Are you managing your airport as effectively as possible


What Can You Do to Drive Collaboration in Your Meeting Room?

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The holidays are upon us, and we all know what that means for travel.

(Here’s a hint: it’s not going to get any less hectic).

Air travel fare can be shockingly affordable, especially when you bargain shop, and prices have actually dropped over the last few decades. That’s not to mention a myriad of other benefits: it’s safe, it’s quick, and you don’t have to sit in a car for hours on end with nothing to do. As millions of travelers take to the skies across North America and beyond, airports find themselves inundated with exhausted, weary and irritable vacationers who are trying to find their way from Point A to Point B (and sometimes C, D and E) as quickly and expediently as possible. They’re all eager to get to where they’re going, hug the loved ones they haven’t seen for far too long and relax with a mug of hot chocolate.

So the question becomes, with all of these people relying on you to get them to their destinations quickly, safely and comfortably, are you managing your airport as effectively as you possibly can?

The number of people traveling by air is steadily rising, and it’s only projected to increase over the next 20 years. So it’s more important than ever before for airlines to make sure they’re putting efficient and effectual measures in place to facilitate the travel process as much as possible.

For smaller, regional airports with limited space and facilities, the need to plan ahead and anticipate problems is even greater.

As the number of travelers increases, the margin for error in airport operations decreases, and making sure that all available square footage is being used effectively becomes extremely necessary. Travelers should have all the information they need to make their way to security, through the checkpoints and find their gate as quickly as they can.

Unexpected weather delays resulting in gate changes and other last-minute switch-ups can create additional confusion, creating the need for a way to quickly communicate changes and disseminate necessary information.

When you’re managing an airport, it’s your job to be proactive and ensure your passengers make it to their respective destinations on time and intact.

Next week, we’ll discuss the factors that contribute to effectively running a regional airport. Don’t miss out!

Why the BenQ WDC10 is the superior solution to a collaborative meeting room environment


Why the BenQ WDC10 is the Superior Solution to a Collaborative Meeting Room Environment

BenQ Corporation

Let’s recap: we’ve brought up the question of whether you’re getting the most collaboration from your team during conference meetings. And we’ve discussed the cultural and technical considerations that are the driving forces behind fostering collaboration within your organization.

It’s time for the final step. You’re ready to take advantage of the comprehensive strengths of individual team members in order to get the most out of your meetings. By partnering with the experts and launching the BenQ WDC10, you can start the journey toward a successfully collaborative conference room.

A truly innovative device, the WDC10 can be used by up to 16 people at once. It facilitates seamless collaboration across large groups of people via a cohesive network of plug-and-play buttons, as well as through a central transmitter that connects to your display technology.

The BenQ WDC10’s impressively unbeatable features include:

Plug-and-Play Functionality

In contrast to its competitors, the WDC10 requires neither the installation nor the execution of software, making it wholly unintimidating to begin using and simple to add to your daily office routine. Additionally, it doesn’t require WiFi infrastructure or additional training to start using, so you can start sharing instantaneously.

Device Agnostic

No matter whom you have presenting in your meeting room and what technology they bring with them, the WDC10 can handle it, because it’s intelligently engineered to be compatible with any device. Whether you need to plug in a Mac, Chromebook, Blu-ray player, Apple TV or PC laptop (and even gaming systems like PS4 and Xbox), the WDC10 can do it all.

Ease of Use

Don’t ruin the ambiance of your conference room and compromise the safety of its users with complicated wire systems and clunky appliances. You need a device that will fit in with your existing decor. The WDC10’s sleek lines give it a futuristic look that will impress even the most technologically savvy individuals.

The system also includes an elegantly-constructed cradle in which you can store transmitter buttons when they aren’t being used. From seriously-minded, high-powered law firms to modern, trendy advertising agencies, the WDC10 is designed to complete your conference room.

You not only want, but need, the best in collaboration when it comes to your meetings. The solution to deliver results is right here at BenQ. It consistently delivers nothing short of excellence and charges past the competition.

It’s the WDC10.

Don’t miss out on a chance to drastically improve your meeting room, foster collaboration and propel your company to new heights.

What Can You Do to Drive Collaboration in Your Meeting Room?

meeting room

What Can You Do to Drive Collaboration in Your Meeting Room?

BenQ Corporation

Creating a collaborative environment in which employees are engaged and involved with the inner workings of a company can be a challenge. It takes a combination of a correctly organized structure and an accepting culture, and the right technology to enable those things along the way.

Laying the Foundation

The first step is to set the tone for collaboration. It starts with bosses on the management level implementing policies for the meeting room, such as making sure everyone at the conference table has the chance to speak up at least once.

The person piloting the meeting will need to lead these initiatives and proactively manage the flow of conversation in order to make sure that just one or two people don’t dominate the discussion.

Finding the Technology

Once you have a core group of people willing to collaborate, you’ll need the right technology to facilitate the process. Having a ready and willing team is an important step, but you’ll find execution much more difficult without the correct technology to drive the whole operation.

There are a few different pieces of technology to consider, including display technology, which could mean something like a projector or an interactive flat panel. It all depends on your individual needs, how big your conference room is and how large the groups are that will be utilizing it.

Doing the Research

Also to be taken into consideration are a number of factors, such as resolution, color performance and installation flexibility.

And it’s not just about how competent your technology is. It’s about the way you’re equipping meeting participants to allow them to effectively engage in the conferencing process and present their thoughts and ideas to the rest of the party.

Considering Your Employees

It can be intimidating for anyone to walk up to the front of a room and present from a single computer that’s located in front of a group (especially for those introverts you never get to hear from that probably have some pretty stellar ideas). But having everyone seated at a table and expecting them to fish through a mess of wires in search of a central cord that connects to their laptop to is time consuming, and the process can quickly become frustrating.

What you need is a next-generation collaboration device that eliminates both of these issues at once. You need something expedient and easy to use that is compatible across multiple devices.

Later this week, we’ll introduce the game-changing technology that will take collaboration in your meeting room to the next level. Tune back in to learn how to extract the best from your team.

Are you driving collaboration in your meeting room?

Meeting Room

Why You Need the BenQ ST550K to Embrace the Future of Retail

BenQ Corporation

If you’re like most of the white- or blue-collar employees in the workforce, chances are you attend a lot of meetings, many of which run too long, may not have a clear agenda and don’t allow you an opportunity to speak your mind.

Too often, employees are talked at rather than given the chance to collaborate and contribute ideas in meetings. Conferences are sessions run singlehandedly by one person, or a very small group, in which the majority of the people involved aren’t even expected to play a part. Management may not have a plan in place to garner employee input during meetings. It can make the time spent in the conference room seem lengthy, boring and futile.

Even during meetings where participation is encouraged, authoritative personalities often dominate the discussion.

Consequences of a lack of collaboration

A lack of collaboration can quickly lead to negative consequences. Groupthink occurs when creativity is lost due to a lack of varying perspectives and a discomfort with offering ideas that may be considered radical or too outside-of-the-box. Suboptimal decision-making is a phenomenon caused by complacency that leads to a below-average performance level, either by singular employees or an organization as a whole.

As necessary as comprehensive employee contribution is, it can complicate the meeting process and cause the discussions to run even longer when more than one or a small handful of people try to collaborate ideas or bring issues to the table. When technology comes into the equation, necessitating the use of computers, cables and other devices, the entire process gets even more complicated.

There’s a distinct need for an all-inclusive solution that will allow everyone to have his or her individual voice heard around the conference table without extending meeting times.

Later this week, we’ll discuss different ways to increase collaboration in your meeting room and avoid the adverse side effects of unilateral conferences that can be a detriment to your company.

Provide a rewarding educational experience in your large classroom


Provide a Rewarding Interactive Educational Experience in Your Crowded Classroom Environment with the BenQ RP860K

BenQ Corporation

Is it becoming more of a challenge to deliver a top-notch interactive experience for your students?

Are you looking to supply a better education for the growing number of pupils in your classroom?

There’s no doubt about it — classrooms get more crowded every year. Decreasing numbers of educators due to budget cuts and an overpopulation of students are both to blame. In states like California where the issue is especially evident, parents have even filed complaints against certain districts.

No matter the cause, it’s clearly a prevalent issue. (And it’s only getting worse).

You need a super-sized screen to accommodate your ever-growing classes. We’d be willing to bet that 86 inches would do the trick.

But bigger isn’t always better, and the experts at BenQ settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to providing you with the right technology for your classroom.

We’re here to educate you about the features available in modern technology. That way, you can make the right choice and ensure you have the size and the components you need to guarantee that your students are getting the education they need.

The Right Interactive Flat Panel for the Job

Feel free to check out the competitors, but when it comes time to outfit your extra-large classroom, the BenQ RP860K is the complete package.

Check out these features that make the unique RP860K a perfect fit for your educational needs:

Native 4K Resolution offers exceptional picture quality so that even students at the back of the classroom will be able to clearly view projected images.

With 20-touch-point technology, you can involve more students in your lessons and deliver a more engaging experience than ever.

Why you need the BenQ ST550K to embrace the future of retail


Why You Need the BenQ ST550K to Embrace the Future of Retail

BenQ Corporation

With the knowledge that the future of retail is rapidly changing, you know that methods that used to be tried-and-true just won’t cut it anymore.

Without added value, your brick-and-mortar store will quickly be replaced by online sellers. If you want to keep customers pouring in through your storefront doors, you need to have that “wow” factor that will set you apart and allow shoppers to experience your product in a way that the Internet can’t offer. So you can’t complacently stock the same products month after month. You may not even want to stock the same things week to week or day to day. You have to stay on your toes in order to keep up with your customers’ constantly-changing needs and ever-shortening attention spans.

It’s the exciting new products that will keep your store fresh and your customers engaged. Having a wide variety and extensive range of things to offer will ensure that your retail space stays well-trafficked.

With so many rotating products to keep your shelves intriguing, promotion can become overwhelming in a short amount of time. Gone are the days when cardboard signage would suffice. It’s not only cumbersome and time consuming to assemble, but it can also become irrelevant in a matter of hours.

We have two words for you: digital signage.

Digital signage is the way of the future for physical retailers who want to stay afloat and continue to thrive (or rediscover their footing) in the intensely competitive retail environment of today.

We guarantee that the BenQ ST550K comes equipped for all of your technological needs.

It delivers images in 4K resolution.

You’ll need to show off your unique products in an effective, attention-grabbing way to attract potential customers, so making sure you have richly detailed and exquisitely crisp images on your displays will be key. Plus, with the razor-sharp clarity that 4K offers, you can rest assured passersby will be able to read every word that flashes across the ST550K’s screens.

It’s compatible with BenQ-exclusive X-sign technology.

X-sign technology allows you to manage your signage content down to even the smallest of details. You can create and edit everything that’s displayed in your store and tell it exactly when to play. With the ST550K, it’s never been easier to design and deploy content consistently across your entire retail network.

Its comprehensive interface is compatible with Android.

With three HDMI and four USB ports, the ST550K’s interface conveniently eliminates the need for complicated cables and delivers unprecedented installation flexibility. And with its Android-compatible operating system, you’ll have a number of useful apps at your fingertips so you can stay up-to-date with the latest in technology.

It comes with wide-ranging support by BenQ’s experts.

You’ll never be left in the dark with the option to contact BenQ’s USA-based service team with any question or problem that arises. The ST550K also comes with a three-year warranty that will keep you covered for the long haul.

The future of retail is here. It’s now. Partnering with the experts is imperative to upgrading your retail environment and keeping up with the market.

Demand the best for your store, and choose the BenQ ST550K.