Answers of the Week 9

Howdy everyone! Hope everyone is having a great start to July. Here are the answers to our Questions of the Week. You can go here to see previous questions and answers.

Any plans for some sort of barbarian style machicolations, arrowslits, murderholes and portcullis ? For machicolations/muderholes, any sort of roof tile with a hole in it would probably work if you can’t spare the art for making a dedicated building item. Well given that the archers can aim and shoot properly through that hole.

We’ve talk about some of these. We recently changed the windows so that they don’t have collision on them and can be shot through. Whether we do them or not will depend on our capacity and development direction beyond August.

Can we add a hot key for repairing an item (kind of like the drop item hot key) If not that what about a repair all button?

We’re making a lot of changes to the inventory and hopefully this will be one of them. I cannot say when it will be in though, as it is on the list of “nice to haves” for August, but as it isn’t critical it can slide.

I know you said you’ve contracted the AI out to another company, Can you give us an idea of where they’re at with it? Can you tell us what you hope it’ll do once done, like what are the improvements you hope for?

I’ve tested some of their stuff recently. What they have been working on at the moment is the most basic core – stopping it from spazzing out for no reason and making it relentless in the way it follows and attacks the player. What I have tested is very promising, but we are waiting on more of the functionality to work (currently it doesn’t do cry for help or return home) before we will be comfortable rolling it out. It also needs a lot of testing at scale, though it does appear to have less server cost than the current AI. The plan I have for AI is to expand it in pieces, first getting basic combat feeling correct, then customizing certain creatures and bosses, then figuring out all the details of the thrall and settlement system then considering if we can do stealth/alarm type system. Roughly in that order.

Do you foresee a gameplay mechanic where armor begins to look distressed as it takes damage? It would be so choice if I could direct my attack at a combatant’s weakened chestpiece, for example. Aside, I bet the Black Hand costumes would look really sick when they’re trashed.

It’s possible to make it work like the blood layers which show up, but it is fairly unlikely we will spend too much time doing it. I’d rather have the character artists making you nice new armors than scuffing up old ones.

Will there be rope ladders and other means of going up, instead of the stairs and rock climbing. ( Ilike the idea of rock climbing ) Can you also include wooden Contruction Scafolding. A cheap structure that can be climbed so as to be able to build upwards without having to use foundations and ceilings and stairs…. Scafolding is really old TEch.. it existed in Conan times… 😀 its in the history books 😀

I mean, we can do it. We could just make the wooden frames you see in the Dogs of the Desert camps craftable by players. That is close enough to scaffolding. It isn’t a priority – but I can add it to the list.

Are you planing to allow multiple character saves or game saves?

Not really. You can have multiple game databases, but we aren’t planning multiple save states.

Does the update on UE4 4.15 affect allready existing mod, and if so how they are affected. Must we update or completely overhaul them?

For this, it really depends on the mod and what it does. I have no idea how each mod will react, people will need to test and make changes accordingly once it is released.

Are there plans to decrease number of official servers and instead maybe raise the cap of players on a server?

There are plans to raise the cap, yes. Reducing the number…we’re optimists. We believe those servers are going to fill up as we continue improving the game and adding new features 🙂

Is there any information at all you can give us about mounts? like an estimate on when they’re be in the game, what kinds, and sorts.

If we don’t manage to finish them for the biome launch, they will be the first major update after that. First version will be basic riding and taming. We will add mount inventories and mount attacks in the second iteration. I have to warn people, we have no wish to attempt to compete with the mount system in Ark and we are not going to try to make anything like the selection that they have. We’ll probably have three basic categories – riding mounts (horses), carrying mounts (mules) and sieging mounts (mammoths).

Any plans to make the UI a tad bit more responsive ? Maybe I’m missing something but it’d be great if we could hover over an item and press a keystroke to drop it for example!

We’re making UI changes for the Xbox, as mentioned above. This improvement might make it in for that.