What Technology can be used to increase student confidence?


What Technology can be Used to Increase Student Confidence?

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The importance of increasing student confidence is undeniable. But sometimes, just knowing the facts isn’t enough — you have to take action.

So… how do you do that, exactly? Figuring that part out can be challenging.

We’ll give you a hint: technology is your friend.

Here, we’ll give you some pointers on how to use technology to your advantage to drive student confidence up, facilitate the learning process and increase your classroom engagement.

Foster a collaborative learning environment

Let’s be honest — who wants to stand in front of a room of his or her classmates alone? It’s much less intimidating to get up in front of a class with a group of friends by your side. The large screens that certain technology products offer will allow multiple students to stand at the board at once, whether they’re presenting or just working on a task.

Complete educational games and computer-aided missions

Games and other technology-rich tasks will develop students’ presentation skills and increase their confidence tenfold in the process. Few things are more satisfying and rewarding than finishing a job and knowing you’ve been able to execute it to the best of your ability.

Use the right tools, at the right time, in the right way

Being aware of what tools are available to you as an educator, as well as knowing when and how to use them, are both vital components to the process of learning through technology. Having an arsenal of tools at your disposal won’t do you any good if you don’t know what to do with them.

With technology, students can use a calculator to solve a complicated problem. They can experience the advancement of handwriting recognition technology that turns even the messiest of chicken scratch into typed text. They can even annotate on an image to more clearly articulate their message to their peers.

The possibilities are endless. So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to partner with the experts and step into the 21st century with classroom technology.

Are You Utilizing Technology to Increase Student Confidence?


Are You Utilizing Technology to Increase Student Confidence?

BenQ Corporation

As educational budgets decrease, class sizes increase and academic expenses soar higher than ever before, both teachers and students alike are struggling to stay afloat.

In the face of rapidly dwindling funds, school systems are being forced — among other ways of cutting financial corners — to terminate educators without replacements. That means larger class sizes, which is tough for everyone involved.

When teachers have more students to deal with, they’re unable to spend as much quality one-on-one time with their students. This causes frustration for the educator as well as their young charges.

Often, this shared agitation results in reduced interest and diminished self-confidence among students, which can have severely negative effects on the learning process that often go unrecognized.

Student Confidence

Having a high level of self-confidence is vital to a good education. Think about it: the more confident a student is, the more likely he or she is to participate in class, ask questions when a concept is difficult to understand and be more engaged in the lesson overall.

On the other hand, a more timid or reserved individual will hesitate to raise his or her hand when something doesn’t make sense or when it comes time to partake in classroom discussions.

As an educator, you need to boost student confidence levels like never before. But how can it be done?

Educational Technology

Contemporary classroom technology offers a myriad of possibilities that are cost effective but widely beneficial to any student that enters the classroom.

Technology can be tailored to fit both your needs and those of the eager learners that come through your door. Things like educational games, image annotation and handwriting recognition are just the beginning.

It’s time to beat the odds and make the right decisions to keep your students engaged. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Why You Need the BenQ LU9715 for Your Edge-Blending Application


Why You Need the BenQ LU9715 for Your Edge-Blending Application

BenQ Corporation

You’ve realized the need to bring your venue to the next level. We’ve brought to your attention the essential factors to consider and discussed the practicality of edge blending.

So what’s the next step? It’s time to launch your edge-blending mission. When you decide to embark on this journey, you want to make sure you do it right the first time around to avoid complications down the road.

Make the smart decision for your venue’s future (and your own) by employing a couple of BenQ’s LU9715 projectors.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read on to discover why the LU9715 is the best projector for the job.

It has edge blending built into its interface.

While some of BenQ’s competitors can claim the same engineering capability, they cannot brag other features of the LU9715, such as an advanced geometric correction algorithm. This premium technology weaves images together seamlessly with ease and executes the task in a way that is far superior to its competitors.

Additionally, an inbuilt processor delivers top-notch graphics functionality and an improved response time, so even high-quality videos will play without a glitch.

It keeps brightness levels consistent across surfaces.

Once the image has been pieced together, the LU9715 makes it easy to adjust each projector until the individual luminosities are matched. The superior viewing experience this delivers is unmatched by many competitors.

Its BlueCore Laser Technology delivers 20,000 hours of light.

Because you need to keep ease of maintenance in mind, we know you’re going to plan for a display that’s as highly sustainable as possible, so you can’t forget how important it is to take things like projector light source lifespans into consideration.

Luckily, BenQ has done that for you. Not to mention, their BlueCore Laser Projectors (like the LU9715) offer incredibly high native contrast ratios and dual color wheels for accurate, long lasting colors with brilliant whites and consistent performance.

It can keep up with your rushed and busy schedule.

The BlueCore Technology employed by the LU9715 enables maintenance-free installations in hard to reach areas. A sealed light engine and no filters to maintain ensures, trouble-free, consistent projection for long periods of time. Additionally, the projector’s instant-on response feature means images can be muted when needed and projection can resume instantly with the push of a button, eliminating unnecessary wait times and wasted minutes.

It offers a truly rich connectivity.

The BenQ LU9715 offers a truly rich connectivity suitable for nearly all applications. The projector is equipped with in and out 3G SDI (Serial Digital Interface) enabling reliable, cost effective, high quality image distribution over inexpensive coaxial cables. Additionally, HDBaseT offers similar functionality over conventional CAT6 cable with the additional benefit of IR and LAN control. Delivering high-definition 1080p video over long distances has never been easier.

In theory, users could set up multiple edge blending showcases distributing the signal from one projector to the next, creating individual identical images on separate walls. This has extensive and diverse potential; think about applying it to something like a tunnel experience, where viewers walk through a corridor and view images projected onto the walls surrounding them.

It’s manufactured by experts who are dedicated to helping you out.

Obviously, committing to a project this involved can be daunting, and you’ll want to make sure you have extended and quality coverage. BenQ delivers on all fronts as a dedicated USA service team with industry-leading three-year warranties and the support of a global electronics powerhouse.

And the best part? It’s all offered at a highly competitive price rate.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about LU9715 and make the right choice for your venue.

What Factors Do You Need to Consider When Taking Your Display to The Next Level?

Train Station

What Factors Do You Need to Consider When Taking Your Display to the Next Level?

BenQ Corporation

Now that you’ve recognized the necessity of bringing your venue to life, you know it’s time to push the envelope with a unique display solution.

But it can prove difficult to move beyond a single projector. You have to take a lot of things into consideration when thinking about the practicality of a large display. It requires a lot of forethought and research.

That’s why BenQ has come to your aid with a few things to think about: Avoiding video walls can be a practical move in many ways. Your decision will ultimately depend on what application we’re talking about here, but you’ll definitely want to keep an edge blending solution in mind for multiple reasons.

Environmental Considerations

In a crowded and busy environment such as a train station or a shopping mall, someone could easily and unwittingly bump into a video wall with a luggage trolley, a cart or even a shoulder. Video walls also become cost prohibitive after they reach a certain size, as they grow increasingly inefficient to manufacture.

But be warned: however beneficial edge blending may be in areas of continuity and cost, there are still some precautions to take. If you attempt edge blending with a projector that cuts manufacturing corners to be sold at an inexpensive price, you’ll sacrifice important high end specifications like brightness and contrast ratio, ending in an image that is washed out or otherwise subpar.

Technical Considerations

Cheap projectors may also experience technical issues, which can lead to the need for an external software solution. Eventually, your computer will feel the effects of carrying this workload and begin to fail as well. The whole situation could end up costing more than a good quality projector would have. And using an external processor would likely cost more than the projector itself.

Long story short, you’re better off making the decision for quality right off the bat. Let the experts help you determine the solution that’s best for you.

Click here to learn more about BenQ’s latest development in large venue display technology.

Are You Pushing the Envelope in Your Venue with Unique Displays?

Large Display

Are You Pushing the Envelope in Your Venue with Unique Displays?

BenQ Corporation

You run a large venue. It could be a museum, a shopping mall, a train station… or anything of the sort. Regardless of the type, maybe you’ve been getting the feeling lately that your venue is a little bland, and you’ve been feeling the pressure to spruce it up a bit. You want to do something innovative, exciting and unique. You want to catch people’s eyes, engage your visitors and encourage them to stay onsite with you longer.

In short, you want to bring back the “wow” factor.

Have we read your mind? Then it’s time to push the envelope and consider taking your venue to the next level with display technology.

When it’s done right, putting on an impressive display can have a plethora of benefits for any venue.

Breathe life into your museum exhibits with incredible detail and increased viewing options. Visitors will stay engaged, learn more information and better retain important facts from lessons.

Raise awareness about important tourist information learned at a train station, such as popular attractions. Visitors will not only gain knowledge about the area, but they will also be encouraged to spend more time and money in your community, benefitting local businesses.

You also have the option to pique passengers’ interests with multi-purpose display technology that switches between informative material and advertisements. Now you’re multitasking: generating visitor excitement as well as revenue.

This methodology would also work with shoppers in your shopping mall. Not to mention, you can light up an otherwise dull environment and make it more appealing with exciting displays. Use the technology to inform guests about things like up-and-coming events or new store promotions.

When the time comes to deploy exciting new display solutions, trust the experts.

Click here to learn more about BenQ’s latest development in large venue display technology.

7 Home Theater Projector Tips for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Is dad a sports fan or movie aficionado?

Thanks to today’s projection technology, there’s never been a better way to watch a game or film, transforming game or movie night.

BenQ’s latest home theater projectors deliver big-screen enjoyment that goes beyond the flatscreen and immerses everyone in a color-rich, eye-popping experience right at home. 

Here are 7 tips when considering a home theater projector for dad this Father’s Day.

1. For the most enjoyable experience, select a full HD 1080p projector that will offer an immersive, crystal-clear picture even in the most constrained spaces.

2. A short throw, high-brightness projector, for example, can beam a 100-inch or larger image in stunning detail even just at five feet away.

3. For gamers, opt for a projector that features low input lag so their actions don’t skip a beat.

4. Movie enthusiasts would enjoy a projector with a high-performance color wheel that will produce brilliant color even during fast plays and action-packed scenes.

5. Features like Rec. 709 mean the projector is well-equipped to reproduce the exact color palette used by Hollywood studios to master movies and TV programs, bringing movie-theater quality and true-to-life colors to the living room.

6. Consider projectors that boast a rich set of connectivity options open up content and media options.

7. Look for dual HDMI inputs with one doubling as an MHL port: It will allow the dads in your life to stream videos, games or photos on the big screen from their own mobile devices.

With the range of innovative features, dads can elevate the home theater experience to a whole new level and enjoy full HD 1080p movies, TV shows, sporting events, and action-packed video games on the big screen without busting the budget.

Ready to give dad the gift that keeps on giving?

BenQ has three great gift options to brighten up dad’s entertainment experience.


HT2150ST Home Entertainment Projector
MSRP: $999

Product page: https://www.benqdirect.com/ht2150st.html

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HT3050 Home Entertainment Projector

MSRP: $999

Product page: https://www.benqdirect.com/ht3050-home-theater-projector.html

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HT2050 Home Entertainment Projector
MSRP: $799

Product page: https://www.benqdirect.com/ht2050-home-theater-projector.html