your way through the streets or sneak across the rooftops? Will you eliminate your enemies or spare them? No matter your choice, save up to 50% on Dishonored 1 & 2 in the Humble Store this weekend!

EU Maintenance All Platforms – 4/10/17 @ 6pm EDT

Hello everyone,

Beginning at 6:00pm EDT tonight (in about 25 minutes), we’ll need to bring all European megaservers offline for maintenance. We recently identified an issue that, if left untreated, could impact your ability to log into or stay connected to ESO. We anticipate downtime being approximately 3 hours, and will let you know as soon as maintenance is complete.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.