7 Home Theater Projector Tips for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Is dad a sports fan or movie aficionado?

Thanks to today’s projection technology, there’s never been a better way to watch a game or film, transforming game or movie night.

BenQ’s latest home theater projectors deliver big-screen enjoyment that goes beyond the flatscreen and immerses everyone in a color-rich, eye-popping experience right at home. 

Here are 7 tips when considering a home theater projector for dad this Father’s Day.

1. For the most enjoyable experience, select a full HD 1080p projector that will offer an immersive, crystal-clear picture even in the most constrained spaces.

2. A short throw, high-brightness projector, for example, can beam a 100-inch or larger image in stunning detail even just at five feet away.

3. For gamers, opt for a projector that features low input lag so their actions don’t skip a beat.

4. Movie enthusiasts would enjoy a projector with a high-performance color wheel that will produce brilliant color even during fast plays and action-packed scenes.

5. Features like Rec. 709 mean the projector is well-equipped to reproduce the exact color palette used by Hollywood studios to master movies and TV programs, bringing movie-theater quality and true-to-life colors to the living room.

6. Consider projectors that boast a rich set of connectivity options open up content and media options.

7. Look for dual HDMI inputs with one doubling as an MHL port: It will allow the dads in your life to stream videos, games or photos on the big screen from their own mobile devices.

With the range of innovative features, dads can elevate the home theater experience to a whole new level and enjoy full HD 1080p movies, TV shows, sporting events, and action-packed video games on the big screen without busting the budget.

Ready to give dad the gift that keeps on giving?

BenQ has three great gift options to brighten up dad’s entertainment experience.


HT2150ST Home Entertainment Projector
MSRP: $999

Product page: https://www.benqdirect.com/ht2150st.html

Editor’s Choice – Projector Central


HT3050 Home Entertainment Projector

MSRP: $999

Product page: https://www.benqdirect.com/ht3050-home-theater-projector.html

Best Home Theater Projector of 2017 – Gadget Review


HT2050 Home Entertainment Projector
MSRP: $799

Product page: https://www.benqdirect.com/ht2050-home-theater-projector.html

Why You Need BenQ’s ST550K to Increase Revenue at Your Restaurant

BenQ's ST550K

Why You Need BenQ’s ST550K to Increase Revenue at Your Restaurant

BenQ Corporation

We’ve established that expanding your revenue is a necessity in today’s competitive environment, and increasing customers’ appetites is a vital component to doing just that. We’ve also discussed that there is a number of ways to accomplish this task, one of which is the utilization of display technology.

Read on to discover why the BenQ ST550K is a spectacular choice to increase consumer appetites and raise profits in your restaurant.

Stunning Image Quality

The ST550K’s 4K resolution is the perfect way to display images of food with tantalizing detail, and unique fonts on special seasonal menus will pop fantastically.

Plus, it’s been thoughtfully engineered with a slim and stylish design and will fit in with any ambiance, whether you’re a high-end bistro, a family-owned cafe or a traditional Irish pub.

Easy to Run and Manage Content

Get the most out of your digital signage by ensuring that you can adapt to the quickly-changing restaurant industry. Having an easy-to-use content management system will make it easy to design and execute menus with corresponding item listings and images.

BenQ’s ST550K has you covered with its proprietary X-Sign content management system, which comes with dozens of easily-modified templates that can be altered on your PC and uploaded directly to the unit.

Easy to Install and Maintain

It’s important to choose digital signage that will deliver a low total cost of ownership (TCO), because building and maintaining the decor of a restaurant can quickly become one of the most expensive aspects of running an establishment. BenQ recognizes and meets this need with the ST550K.

Its lightweight and slender build makes it easy to mount wherever you want it located, whether on a wall or behind a hostess stand.

Post-installation operation is a breeze, as the ST550K boasts an innovative Multiple Display Administrator (MDA). The MDA allows the signage and various other units to be controlled from one central place, which could be anywhere from an onsite manager’s office to a location in corporate headquarters.

An innovative failure alert system notifies the administrator of potential problems that may crop up, helping you avoid embarrassing glitches that could affect your reputation.

Expert Knowledge and Advice

The restaurant industry has never been more aggressive, making the need to increase per-customer revenues greater than ever before.

Choose a digital signage solution that brings outstanding image quality together with unmatched reliability. Choose the ST550K by BenQ.

At Infocomm 2017 in Orlando, Florida from June 14 to 16, you can personally experience BenQ’s ST550K digital signage, the future of dining display technology, at booth #2820. Click here to receive a complimentary ticket and book your private demonstration.

The Top Ways you Can increase Customers Appetites and Restaurant Sales


Top Ways You Can Increase Customers’ Appetites and Restaurant Sales

BenQ Corporation

We’ve talked about how the restaurant industry is transforming due to customers’ changing habits. We’ve also established your need to increase business profits by adapting to these modifications in behavior and increasing customer appetites.

But it isn’t always such a simple task to do so.

Fortunately, BenQ knows it’s easier said than done, and they’re here to rescue you with a few pointers on how to accomplish the goal.

Offer bite-sized samples to people waiting on their tables

Whet customers’ palates with a small taste of something from your menu. Nothing piques interests more than getting to try out a new and exciting food while they’re waiting to be seated.

Plus, you’ll keep their minds off of the wait and encourage them to think about a food option they may not have otherwise considered.

Offer combo deals

Many times, guests come in with a set idea of what they want to spend — for example, they may be planning to cough up $20 for a salad and a main entree. But if you can entice them with an irresistible value deal that costs just a little more money but offers more bang for their buck, you’ll increase your revenue and simultaneously impress your customers.

Consider an offer like $29 for a salad, appetizer, main dish and dessert and see where it takes your sales.

Use innovative display technology to showcase food and menu options

Wake up customers’ tastebuds with innovative digital signage displays of tantalizing menu items. You’ll be making the most of your waiting and hostess area while causing customers’ mouths to water.

This is also an excellent opportunity to let guests know about those combo specials you’ve decided to offer and showcase new menu options.

Make sure you opt for exceptional image performance, flexible content management and a piece of equipment that won’t overpower the room.

Consult the professionals. Stay current and relevant

Don’t fall behind your competitors. Recognize that the fundamentals of running a restaurant are being reconfigured, and stay ahead of the changes. It’s time to use digital signage to increase customers’ appetites and increase your profits. Stop by later this week to learn how to make it happen.

At Infocomm 2017 in Orlando, Florida from June 14 to 16, you can personally experience BenQ’s ST550K digital signage, the future of dining display technology, at booth #2820. Click here to receive a complimentary ticket and book your private demonstration.

Why the BenQ ST550K is the Best Choice for Delivering a Luxury Retail Environment

BenQ ST550K

Why the BenQ ST550K is the Best Choice for Delivering a Luxury Retail Environment

BenQ Corporation

We know that the luxury market is growing and that delivering a premium retail experience is becoming of increasing importance. And delivering such an experience to a wealthy clientele involves multiple tactics.

It’s time to take your luxury retail experience to the next level. Make the smart choice with the BenQ ST550K.

Stunning Visual Display

When customers can visualize integrating products into their own lives, they’re much more likely to make a purchase. Making sure products look their absolute best is vital to this process.

The incredible crispness of 4K display delivered by the ST550K, is the perfect way to showcase product features like fabric prints, designer logos, fine stitching, tailored waistlines and necklines, lace or pleating details, unique clothing cutouts and even leather, gold or silver aspects of finer accessories.

The slim profile and narrow bezel of the ST550K fit in neatly with any surroundings, so you can achieve a magnificent display without overpowering or imposing upon your existing retail environment.

Ease of Content Management

In today’s quickly-changing world of retail, content creation and management are crucial. With this in mind, the BenQ ST550K comes equipped with a proprietary and exclusive signage application. The X-Sign content manager helps you create, edit, manage and play your own signage content, delivering an entirely customizable experience. With the maximized flexibility and minimized need for IT help that these features bring, your total cost of ownership drops way down.

A custom Android plug-and-play system allows you to display securely downloaded content. Complementing this to allow streaming is MHL compatibility.

Ease of Maintenance

A multiple display administrator facilitates the process of communicating to multiple control units around a large store or flagship location. You can do this from one central area — potentially a discreet location like a back room.

A failure alert system helps you identify potential issues before they become embarrassing hiccups that would detract from the experience you’re creating.

Collaborating with the Professionals

Because your customers demand and deserve the best, you need to partner with a global leader and expert in display technology who understands the market and can give you the right advice.

At Infocomm 2017 in Orlanco, Florida from June 14 to 16, you can personally experience BenQ’s ST550K digital signage, the future of retail technology, at booth #2820. Click here to receive a complimentary ticket and book your private demonstration.

Why Your Meeting Room Needs BenQ Interactive Flat Panels


Why Your Meeting Rooms Need BenQ Interactive Flat Panels

BenQ Corporation

Integrating technology into a meeting room can present a wide range of challenges. And there are a lot of different attributes you have to take into consideration when you’re decking out the space.

Luckily, BenQ understands these conundrums. When it comes to interactive flat panels, BenQ’s RP series is the most qualified line out there.

Hardware that Delivers

Having the right hardware is how you lay the groundwork for any successful meeting room, and BenQ has thought of everything with the RP750K.

Cutting-edge ports like USB 2.0 and 3.0 establish maximum compatibility and ensure that your meeting space will remain up-to-date.

Legacy ports like VGA (Video Graphics Array) make sure you’ll be prepared for any office.

A pen tray provides a place for writing instruments so you’ll never misplace them and waste valuable time on a scavenger hunt.

Rounded edges thoughtfully prevent you from getting poked during those late-night brainstorming sessions when your fatigue may get the best of you.

Two 16-watt speakers help you keep your audience engaged by providing an exceptional audio-visual experience.

Technology that Lends Itself to Collaboration

Today, it isn’t enough to have a meeting room that’s only equipped for presentations. You have to think about creating a “collaboration station” where an entire team can contribute, because each person’s individual expertise needs to be taken into account for maximum leverage.

Take teamwork to the next level with the RP750K’s synergetic features.

A fully-functioning digital whiteboard allows you online access, gives you the capability to save images to a hard drive and provides you with effortless and instantaneous erasing abilities.

20-touch point technology allows up to 20 people to write on the panel’s surface at one time.

Screen recording tools give you the potential to document exactly what goes on during a meeting for later review. Choose between three different recording options: Full Screen, Area and Window.

Handwriting recognition identifies your natural handwriting at the pace you write, including punctuation and spaces, translating even the messiest of scrawls into legible text that an entire team can easily decipher.

The InstaQShare Wireless Solution brings you flawless video-streaming performance and can mirror content pulled up on mobile devices.

Engineering that Keeps Your Staff’s Health in Mind

Longer workdays lead to longer weeks, and employees are at the office more than ever. So it’s imperative that your technology keeps employees’ health and comfort levels in mind.

The BenQ RP750K excels here with a Smart Eye Solution.

Flicker-free technology maintains consistent and even backlighting that reduces eye fatigue caused by extended exposure to a screen.

Blue light reduction cuts down on eyestrain, especially in darker environments or at night.

Anti-glare glass is not only beneficial to the health of your eyes, but also provides a better all-around visual experience with crystal-clear images under almost any lighting situation.

To repel germs and keep coughing and sneezing in the office to a minimum, BenQ has also provided bacteria-resistant coating that will ensure employees can stay engaged and at their peak performances — even during flu season.

Meeting rooms should bring people together and provide an environment that lends to innovation, brilliant ideas and forward motion for your business. The experts know your team deserves nothing but the best. Take meetings to the next level and choose BenQ.

At Infocomm 2017, you can learn more about achieving an integrated meeting room environment and view the BenQ RP750K along with other display products. Attending the show? Schedule a meeting with our team for a personalized appointment.

What technology attributes do you need do you need in your meeting room to drive success?

Meeting room

What Technology Attributes Do You Need in Your Meeting Room to Drive Success?

BenQ Corporation

A number of integration challenges can crop up in today’s crowded office environments, creating a necessity for expedient solutions. In order to find the answers to these problems, you need to consider even the most basic characteristics of your meeting room.


Multiple HDMI

HDMI, or High Definition Multimedia Interface, allows for the broadcasting of audio and visual data onto a monitor or projector from a compatible external source such as a computer or DVD player. It’s a critical piece of modern display technology.

As contemporary offices up their technology game, the need for multiple HDMI ports to draw from many sources at once becomes increasingly more evident.


VGA (Video Graphics Array) refers to a widely renowned display standard that’s been established for 30 years. It uses specific cables and connectors that hook up VGA-compatible computers to display devices such as televisions, monitors or projectors.

This tried-and-true technology is found in meeting rooms around the globe, so having it in your office is critical to ensuring your new display technology stays current and remains compatible with existing technology components.


Technology experts know establishing a successful meeting room means focusing on more than just outstanding hardware. You also have to take the software you use into consideration and make sure you have the capability to download cloud applications.

Internet accessibility is crucial to downloading popular Android-based applications like EZ-Write, which offers 10 kits for different learning levels, and the Microsoft Office app.

Wireless Capabilities

Modern technology has freed the world of cords. Isn’t it about time your meeting room went wireless as well? Make things easier on visitors and users, no matter how frequently (or infrequently) they walk through the doors.

It’s time to demand display technology that has built-in wireless presentation capabilities, like the BenQ RP750K.