Since the launch of BioShock: The Collection, we’ve heard from some of our players about issues you have encountered. We hear your feedback and later today, we will be issuing an update to consoles. This patch fixes a number of bugs, including audio stuttering, textures, various crashing. A PC patch has also been in the works to address the flickering Vsync bug and various bugs causing the games to crash. 

As always, your feedback is invaluable. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and concerns! Below are the patch notes for the console update coming on December 15, at 9am PT (12pm ET), and the PC update coming on December 20 at 2pm PT (5pm ET). If you’re still encountering issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 2K Support.

Console: Releasing December 15 at 9am PT

  • Fixes water bug
  • Fixes Audio Stutter (Fmod) 
  • Fixes Spider Splicer Stuck bug
  • Fixes various crash/polish bugs

PC Patch 2: Releasing December 20 at 2pm PT

  • Fixes flickering Vsync bug
  • Various bugs causing crashing


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After his first time playing BioShock, Imagine Rigney was hooked. “I immediately fell in love with the premise, the world, the characters and the various twists and turns that came with it – the wonderfully claustrophobic environment!” He just had to build Rapture.

The budding brick artist created some amazing work on his own those few years back. Then he went and topped himself by recreating Columbia – and a life-sized skyhook – in bricks a few years later. After all, what better way to honor BioShock Infinite?

We’ve been big fans of Imagine’s for some time now and we had to see if Imagine was up for a challenge. Would he be able to recreate the box art for BioShock: The Collection out of bricks?

Over 35,000 bricks and pieces later, Imagine delivered an incredible creation. Read on to learn how Imagine approached such a massive build and to see the stunning result.


What was the biggest challenge in creating this build?

Imagine: It was a huge build which would usually take me several months, but needed to be done in just over a month, so I had to figure out a way to stay on schedule and not lose my sanity. Also, square bricks are not designed to make round letters. Getting the curvature of some of the words in the logo mosaic was easier said than done.


How many hours did this BioShock build take?

Imagine: Probably around 200 – 300  hours of actual build time, but that doesn’t count the design time in my head, which was a couple weeks leading up to the actual build. There’s a point where I just lose track. Ultimately I threw most of those designs aside for what it needed to become as I built.

The center building really took the longest, though it was not the most technically challenging. I wanted to be sure it suited the design of the other two original buildings on the sides. Those, were entirely closed and lifted from my first Rapture build from 2011. But I wanted to be able to see inside more easily and so also spent a good deal of time splitting those buildings in half so they could open like some kind of horrifying dollhouse. They make the entire build playable as well – which is something I try to do with every build I create.


Do you have a favorite scene or piece in this build?

Imagine: Oh, I really love the little boiler room in the bottom of the building on the right side. It was one of the first scenes/rooms I built for the original Rapture, so I guess it holds a special place in my heart.


How did you choose what to put in each room?

Imagine: The key areas that came to mind as I played through the first game ended up being what I chose for the rooms. There are tons of other scenes that could be done. I just chose some of my favorites. They just seemed right.

Despite the size of this build, there’s still so much more that can be done with it. I want to fill in those back rooms of the main building, add some additional lighting and…. There’s a point where I just gotta call it done. But I haven’t reached that point yet.


Take a look and tell us how you think he did. 






You’ve met Imagine Rigney – he created some astounding BioShock builds of Rapture and Columbia out of bricks. Now, it’s time for you to build some awesome BioShock brick art of your own!

That’s right, Imagine has shared with us some instructions for how he’d build mini-versions of different iconic parts of the BioShock series. It’s MiniShock!

Over the next few weeks, you’ll find a new set of build instructions right here that walks you through the pieces that you’ll need and how to assemble several BioShock characters. Be sure to check back in on this blog post for the latest MiniShock additions.

Itty Bitty Songbird is constructed, Booker and Elizabeth are built. Vigors have been vended. Now build a pocket-sized Handyman!  


Build your own mini Handyman!

Download the instructions here: Handyman




Build your own mini Vigor Vendor!

Download the instructions here: Vigor Vendor



Build your own Booker and Elizabeth scene!

Download the instructions here: Booker & Elizabeth



Create Your Own Itty Bitty Songbird!

Download the instructions here: Mini Songbird


Would you kindly stay tuned here and on  the BioShock Twitter and Facebook pages? We have more MiniShock creations coming down the line…and we have a couple more awesome brick-building surprises on the way.


Lincoln Clay is ready to take on the mob in style – starting today, you can choose from 11 outfits while bringing down Sal Marcano. Along with Lincoln’s new threads, we’ve also rolled in a series of performance updates and hotfixes for Mafia III in a new patch. Whether you’ve been playing Mafia III on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, keep reading for a breakdown of how the new outfits will work and what improvements are coming with the latest patch that is rolling out on all platforms now.



This was a big request from you – our fans – so we made sure to get free Outfits to everyone that owns Mafia III, ASAP. So, suit up! With this update, you will now have 11 outfits to choose from: six outfits that Lincoln wears throughout different points in Mafia III’s story, and five all-new outfits. If you want to stalk the streets of New Bordeaux in military gear, you can. Want to get decked out like a proper Mob Don – no problem. Or maybe you just need a sweet racing jacket for when you tear through town in the Samson Drifter. Choose the best look for you!

As soon as you hit the “Somethin' I've Got To Do” mission, these outfits are available for you to pick your new look. Just head to your safehouse – or any racket hideout you’ve taken over – and head to the wardrobe. Ready for some killer style?


Action Gear: For all your combat wear needs.


Plain White Tee

On Leave

Full Metal

Full Metal II




Formal Wear: Ready for business


Mr. Clay

Business Hours




Special Occasions: Always be dressed to kill









The dev team has also been hard at work addressing your feedback since the game launched on October 7. We’re happy to report that we’ve made a number of improvements on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that are included in the patch that is rolling out on all platforms now. But we’re also not done improving the game, and will be making more updates to Mafia III in the future.

These updates include:

  • UI Improvements
  • Improved car reflections
  • Improved streaming issues
  • Performance optimization
  • Fixed audio issues
  • Fixed some cases of savegame corruption
  • Fixed various issues for Cassandra’s Contraband missions
  • And more


The work continues for the dev team as we still have more free content on the way – races and car customization! – and more updates for Mafia III. So keep an eye on our social channels for updates. And, most importantly, keep sharing your experiences with us. We want your stay in New Bordeaux to be an enjoyable one.

Thanks again from the whole Mafia III team!


Hello, Commander.

Starting today, XCOM 2 on PC can now be played using a controller. XCOM 2 has plug & play compatibility with both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers. Alternate controller options may require additional user adjustments. Fans have been requesting controller support and we’re glad to deliver.

We have been hard at work tailoring the interface specifically for controllers so that it provides a level of comfort and accessibility that our players expect. The intel below shows exactly how controllers will work both in the strategy layer, as well as on the battlefield.  



The patch that adds controller support along with various minor fixes will automatically install when starting the Steam client. If it doesn’t install automatically, please restart Steam.

While controller support adds a new way for Commanders playing on PC to experience XCOM 2, we’re excited to show you how combining it with the game’s versatile modding capabilities can open up an interesting new view into the Resistance, you may not have seen before.

Learn how PC players can utilize full camera control to experience XCOM from a new perspective.

See the complete list of PATCH 7 changes below:

  • Adds traditional (non-Steam Controller) controller support to the PC
  • Fix config/upk file issues that prevent full conversion mods from being possible on the Steam Workshop and also allow mods to have Bink files.
  • In Alien Hunters, the "Ruler Reaction" notification will stay on the screen after a unit fires at the Archon King while he is using Icarus Drop during combat.
  • SPARKS cannot be healed by Medikits
  • Additional minor bug fixes

Rest assured that we are dedicated to enhancing the XCOM 2 experience across all platforms. Stay tuned for more updates!