Are you ready to join an elite team of heroes?

This week on the Square Enix Collective feedback platform we have another action packed game for you. In MeatPossible you’ll join a group of heroes and take down mutated pigs…flying pigs! 

You have been recruited to join an elite team of heroes to restore peace within an epic fantasy world, and the aim of the game is to take to the skies to bring down your enemies with powerful attacks and quick maneuvers. 

One of the key elements of attack in this game is generating powerful combos, a successful combo chain will result you summoning a guardian spirit to let off a deadly strike against your foes. Although your opponents may look adorable do not be fooled by their cute appearance, they will come back to bite…

The developers have also listed a few more key mechanics: 

Leveling Up! 
Every level grants an additional 200 score points permanently.Level is also directly tied to both the attack and defense status of your character in the Mini Boss Fight event.
Prolong your journey slightly longer when you succeed in collecting 3 chests consecutively of the same color as your character.
Unseen Time
Every single element in the game slowed down and move at almost snail’s pace. Rearrange (drag and drop) everything as you make your big combos. Mini-Quests and Mini Boss Fight cannot be engage while in this mode.
The Absolute
Instant nullification of all targets on screen and watch as you accumulate scores and life. Not usable during Mini Boss Fight.

If you want to know more about this game then head on over to the developers pitch page now, vote and leave some much appreciated feedback!



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