Capcom Recap: 07/21/2017 – 07/27/2017

Monster Hunter: World weapons get their time in the spotlight, Street Fighter V gets a hefty update, and more amazing fan creations; all in this week’s Capcom Recap:

Monster Hunter: World weapon design contest is now open for submissions

Street Fighter V gets a new fighter, Abigail, along with nostalgia costumes, Ring of Pride stage and more

Track your SFV stats, frame data, rivals and more on the Capcom Fighters Network portal

Capcom staff take a look back at Mega Man 8



Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dead Rising 3 – Apocalypse Edition


All times listed are Pacific Time:

  • Tuesday , August 1st @ 3PM – Resident Evil Revelations
  • Wednesday , August 2nd @ 2PM – Dead Rising 4
  • Thursday , August 3rd @ 3PM – Street Fighter V

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A big part of Monster Hunter is its awesome weapons… I mean, have you seen the size of those swords?! To get you started on your daydreaming hunting adventures, we just released a series of short overview videos of each of the 14 weapon types in Monster Hunter: World. Check out the full YouTube playlist below, followed by another playlist grouping the weapon types in 3 different categories – light, heavy and technical:


Following along with the weapon videos in the Monster Hunter section above, I was really happy to see a number of my favorite YouTubers jump right in and start breaking down all the animations and even speculate about some of the parts we… kinda left up for interpretation. 😉

Now that we’re all fully hyped up for the weapons in Monster Hunter: World, we have a chance for you to get involved and contribute your design to be put right into the upcoming game in the series we love: the Weapon Design Contest. You can find more details, along with Terms & Conditions and submission methods here , but to get you more inspired, check out the winners from our previous weapon design contest, for MH4U:

Patrick Kulikowski: Ace Attorney characters are no strangers to the fighting game realm, as they’ve been featured in some of our biggest fighting games. Nevertheless, before artist Yves Menshikova’s amazingly stylized versions of Apollo Justice and Maya Fey came along, I can’t say I ever imagined Ace Attorney characters beefed up in a Street Fighter sort of way!

I can already imagine Apollo’s Ultra Combo: courtroom rubble rises from the ground and gets heaped on by his opponent. Meanwhile Maya would pulverize her opponent with Kurain-infused spirit energy (or her muscular legs, your call). Ace Fighter? Street Attorney? Burger vs. Ramen 2: New Age of Attorneys? What name would you go with for this fantastic fan art?

While we’re on the topic of fan art, I also wanted to call to mind this lovingly punny art of Roll from Mega Man by rgbhex . Sushi + Roll = Sushi Roll*. How adorable! *Warning: Eating Sushi Roll is not recommended. The Food and Drug Administration does not recommend the consumption of robots, even when rolled up in delicious sushi.

Yuri Araujo: And to cap off the week, we’ve put together a gallery of all the amazing Capcom cosplay we spotted at San Diego Comic Con 2017. Check out their incredible craftsmanship and dedication here .



STICKY NOTE: Did you make something cool? Send us a note or drop a comment below; we would love to feature your work here! Same goes for any awesome stuff you may see in the wild; we always welcome more fantastic fan work. =)


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