EVE: Valkyrie Warzone FAQ

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AWESOME! I’m excited to see more ways for people to play with or without VR. OBVIOUSLY VR is the way to go but I would like to see a broader player base for multiplayer matching.

VERY excited about new content especially the Sister of EVE station and Drifter base. Maybe we could get some DUST 514 fan service thrown in :wink: ?

and extra GAME MODES is always welcome.

Will these be dumped all at once or rolled out periodically?


edit: It just occurred o me to ask, How will head tracked weapons work on a flat/2D screen? and…

I assume the 2D option will be available to those with VR as well? Yes. of course…

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EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is preparing for launch September 26

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On 26 September, EVE: Valkyrie is expanding to become EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone. We’ve been working hard over the past year to radically improve the game you all love, and the result is this major expansion.

The big news is that once Warzone hits, you won’t need to have a VR headset to play EVE: Valkyrie. We all know just how immersive virtual reality is, but because not everyone has a headset, so many potential friends and foes are missing out on all the frantic space dogfighting fun.

We’ve designed EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone to be perfectly playable on a TV or monitor as well as in VR on both PC and PS4, so pilots will be able to fly, fight and die together both in and out of virtual reality.
Better still, everything in the Warzone expansion will be a free download for existing pilots. Plus, to make Warzone even more appealing to rookie pilots, it’s also getting a significant price drop. It’ll launch at just $29.99 (SRP) – that’s definitely something you’ll want to tell your non-VR friends about.

The Warzone expansion also brings:

  • • NEW next-generation fleet of ships, each with unique weapons and Ultra abilities

  • • NEW modular progression system, giving you more control over how you evolve your ships

  • • NEW maps: ‘Fleet’, a Sisters of EVE space station, and ‘Outpost’, a mysterious Drifter base

  • • NEW game mode: ‘Extraction’, which mixes combat and navigational challenges, forcing pilots to use the environment to their advantage

  • • NEW reward system: Earn Reward Capsules to unlock a hangar full of personalization options

For full details on all the incredible things arriving September 26, check out our devblog (coming soon).

Don’t worry; we have a plan for rewarding and recognizing our current pilots. You can get the full details of how Warzone will affect you here.

If you want more information, don’t worry, we got your 6. There’s a lot more to reveal before 26 September, and we’ve got a ton of awesome stuff lined up for you stay tuned for more details, and prepare to #ENTERTHEWARZONE!

CCP Redcape
EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Community Developer

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EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Changes

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Hi Pilots,

Since its debut on Oculus Rift in March 2016, EVE: Valkyrie has launched on PlayStation®VR and HTC Vive®; introduced cross-platform play; and received five major updates and numerous patches.

It has been hailed as the “killer app” for VR and has built a vibrant community of dedicated pilots like you.

Now we are thrilled to announce Warzone, a major expansion to EVE: Valkyrie arrives September 26. Warzone is free to existing pilots, and it invites PC and PlayStation®4 gamers to the world of the Valkyrie without the need for a VR headset. Now all pilots can fly and fight together, on all supported platforms (PC, PlayStation®, PlayStation®VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive®), in fully balanced online first-person spaceship shooter combat.

The Warzone expansion also brings:

  • • NEW next-generation fleet of ships, each with unique weapons and Ultra abilities

  • • NEW modular progression system, giving you more control over how you evolve your ships

  • • NEW maps: ‘Fleet’, a Sisters of EVE space station, and ‘Outpost’, a mysterious Drifter base

  • • NEW game mode: ‘Extraction’, which mixes combat and navigational challenges, forcing pilots to use the environment to their advantage

  • • NEW reward system: Earn Reward Capsules to unlock a hangar full of personalization options

In addition to these huge new features, EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone also brings major changes to your pilot, hangar, and account. These changes are:


All our real-world currency transactions will now be delivered in Gold Reward Capsules, so any remaining gold in your accounts will be converted into Gold Reward Capsules which will be waiting in your vault when you first launch Warzone.

For every 200 Gold you have in your wallet, you will receive 1 Gold Reward Capsule, rounded up to the nearest multiple of 200. If you have 1 or more gold on your account, you will receive at least 1 Gold Reward Capsule as compensation.


With many wallet balances and in-game items in the six and seven-figure range, we felt it necessary to factor wallet balances and item costs down equally to make comprehending our Quartermaster and cosmetic upgrades easier! Rest assured, the silver in your wallet when you update will hold the same relative value as it previously did.


If you have any active Implant time remaining when Warzone launches, you will be refunded in Silver. Implants in Warzone only tick down based on your time in-battle, giving you greater control over how and when to use them for maximum XP benefits with no lost time.


With the arrival of our next-generation fleet, many of the Paint Jobs in pilot hangars are no longer applicable as the original fleet is being retired. We’re refunding all previous purchases to allow you to buy and apply the new exciting items in Warzone. All your favourite paint jobs will be included in Warzone, so you simply need to decide which of your new favourite ships is deserving of a stellar cosmetic makeover.


Items received as part of the Founders Pack are now converted to Legendary Paint Jobs – the highest rarity tier of Paint Job. You will still be able to apply these cosmetic upgrades to the new Wraith MK IV in your hangar. Similarly, Ember and Sapphire Paint Jobs will be granted in Warzone to eligible pilots and will be applicable to all new ships in Warzone. There’s never been a better time to link your pilot account.


All previous Flight Suits and Helmets are compatible with Warzone and will remain in your hangar with no changes.


XP in Warzone is now per ship – as opposed to per class – so pilot XP has been reset in Warzone. This is part of the greatly improved progression system in Warzone, which is directly linked to the experience gained using specific ships. It’s a new fleet, and a fresh start for all pilots. Once you dive into the unique mod-based progression of each ship, you’ll understand why it was important to embark on this journey from the beginning.


Crafting ship upgrades is now part of our improved progression system. This means Salvage is no longer a currency or used for crafting mods. Instead, Salvage is now the in-battle fuel that charges your new Ultra abilities. Collect it from destroyed ships during battles to speed up the charge rate of these awesome super weapons for your own ship, as well as those of your team mates.


Our pilots have worked hard for their Rank, and we’re not about to reset those efforts! Your Rank will remain unchanged, and as a special bonus we will be giving Silver Reward Capsules based on how high you climbed. Silver Rank Reward Capsules will be waiting in your Vault when you first launch Warzone and you will receive 1 for each rank you achieved. This means Rank 50 pilots will have 50 Silver Rank Reward Capsules waiting in their Vault at launch!


Warzone is a fresh experience for everyone. New ships and abilities mean this legacy data is not comparable or compatible with the Warzone expansion content. We will be immortalizing the pre-Warzone leader boards on evevalkyrie.com shortly after the Warzone expansion launches.


We’ve learned a lot from the Valkyrie League Beta and the community’s valuable feedback. In Warzone, the Valkyrie League will initially be unavailable. We aim to bring a new and vastly improved version of the Valkyrie League in an update after Warzone launch.

With such a wide array of changes, we welcome your feedback and questions – please visit the official Warzone Changes feedback and questions thread here.

We’d like to thank all pilots for their continuing of EVE: Valkyrie and we look forward to entering the Warzone with you.

CCP Redcape
Community Developer, EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone

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EVE: Valkyrie Patch Notes [2017_R3.1] Oculus Touch beta support

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One question that often comes up in the EVE: Valkyrie world is whether there’ll be Oculus Touch support. It’s particularly timely right now with Oculus holding its Summer of Rift promotion, meaning that people are snapping up bargain headsets, complete with Oculus Touch controllers, and naturally they want to get in on the Valkyrie action but might not have the necessary controller.

EVE: Valkyrie was designed to be played with a controller, and the developers spent a lot of time making sure flying your ship with one felt as smooth and intuitive as possible, and here’s the problem with using Oculus Touch: motion controls simply don’t give you the precision you need in Valkyrie. It’s not at all easy to turn your Wraith on a sixpence and line up a devastating salvo when you’re trying to fly it while waving your hands in the air; it actually feels less, not more responsive.


However, EVE: Valkyrie’s nothing if not inclusive, and so we’re pleased to announce today’s patch (2017R3.1) see’s the addition of beta support for Oculus Touch. Note the beta part; it’s a work in progress, and we’re afraid that no, it doesn’t include motion controls, for the reasons mentioned above.

Instead it uses Oculus Touch as a standard controller, with most of the game’s actions mapped across its analogue sticks and various buttons. Here’s how it all maps out:

Yaw: Left Thumbstick LEFT or RIGHT
Pitch: Left Thumbstick UP or DOWN
Roll: Right Grip Button or Left Grip Button
Primary Fire: Right Trigger
Secondary Fire: Left Trigger
Ability: X Button
Boost: A Button
Brake: B Button
Target Select: Left Thumbstick CLICK
Deploy Drone: Right Thumbstick UP
Com Alerts: Right Thumbstick CLICK and HOLD + Right Thumbstick UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT and Combinations of these
Tactical Menu (pause): Menu Button
Re-Calibrate HMD: Menu Button (depress for 2 seconds)
Oculus Home Menu: Oculus Button

As you’ll have noticed, there’s currently no way to cancel a missile lock with Oculus Touch; we’re working with Oculus to fix this in a future update. We understand this may be frustrating for some of you, however we reasoned that you’d rather have Touch support with a little missing functionality, than no Touch support whatsoever. :wink:

The beta Oculus Touch support is available for you to try out now. Let us know how you get on with it in this feedback thread, we’ll be taking note of your feedback for future updates.

Whatever your preferred controller setup, fly safe!
CCP Redcape

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Happy 8th Birthday to CCP Newcastle, home of the EVE: Valkyrie development team 🍾

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Hello Pilots!

Our wonderful EVE: Valkyrie studio, CCP Newcastle is 8 today! The sun is shining so we’re taking some ships out for a spin. :wink:

Fly safe, and see you in-game, once I’ve found somewhere to land…
CCP Redcape

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EVE: Valkyrie Patch Notes 2017_R3.1

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Hello Pilots,

Tomorrow a small EVE: Valkyrie patch (2017_R3.1) containing a fix will be available for PS4 users. The fix addresses reported issues with PS or share buttons on the controller effecting squad composition and matchmaking. This will not affect or change any game features across platforms.

If you need more information on how to update, or are experiencing technical issues with our recent update please check out this article in the EVE: Valkyrie support center and get in contact with us via a ticket if you require any assistance.

Fly safe,
CCP Redcape

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