Revealed at last: the elusive Covert class

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EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is so close to release now that we can barely think straight. Just one more sleep until you can get your hands on all the thrilling new stuff that this epic new expansion has to offer, and finally fly into battle with all your VR-less friends.

We’ve already brought you up to speed with the three main ship classes on offer – the punchy Assaults, the mighty Heavies and the sophisticated Supports – and now, finally, it’s time to reveal Warzone’s brand new class: Covert. We say class; right now there’s just one Covert ship, and that’s the Shadow.

Find out more about it here and in this brand new article from PC Gamer here.

Not long now!
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Taking Warzone to the next level – Join our trial volunteer program!

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Hi Pilots, as we get closer to September 26th we know that you, our community will be ready to help us welcome a New Generation of Pilots to the Valkyrie.

At the moment, aside from the incredible ad hoc welcomes and help that you give to players on a regular basis, here on the official forum, our Steam forums and beyond we’re looking for around 2-3 members of the community who would be interested in becoming trial volunteers in EVE: Valkyrie. What this means is we’re looking for volunteers who are happy to:

  • Welcome new Pilots in the New Player Hangar and on steam and answer questions
  • Enjoy company of like-minded pilots passionate for EVE: Valkyrie
  • Encourage people who may have witnessed a bug to file bug reports and post in the correct sections so the development team can investigate
  • Spearhead our trial volunteer program for EVE: Valkyrie

To be eligible, you must be aged 18 or over and have an active EVE: Valkyrie game and forum account. If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to get in contact with us by emailing at

Once you have applied, we will ask you a few short questions and walk you through the application process. Applicants will be subject to a background check about their activities within the community.

Successful applicants will be required to sign Volunteer Program Terms of Service and Non-Disclosure Agreements; then they can start using their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the EVE: Valkyrie community!

Since we’re just testing this program at Warzone’s release, to say thank you for the first iteration which will run for two months, our volunteers will receive.

  • One copy of EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone on Steam for release
  • AVATAR Exclusive Forum Avatar and Tag

Will Volunteers be able to see my account info or warn or ban players?

Nope. They are regular players with the same tools and privileges you have, they are just very, very helpful to new pilots.

If I’m not a volunteer can I still help out on the Valkyrie forum?

Yes absolutely, and we would be very greatful if you take new players under your wing. If you are amazing at offering assistance, you may, however, get pinged by the community team to see if you are interested in getting involved. :wink:

Will anyone other than a CCP Dev contact me to become a part of this scheme?

No. All contacts on this trial volunteer program will be initiated by official CCP Devs like myself. Any contact from random players or email addresses regarding this scheme are invalid. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me directly.

If this sounds like you and you’re interested in doing this both online and at events, please do get in touch via the email provided.

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Coming soon – The EVE: Valkyrie- Warzone Drifter Pack

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Hi Pilots,

To celebrate the Warzone launch and to welcome a new generation of Pilots to the fold, we’re excited to announce the EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Launch Bundle. Availible on PS4 or Steam until October 24th – the Launch Bundle retails for USD $29.99SRP and includes the Drifter Pack at no additional cost. (plus a Drifter Dynamic theme on PS4)

The EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Drifter Pack includes:

Drifter Shadow Ship Paint Job

In the Warzone update, Drifter Technology makes a new breed of ship possible. Our new covert Class ship, the Shadow is capable of temporarily cloaking to position itself for a deadly strike. In turn, owners of the Drifter Pack will be able to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies with an exclusive Shadow Ship Paint Job.

Drifter Pilot Suit & Helmet

The exclusive drifter Pilot Suit and Helmet have been designed to stand out in the results screen: clean lines, electric blue or red detailing and a Drifter tech-inspired aesthetic marks the beginning of this new Generation of Valkyrie Pilots.

5 Gold Capsules

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone features a host of new customization options which can be purchased with silver or earned from the new Reward Capsule system. Every online battle you take part in will contribute to earning your next Reward Capsule. Each Reward Capsule is filled to the brim with goodies, offering you the chance to earn Paint Jobs for ships, Decals, Pilot Suits, Helmets, Silver and XP Boosters.

To launch our new Valkyrie pilots on their carriers in style, the EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Drifter Pack comes with 5 Gold Capsules to usher you into the world of the Valkyrie in style. These contain a minimum of 4 items each, one item of which is guaranteed to be rare or better.

14 Exclusive Warzone Avatars


To the Valkyrie, reputation is everything. Make your forum presence match your play style and ship specialism with this incredible collection of brand new forum avatars. Whether you’re known for sniping in the Strix or skulking around in the Shadow, there’s sure to be something among this amazing collection of new avatars to suit you.

Please note, the Drifter Shadow Ship Paint Job, Pilot Suit & Helmet pictured above applies to the PS4 Launch Bundle / Drifter Pack. Contents of the Drifter Pack on Steam, contain red accented versions – regardless your platform, you’ll be entering the Warzone in style.

Plus, on PS4 – an exclusive Warzone Dynamic PS4 Theme

Already a Valkyrie? All this can still be yours…

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone marks the beginning of our journey into Cross Reality gameplay, so existing Valkyrie pilots looking to fully upgrade their Warzone cosmetic experience can purchase the Drifter Pack for USD $5.99SRP* and Warzone Dynamic PS4 theme USD $2.99SRP* separately available from Sept 26th.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to #ENTERTHEWARZONE

*Suggested retail price. Includes VAT where applicable. Actual retail prices may vary and are determined by individual retailers.

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EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Web Leaderboard Updates

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Hi Pilots

With such a radical overhaul of our ship roster in Warzone, we knew it would be on the cards to at least reset our Web Leaderboards. Having had a great deal of community feedback on this feature for some time, we’re giving them an overhaul too. There are three big changes with this, so here’s a sneak peak…

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Leaderboards

*subject to change

  • We’ve now narrowed down our leaderboard selection to tracking 6 different stats – Kills, Repairs, Kill/Death Ratio, Carriers Destroyed, Control Captures, and Drones Destroyed.

  • If you want to improve your standing on the leaderboards, you’ll have to play in PvP. Matches played in Co-op vs AI will not count towards these leaderboards anymore.

  • To further support our ship balance feedback loop and the changes this may continue to bring, we made the decision to have our web leaderboards refresh on a monthly basis. This will also apply to the Survival leaderboards.

Thor the greater good…

As well as reading community feedback, we debated for a while the benefits and negatives of excluding AI completely from all web leaderboard stats, and found that this prospect could potentially create some grey areas:

For example, if an AI kills a target that you assisted with, would we reward your assist? (Similarly, if an AI assisted on your kill, would we reward you a kill?) Could this create a culture of players ignoring AI as much as possible? Finally, could this have a negative impact on players who can only access the game at times of low population?

Without further ado here is exactly how our new web leaderboards are broken down:

Kills: The player’s total number of kills. Applicable in TDM, Control, Carrier Assault, Extraction

Repairs: Cumulative amount of damage the player has repaired. Applicable in TDM, Control, Carrier Assault, Extraction

Kill/Death Ratio: Self-explanatory, this is the player’s kill/death ratio. Applicable in TDM, Control, Carrier Assault, Extraction

Carriers Destroyed: Number of times the player is on the winning team in Carrier Assault, that results in the enemy carrier being destroyed. Applicable in Carrier Assault.

Control Captures: Number of times the player successfully captures a Control point. Applicable in Control and Carrier Assault.

Drones Destroyed: Number of drones the player destroyed. Applicable in Control and Carrier Assault.

Wait for the data to settle…

As always, it will take a little while for the data to settle, so please give the new boards a few weeks to populate properly. Then please let us know your thoughts on these changes and how we can improve them going forward!

P.S We still have access to the pre warzone leaderboard data and we may do something special with it later on… watch this space.

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Warzone Community Balance Feedback Loop

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Hi Pilots,

Next week sees the arrival of EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone. We’ve been working hard to bring you all the first major expansion to EVE: Valkyrie. Naturally with a brand new generation of ships, weapons and Ultra abiltiies, we want to make sure game balance is an ongoing cycle both at launch and into the future.

On top of analyzing CCP Newcastle’s game data, internal playtests, external playtests and QA, we would like to officially welcome the community into an organized, regular feedback loop to ensure our developers get useful, implementable balance feedback direct from the community in a quick and coherent fashion.

Warzone’s New Fleet

For existing pilots, the new fleet will no doubt feel rather different to what came before, and we know things aren’t going to be perfectly balanced from day one. This is why we highly value your feedback in the early stages after Warzone’s release. We ask that feedback is kept in the official thread, to make sure your voice is heard when it comes to game feedback.

One balance thread to rule them all…

With each update that includes balance changes in the patch notes, a thread will be created to centralize balance discussion. We will then collate feedback into a document to share with the game’s design team, with a view to addressing community concerns in the following update.

‘You broke it, when are you going to fix it?’

For critical or game breaking issues, the design team will of course address these with a hotfix as quickly as possible. When it comes to game balance, it can often take a little time before the true meta-balance reveals itself.

For this reason, we will be looking to address balance on a rough six week cycle (sometimes quicker, sometimes slower), with the dev team carving out time to directly address community concerns.

The Cycle

  1. Update with balance changes is released and feedback thread created
  2. Community feedback gathered over a couple of weeks with a report of the top issues delivered by yours truly to the dev team
  3. Dev team utilize this feedback actively in their design scrums and look to directly address them in the following balance update.
  4. Balance changes are playtested internally and QA’d
  5. New balance update is released that looks to address previous community feedback and other game issues
  6. Repeat from step 1

The “roughly” is in bold to stress that in game development, it is impossible to commit to exact dates and cycles – this is not an exact science! Nevertheless, we’re committing to working with the community and hope to address balance concerns around once a month.

But wait, there’s more…

As proof of our commitment to involving the community within the game balance feedback loop, we’re excited to announce that we will be revealing the actual in-game values for the following stats – for each ship – at Warzone’s launch over on the Valkyrie website.

  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Base Speed (m/s)
  • Max Speed (m/s)
  • Primary DPS
  • Secondary DPS (where applicable)
  • Projectile Damage (where applicable)
  • Abilities Cooldown
  • Abilities Duration

This list will act as a base for sharing more granular data about game balance and is intentionally non-exhaustive. We may look to share more values where applicable further down the road. These values will be updated on the website with each balance change to the game post-launch to make sure the values are kept up to date.

We’re really very excited to be able to share this data and start the Warzone journey with you.

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Scheduled Downtime: Warzone Launch Day Sep 26

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Hi Pilots,

To ensure our EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone update runs as smoothly as possible, on launch day we’ll be taking the game offline for some hours of scheduled downtime at 3PM UK Time on 26th September to allow the Warzone expansion to go live.

If you’re planning to stream/throw launch parties (and we know that some of you are!) please take note of the time above, launching such a big update on three different platforms is no small task, so it’s likely the update will be online much later in the day.

We’ll endeavour to bring the update online as quickly as possible, so as always, please follow @valkyriestatus on Twitter for Valkyrie server information status updates.

We advise players not to file support tickets relating to login issues during this time, and that pilots who experience any issues outside the time period specified file a ticket via our support centre. We’ll keep you updated on any developments right here.

Exciting times are ahead! Thanks for all your support and being a part of this massive event for EVE: Valkyrie. A lot of you have been with us since before the beginning, and we’re incredibly excited to enter this next life with you.

Prepare to #ENTERTHEWARZONE pilots,
CCP Redcape

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Warzone Developer Spotlight – Ultras

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Hi Pilots,

Ultras are a feature in our upcoming Warzone expansion that allow players to unleash a powerful offensive, defensive or tactical ability. These high impact abilities help to define a ship’s strength and playstyle. They have been designed to add an additional tactical layer to Warzone.

They’re not always a ship’s most powerful ability, but they synergize well with other ships’ Ultras and abilities. We want Ultras to encourage teamwork, as well as provide players with more opportunities to create ‘wow’ moments. When used correctly, they will help pilots to shape the flow of battle.

This week Game Designer @CCP_Groot takes the spotlight, as we take a closer look at these powerful adiditons to EVE: Valkyrie. Read all about them here.

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